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Bhaage re mann kahin aage re mann

Posted on: August 14, 2020

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This is a song for the rainy season. I have the lyrics noted with me since last year’s rainy season, but the post never got written. This is from the film Chameli (2003), which has 6 songs and Sunidhi Chauhan is the singer in all of them. Two are duets and the rest 4 are solo songs. This rain song is one of the solos. Sandesh Shandilya is the composer and lyricist is Irshad Kamil. This must be a record of sorts for the new millennium, one singer singing in all songs. Today is 14th August and it is Sunidhi Chauhan’s birthday. Can’t say for sure that there is no better song for celebrating the event, but the song is quite good. Sunidhi Chauhan is very versatile and has made a name for herself in her field. She has followed the footsteps of Alka Yagnik and a predecessor to Shreya Ghoshal. There was enough scope for many singers to work and make a name.

I was meant to watch the film for writing the post, but that was not to be. So, I have not seen the film, and as far as I know, I have seen only this song. The other details are available (here. This was a hit song and was all over the FM channels when the movie was new. Come to think of it, it sounds as if it is very new song and not 17 year old. Meaning it has fallen on unsuspecting ears all through the 16 years. For the last one year, this has been growing on me. Now it has come of age and time for it to arrive on the blog.

Kareena is singing this song in the rain and it is clear that she is a prostitute, in the movie.

The other day I read this post by Atul Jee . In this post he gave some highlights of Munshi Premchand’s life. Munshi Premchand’s literary contributions I was aware of since school days, through lessons in text books. It is an appreciable quality that he practiced what he preached in terms of women’s rights. A belief has to be translated into deeds, only than it is a belief otherwise it is hypocrisy. I can imagine how difficult it was for Munshi Premchand to go against the society norms and marry a widow in those times. But I dare say, for a large section of the population of undivided india, this was no crime. Widow remarriage, divorcee remarriage all was legally allowed for them. A part of the illiterate population may not have known about those rights, is another matter, being a socio-economic problem.

India’s struggle of independence was a revolutionary period in many aspects with society struggling with changes and newer values.
The struggle for women’s rights is a classic case study, in my opinion. And we have lost the game in our developed sense of rightness.
Over the centuries, women demanded voting rights, got them. They wanted property rights, got them. They want to be treated as an equal; they are getting there all the time. Right to divorce, right to re-marry etc. the list is endless.

But all through this so called cultural revolution and great emancipation of women in the last one century, one indignity, which I consider an ultimate insult to womanhood, has been blatantly allowed to flourish. A woman who is the mother of mankind is made to suffer this atrocity as a ‘profession’. It is a legalized profession in many countries of this modern world. By what law and rule of justice and fraternity, is this explainable or excusable? This is the social development the human race has achieved in 3+ millennia of recorded history.

All great religions of the world, all the prophets, all the emperors and kings, all just and unjust rulers of the civilized world, have taken their bow. And who among them was ever able to ensure a just and dignified life to women?
Where women were not made to suffer such humiliating life,
Where women had property rights and voting rights,
Where women had right to divorce, remarry and conjugal rights,
Where there existed a system for social security equality for all including women and their children, which more than adequately provided for all their needs, legally, without having to compromise on dignity and self-respect.

Everyone knows that ‘prostitution’ is a social evil. But has any one ever taken a step to eradicate it?

Many poets have raised the issue, and received accolades for his efforts. But poets can only show a mirror to the society, society has to make the correction itself. The poets alone cannot do it for the whole society.

Saahir said : Sansaar ki har ek besharmi, gurbat it god mein palti hai….
This is no longer true in our social set up of the modern world.

Some social reformers might have tried to oppose this practice, but there is no end to this, as far as the eye can see. The answer to the questions is available within this universe. One only needs to have eyes and ears and sense to find it. The universal rules of economics apply here, but calling it the oldest profession in the world will not suffice.

The civilization has made no progress in my opinion, as this most degrading of all social-economic condition is allowed to prevail. We the citizens of this world are responsible for this.

May be it is time that the civilization looks at this issue in the morally correct and humane way. It is less a women’s issue and more a social issue.

I have digressed enough now. Coming back to the song, let us enjoy this song as a song for “barsaat ka mausam”.



Song-Behta hai man kahin (Chameli)(2003) Singer-Sunidhi Chauhan, Lyrics-Irshad Kaamil, MD-Sandesh Shandilya


Behta hai man kahin
Kahaan jaanti nahin
Behta hai man kahin
Kahaan jaanti nahin
Koyi rok le yahin
Bhaage re man
Kahin Aage re man
chalaa jaane
Kidhar jaanoon naa aa aa
Bhaage re man
Kahin Aage re man
chalaa jaane
Kidhar jaanoon naa aa
Behta hai man kahin
Kahaan jaanti nahin
Koyi rok le yahin
Bhaage re man Kahin
Aage re man
chalaa jaane
Kidhar jaanoon naa aa aa
Bhaage re man
Kahin Aage re man
chalaa jaane
Kidhar jaanoon naa

Chale thhandi hawaa
Sang man bhi gayaa
Dhoondhhoon main kahaan uss ko
Batlaaye koyi mujh ko
Ke haay haay haa re…
Bhaage re man
Kahin Aage re man
chalaa jaane
Kidhar jaanoon naa aa aa
Bhaage re man
Kahin Aage re man
chalaa jaane
Kidhar jaanoon naa aa
Behta hai man kahin
Kahaan jaanti nahin
Koyi rok le

Haaaaan aan aan
haay aisa samaa aa
hmmmm mmmm
Phir hogaa kahaan
Jee loon main issey khul ke
Saawan mein zaraa ghul ke
Arrey sun sun sunnn ….
Bhaage re man
Kahin Aage re man
kahin Aage
Kidhar jaanoon naa

5 Responses to "Bhaage re mann kahin aage re mann"

nahm ji.. i so agree with your thoughts. It is really sad to see how patriachal our society has been through the ages, and we do not deserve call ourselves an evolved race. I think women in general go through much more in life than men.


I know, we are still evolving it seems. Thanks for commenting.


Thank You Nahmji for this song.
One of the better melodies of this generation.
And your thoughts on the profession is absolutely onthe mark. There are various logics given as to why it is needed. But why is this veil needed is the big question? Just questioning is not the way out though. God alone knows if and when it will end.
Also, if i may add, to all the things that women are legally allowed one must also add a women’s right to say no to taking these things as if it is her fate.
also women should get the guts to stand up against domestic and social violence


Commercial movies have made a glamorous package of it. But in general, this is like a non-issue, no one is bothered about it. When some human trafficking case comes up, than it is treated as a criminal case. Otherwise it is just a topic for writing thesis in different parts of the world.

More out of the box, revolutionary thinking is required. Problem is long term, obviously the solution is also going to be a long drawn out one. It is created in this civilization, so first it to be treated as a problem, than one can look for solutions.


Nahm Ji, Liked your post. Very pleasant song accompanies the post. A belief has to translate into deeds . Well said. Knowledge should lead to wisdom.Wisdom should lead to better conduct in life.


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