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Dukh aur sukh ke raaste bane hain sabke waaste

Posted on: September 17, 2009

The more one listens to the songs of “Ham Dono” (1961), the more admiration one feels for the creators of the music of this movie.

Here is a song from this movie that is sung by Asha Bhonsle and it is picturised on Sadhana and dev Anand. It is written superbly by Sahir Ludhianvi and Jaidev’s music is out of this world.

If one is feeling low and sad, then this is just the song to comfort the listeners. Words like
jahaan mein aisaa kaun hai,
ki jisko gham milaa nahin

(Is there anyone in the world who never saw sorrow in life) ring so true that the listeners begin to feel better just by listening to the lyrics of this song.

This song, in a movie with stand out songs, stands out.

Song-Dukh aur sukh ke raaste bane hain sab ke waaste (Ham Dono) (1961) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Jaidev


dukh aur sukh ke raaste,
bane hain sab ke waaste
jo gham se haar jaaoge,
to kis tarah nibhaaoge
khushi mile hamen ke gham,
khushi mile hamen ke gham
jo hogaa baant lenge ham
mujhe tum aazmaao to
zaraa nazar milaao to,
zaraa nazar milaao to
ye jism do sahi magar
dilon mein faasalaa nahin
jahaan mein aisaa kaun hai,
ki jisko gham milaa nahin
jahaan mein aisaa kaun hai,
ki jisko gham milaa nahin

tumhaare pyaar ki qasam,
tumhaaraa gham hai meraa gham
na yoon bujhe bujhe raho,
jo dil ki baat hai kaho
jo mujh se bhi chhupaaoge,
jo mujh se bhi chhupaaoge
to phir kise bataaoge
main koi ghair to nahin
dilaaun kis tarah yaqeen,
dilaaun kis tarah yaqeen
ki tum se main judaa nahin
mujh se tum judaa nahin
tum se main judaa nahin,
mujh se tum judaa nahin
tum se main judaa nahin,
mujh se tum judaa nahin
tum se main judaa nahin,
mujh se tum judaa nahin

6 Responses to "Dukh aur sukh ke raaste bane hain sabke waaste"

In terms of music, this one is extension of “Abhi naa jaao chhodkar ke dil abhi”. Jaidev used similar music, and created magic with Sahir poetry.

Brilliant Sahir and Jaidev. Excellent.


The feelings in this song, ki tumse main juda nahi… is the best portrayl of true love… And this is an amazing song.

Caring , sharing, comforting, and being hopeful about the future is the essence of true love.

There’s no body who is actually happy.


Just Brilliant………we had some poets who stirred the feelings of the listeners. I had one record only, HUMDONO and it was played every time, till it diappeared.

Sadhna portrayed the role so caringly, I was touched and felt as if I was Dev Anand. (you may say i was dreaming and to date dream of this picturisation)

Jaidev and Sahir off screen; Sadhna and Dev Anand on screen are just amazingly brilliant.


There is a small correction, The 11th is not yeh jism paas hain magar but it is Yeh jism do sahi magar. Please make this change.


Thanks for the corrected words.


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