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Ab ham bhi banenge dulhaa

Posted on: July 31, 2019

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31st July – a day when Hindi Film Music lovers, world over, remember the legendary, Mohd. Rafi who left us this day in 1980. Its 39 years- hard to believe. Seems too recent, when the newspapers carried the news. Those were times when there was no flash news, breaking news or someone getting the news and forwarding on WhatsApp etc. At the most there used to be the evening edition of newspapers like Mid-day, Afternoon Despatch & Courier, and if I remember right there was a newspaper called Evening News and I don’t remember if the news broke out in the evening papers or the early morning papers. What I do remember is that it was monsoon and as is usual for the time of the year, there were rains in Mumbai and the roads of Bandra, where Rafi Saab lived and through which his funeral procession was going to pass, were flooded with his fans. The footage of the procession was recorded by Films Division of India and shown in the pre-movie news reels throughout India. Those were different times altogether and my intention is not to make anyone glum.

So, snapping out of the mood and getting on. Without fear of being labelled a ‘stuck record’ I will make it very clear (and I am sure I have done it a number of times) I am not partial to any singer be it Kishore Kumar or Rafi Saab or Mukesh or Manna Dey or Mahendra Kapoor. Specially in the era when they were ruling the airwaves with their “hai preet jahaan ki reet sada”; “zindagi kaisi hai paheli haayre”; “main pal do pal ka shaayar hoon”; “kya hua tera vaada”; or “bachchna ae haseenon lo main aa gaya” and all the other thousands of songs that these singers have sung between them. I used to be as much in love with “abhi toh haat mein jaam hai toba kitna kaam hai” as with “nadiya se dariya, dariya se sagar, sagar se gehra jaam”. I used to sing along with “chal mere bhai tere haat jod ta hoon” and “karam kiye jaa phal ki ichcha mat kar ae insaan”. And my love for the songs by these singers was not limited to the songs of the 70s but I enjoyed “deewana mastana hua dil” alongwith ‘hum hain raahi pyar ke humse kuch na boliye” and “kisiki muskurahaton pe ho nisaar” etc. etc. etc… I am sure I have proved the point that I was not a partial to any singer and was more concerned about the songs. One reason for this could be that I didn’t know the difference of one from the other till much later in life. I might have started finding differences when we got news of the sad demise of Mukesh when he was on tour in the USA and the papers listed out his popular songs.

Whenever I sit to write about the singers mentioned above, I find that all their most popular songs are already posted. So is the case with songs of Mohd. Rafi. The stats page of our blog gives the possible number of Rafi songs as 4845 of which we have posted 2960 giving us 1885 songs to choose from. And I suppose these are numbers of his Bollywood songs and doesn’t include his recordings in other Indian or international languages song like Sinhalese, Arabic, Farsi, Dutch, Creole etc. I tried to find statistics of his number of songs with his contemporary singers and found that he had maximum duets with Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar (in that order) – and I always used to think that the Lata- Rafi combo would have had more songs. How wrong we can be!!!!

This time too I had zeroed in on two popular (in their time) songs to go with this post. And then I saw a link on facebook in one of the music lovers’ group, to a song by Sudhir Phadke that was sung by Mohd. Rafi and from a rather recent movie- if 1972 can be called recent. The name “Daraar” written as “darar” in some places didn’t ring a bell in my head. I tried the usual reference sources at my disposal- Wikipedia and imdb. I got very sketchy information. The movie was a January 1972 release. It was directed by Ved Rahi and Mahendra Dehlvi and Kulwant Jani were the lyricist. The starcast had the not so famous Baldev Khosa, Lata Arora, Radharani, Birbal etc. Such a non-descript movie had a lively song. It was sung by Jaywant Kulkarni and Mohd. Rafi. How I wish there was a video to see who was lip syncing this.

here is the song.

Song-Ab ham bhi banenge dulha (Daraar)(1972) Singers-Rafi, Jaywant Kulkarni, Lyrics-Kulwant Jaani, MD-Sudhir Phadke


o ho
o ho


ab hum bhi banenge dulha
apna bhi jalega choolha
ab hum bhi banenge dulha
apna bhi jalega choolha
te bhaabhi zara nach ke dikha aa aa
haaye haaye
te bhaabhi zara nach ke dikha
ni bhaabhi zara nach ke dikha

hoye hoye hoye hoye

aaj kismat ki maina
mere kaanon mein boli
mere ghar bhi aayegi
ek bulbul ki doli
jiski soorat ko ab tak haan
dil ke sheeshe mein dekha hai
jiske sundar mukhde ko haan
maine sapnon mein chooma hai
gulaabon ki wo daali
saru se kad waali
wahi toh mere ghar mein aayegi ee ee
haaye haaye haaye
bhaabhi zara nach ke dikha
ni bhaabhi zara nach ke dikha


usey doli se uthha ke
saji sej pe bithha ke
thoda ghunghta hata ke
ho gora ang ang dekhoonga haay haay
mujhe saath leke jaana
tera yaar hoon puraana
tera hansna hansaana
ho main bhi sang sang dekhoonga hoye hooye

dekhkar uska jalwa haan
mar na jaaye tu gash khaa ke
toot jaate hain taare haan
uski nazron se takraa ke
wo jiski jawaani chenab ki rawaani
wahi to mere ghar mein aayegi ee ee ee
hoye hoye
te bhaabhi zara nach ke dikha

4 Responses to "Ab ham bhi banenge dulhaa"



Not only a lively song, the movie ‘Daraar -1972’, was a decent movie which stayed with me.
I ( mostly) remember the poignant moment in the film , which is towards the end.
What I faintly remember as the story line is :
The hero-heroine were an ideal couple . They get into a life threatening situation where people of the village are on the run to save themselves. At a point in this exodus when things seem to go out of hand the hero runs away( from the group) to save himself, leaving his wife in danger ( a ‘ME first’ moment).
After a while he repents and runs back. But for the wife, by this time he is no more her ideal husband. There is a darrar now. There is a freeze shot with a daraar in the midst of the screen with wife & husband on either half of the screen. ( the director seems to ask the audience ‘will it ever be the same?’)
The heroine who is not credited in the write up ( understandably so) was Rohini. I liked her work. I did not find her in another movie.


Shenoyji, thank you for the synopsis of the movie.


Thanks Peevesie’s Mom, song so different than Sudhir Phadke’s style, one wouldn’t be able to guess MD unless told is my guess!


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