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Ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana

Posted on: November 8, 2020

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Munawwar Sultana – 96th Birth Anniversary on 08/11/2020

The name Munawwar means, shining brightly or aglow. Combined with Sultana, it becomes “an empress who shone with a bright light”. Munawwar Sultana was born on 8th November, 1924 at Lahore, she had a compact but meaningful career from 1941 to 1956 of working in 28 films. After this she settled down to married life and devoted her-self to raising her family. She expired at the age of 82 on 15th September 2007.

I have not seen any of the films she acted in but some of the songs picturised on her are my personal favorites. The song Afsaana likh rahi hoon de=il e bekaraar ka is one of those songs which will be remembered till hindi film songs are remembered. From what I have read about her career, she was very much part of the A list actors and film makers of the era, and she quit while still in demand. She might even have cut down on films because she wanted to quit. She never made a comeback despite living in Mumbai all her life and in the thick of things at Pali Hill. The busiest and eventful time of her career is from 1947 to 1952.

Another important film of Munawwar Sultana is Babul 1950, which has her lip syncing this famous unforgettable duet Milte hi aankhen dil huaa deewaana kisi ka .

I was looking for a song picturised on her and found this film “Pyar Ki Manzil” 1950, with music by Husnlal Bhagartam. It is my experience that whenever I have stumbled upon their songs, I have not moved on to look for a better choice. So here is the melodious, female duet by Lata Mangeshkar and Shamshad Begum.

Here is the list of this films songs already posted in the blog;

Song Date of posting
Aankhon mein aankhen daal ke 16 May 2011
Bichhde huye saajan ki 20 June 2011
Ae chaand zaraa sun le 28 September 2011
Padosan ke ladke ne dil mera chheena 2 February 2015
Bheega hua daaman hai to aankhon mein hai paani 17 December 2017

Though the film “Pyar Ki Manzil” is available on youtube, only audio of songs are there. In the absence of video, I have no way of knowing which song is pictured on Munawwar Sultana, among the remaining 5 songs of the film, not yet posted. So it is doubly prudent that I chose this song, a female duet, the chances of it featuring Munnawar Sultana doubles. Actually Rehman is the hero, and two singers are talking about him in the song.

Shewan Rizvi is the lyricist, of this wonderfully tuned song. It should have been a popular song, even in 1950 crowded as it was with all the great songs of the era.

This is the present tally of Huslal-Bhagatram and Shewan Rizvi in the blog:

Artist Songs in the blog Career tally of songs
Husnlal Bhagatram 289 451 (50 movies)
Shewan Rizvi 118 381

100th song of Shewan Rizvi was some years ago, which raises the thought that it is time to improve this poets tally in the blog. Some of the 28 movies starring Munawwar Sultana, not yet yippeed or represented in the blog, may have a few more songs filmed on her, and who knows what all pearls are lying in wait to be discovered.

Song-Ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana (Pyaar Ki Manzil)(1950) Singers-Lata Mangeshkar, Shamshad Begum, Lyrics-Shewan Rizvi, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


Ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana
ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana
ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa

thhandi hawaaon ka kar ke bahaana
kar ke bahaana
kahaani hamaari
hamin se chhupaana
hamin se chhupaana
bhole balmaa ne yeh nahin jaana
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa

na be-chainiyan dil ki na tum se chhupengi
na tum se chhupengi
zubaan chup rahi to
nagaahen kahengi
nagaahen kahengi
lagi dil ki hai mushkil chhupaana
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa

wo ruk ruk ke kehnaa
mazaa de rahaa thha
mazaa de rahaa thha
ke nazaron ka jhuknaa
pataa de rahaa thha
pataa de rahaa thha
lagaa dil pe nazar ka nishaana
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa

yahi dekhnaa hai
na kab tak kahoge
na kab tak kahoge
kahaan tak muhobbat mein
chup chup rahoge ae
chup chup rahoge
piya kab tak karoge bahaana
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana
ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa
dekho ji kahin keh de na nigaahen yeh fasaanaa

4 Responses to "Ham se dil ki lagi na chhupaana"

Nahm Ji, It is nice ( of you) to write and remind us of good artistes who have, probably, nearly faded out of the minds of many ( me included). I recall seeing her in ‘Babul’
This song is nice to listen to.


Thank you for reading the post and commenting. I kept the post short, in the hope that at least some people will read it 🙂 .


Mrs. Nahm ji,
Thanks for writing on M. Sultana, a quality actress.
Her life was full of interesting happenings.
She was brought to Bombay by Mazhar khan, for his Muslim social film “Pehli Nazar”-45 offering her Rs. 4000 pm, an apartment and a car with driver.
Here is another incident from her life, taken from the book ” Mehboob Khan” by Shashikant Kinikar….
” In 1947, Munawar acted in four films Dard, Elaan, Andhon Ki Duniya and Naiyya. Dard was directed by Kardar under Kardar Productions. In spite of no big stars being in the film, it turned out to be a surprise “musical hit” at the box office. The hero of the film was Kardar’s brother Nusrat (Kardar). The song “Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon” became a big success. Elaan-47 garnered positive reviews for Munawwar. A Muslim social, the film was praised for its “progressive attitude” towards the need of education. When Mehboob Khan heard the story initially, he spent a few days thinking about it. He anticipated the adverse reactions of the Fundamentalists on this film. His team for this film included many Muslims, almost in every department. Major contributors like Naushad, Zia Sarhadi, Amirbai Karnataki and most important , Munawar Sultana, the Heroine, were all Muslims. Others at least were connected indirectly, but Munawar was the Heroine. Mehboob Khan had a sitting with her and explained to her the entire story and the likely repercussions to the film. He gave her an option to opt out of the film. Munawar played very bravely and firmly told Mehboob Khan that she was 100% with him and was ready to work and face whatever happens as an aftermath.
This act of courage was loved and appreciated by Mehboob Khan very much and he remained indebted to her ever after. ”
Posts on less famous artistes are hard to come by…..


Thank you sir, for your comments and additional information, about Munawwar Sultana. It looks like she had her share of name and fame, but managed to not get addicted to it. It takes a strong conviction to leave the glittering world of film stars, and stay away from it.



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