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Dharti ki shaan tu hai manu ki santaan

Posted on: December 18, 2019

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“Gau Gauri”(1958) was directed by Raj Thakur for Prabhat Films, Bombay. This was the last movie by Prabhat Films after which this legendary movie making house downed its shutters. The prints of this movie are lost. The movie had Sulochana Latkar, Ratna Mala, Shahu Modak, Anant Kumar, Nana Plasikar, Tara Dixit, Vijay Limaye, Vijay Duggal, Neelam, Vishwas Kunthey, Kelkar, Gramopaadhye, Hemraj, Kishore Paranjape, Narendra Bhandari, Vijay Dixit and an elephant named ‘Ram Prasad’ in it.

The film had eight songs. One song has been covered in the past.

Here is the second song from “Gau Gauri”(1958) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Manna Dey and chorus. The song is written by Bharat Vyas and its music is composed by Sudhir Phadke.

The movie is lost but one of our regulars, viz Mr Nayan Yagnik had watched it during its first run. Here is what he recalls about the climax of the movie:

Gaj Gauri was a good movie, which I had liked when I saw it at Mumbai’s Central Cinema in 1958. The climax, when Pandavas are making steps for an elephant with arrows, to climb down from Heaven was very good!
I think a famous song ‘ Manushya tu bada Mahaan Hain’ was filmed as back-ground song at that situation!

So here is this background song, eulogising the capabilities of “manushy”.

Song-Dharti ki shaan tu hai manu ki santaan(Gaj Gauri)(1958) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Sudhir Phadke


Dharti ki shaan tu hai
manu ki santaan
Dharti ki shaan tu hai
manu ki santaan
teri muthhiyon mein band toofaan hai re
tere manushy doot tu bada mahaan hai ae ae
bhool mat
manushy tu bada mahaan hai
manushy tu bada mahaan hai ae ae
bhool mat
manushy tu bada mahaan hai

tu jo chaahe parwat pahaadon ko phod de
tu jo chaahe nadiyon ke rukh ko bhi mod de
tu jo chaahe maati se amrit nichod de
tu jo chaahe dharti ko ambar se jod de
amar tere pran aan
aa aa aa aa
amar tere pran
mila tujhko vardaan
teri aatmaa mein swaym Bhagwaan hain re
manushy tu bada mahaan hai ae ae
bhool mat
manushy tu bada mahaan hai

nainon mein jwaal teri
gati mein bhauchaal teri
chhaati mein chhupa mahaakaal hai
prithhvi ke laal tera
himgiri sa bhaal teri
bhrakuti mein taandav ka kaal hai
dil ko tu jaan
aa aa aa aa
dil ko tu jaan
zara shakti pahchaan
teri vaani mein yug ka aahwaan hai re
manushy tu bada mahaan hai ae ae
bhool mat
manushy tu bada mahaan hai

dharti ka veer tu hai
agni ka veer tu jo
chaahe to kaal ko bhi thhaam le
paapon ka pralay ruke
pashuta ka sheesh jhuke
tu jo agar himmat se kaam le
?? mati maan
aa aa aa aa
?? mati maan
pawan sa tu gatimaan
teri chhab se bhi oonchi udaan hai re
manushy tu bada mahaan hai ae ae
bhool mat
manushy tu bada mahaan hai
manushy tu bada mahaan hai ae ae
bhool mat
manushy tu bada mahaan hai

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