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Wo apna bana kar chhod gaye

Posted on: February 19, 2022

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Today’s song is from a C grade Stunt film – ” Bach ke rehna-1949″.

Whenever I select a stunt film song to discuss and start writing the post, I become very nostalgic and emotional. This happens because a lot of memories of my early life are connected with these types of films. It is difficult for any person to accept that a Stunt film can make someone emotional, I understand. But this is the reality.

I grew up in a time when seeing such low grade films was a matter of disgrace for the middle class people. Stunt and action films in Hindi and Hollywood films made by Republic serial based on Jungle adventures, Space travels and Supernatural Heroes, supposedly were for lower classes, the uneducated and the daily wage earners. There used to be some equally C grade cinema halls in areas where such population was maximum, which regularly showed these films. Compared to posh theatres in better localities, these cinema halls had affordable ticket rates and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there used to be ” Morning Shows” at 10 or 11 am, during which such films as well as old Hindi and English films were shown in their second, third or even fourth runs, at reduced rates.

An interesting thing about the audience of such films was their active involvement with the happenings on the screen. When the fights used to be shown, there were shouts of encouragement for the Hero and also protests and discouraging shouts against the villains. In case the scene showed that the villain was taking the uppe hand, the audience used to provide advice to Hero loudly and the others would laugh at that ! The entire theatre thus responded without fail. I wont say if I too did like that, occasionally !

In the late 40’s and early 5o’s, I have seen many films of the 30’s and the 40’s decades in such morning shows only. However, seeing these films was not an easy task. As far as money was concerned, that was no problem, but on Fridays and Saturdays, school was there. Saturdays were half day school,alright. At times, I used to skip Friday or Saturday school and receive punishments the next day. The joy of adventure and seeing the film was easily compensating enough for the troubles taken.

My father was too busy in his vocation as a successful advocate, but my mother used to be worried about my studies due to my love for films. However I used to make her happy by being in the first 3 ranks in school and also passed with merit in my 12th examination. Therefore there were no complaints ( except occasional remarks by school teachers) about my studies.

When I remember all this, I feel that the generations born in later decades – who grew up in the 60’s onwards, have really missed all the fun of the stunt and action films. B the 70’s, all such films had stopped completely. Those cinema halls showing these films were re-developed into modern theatres and the audience too changed from action lovers to music and comedy lovers. Our action Heroes were seen in the roles of grandfathers and negligible roles in the films now. Most actors disappeared and the era of anxiety, adventure and daredevil stunts got replaced by SFX For people like us, the charm ended because we know today’s action scenes are machine-managed heroics and none done by actors themselves ! Sigh !!!

Today’s film Bach ke rehna-49 was one such C grade stunt film directed by Master Bhagwan. His close friend C.Ramchandra used to give music to most of his films, but under different names like Annasaheb or Ram Chitalkar or even P.Ramakant ( his assistant by name Ramakant Paingankar). This he did to preserve his identity as C.Ramchandra upper grade social, comedy and musical films. The cast of Bhagwan’s film was predictable.

Master Bhagwan was a very hard working person. In the real sense, he brought in the wave of stunt films in the late 40s. After the films of Master Vithal and Fearless Nadia waned in their popularity by 1944-45, it was Master Bhagwan, who established his own Production house-Jagriti Films and produced several stunt films. He had a set of actors and actresses, which included Baburao pehelwan, Vasantrao pehelwan, Azeem Bhai, Shanta Patel, Chanchal, Leela Gupte, Usha Shukla and Vitha Lokare. In this film the cast was Baburao, Bhagwan, Vasantrao, Azeem bhai, Leela Gupte, Razia ( sister of actress Suraiya Zulfi) and others.

The storyline for most of his films was also fixed. Two young vagabonds-Baburao pehelwan and Bhagwan, come to Bombay in search of employment. One Sethji (Azeembhai ) appoints them to protect him from the local criminal (Vasantrao pehelwan). Sethji has a good looking daughter ( one of the stock Heroines), who has a maid (another girl from the stock). Baburao loves Seth ji’s daughter and Bhagwan loves the maid. After a lot of stunts and fighting scenes, the end would be happy. The same story with changed names and other minor changes was used in almost all his films like Badla, Bahadur, Jalan, Madadgaar, Dosti, Shake hand, Matlabi,Bach ke rehna,Bhole bhale, Jeete Raho or such other films. The audience did not mind . They were happy with the stunts. (Did Nasir Hussain get inspiration from Bhagwan in this matter ?). In almost all his films the songs and dialogues were by Ehsan Rizvi.

Luck is a funny thing. In this world it is difficult to say who will be lucky and when and on whom Lady Luck will smile. Lyricist Ehsan Rizvi’s case falls under this uncertainty. Born on 26-1-1914 in U.P., Rizvi came to Bombay at the age of 24. He was a good poet and writer. He wanted to try his luck in the films. How he got a break in films is an interesting thing.

Master Bhagwan entered the film world with the silent film ‘ Bewafa Aashiq’-30. His first talkie film was ‘Himmat-e-Marda’-34. Initially,like all other Heroes, even Bhagwan used to sing his own songs. Once he had gone to Columbia company for rehearsal and recording a song. While entering, he saw a young man sitting under a tree and writing something. After rehearsal, he saw that fellow again and even after recording the man was still writing something. Bhagwan went to him and asked with curiosity what he was writing. The man answered, I am writing songs and stories. He came to know that his name was Ehsaan Rizvi and that he too lives in Dadar like Bhagwan. He took Rizvi’s address and left.

In 1938, Bhagwan got his first film as a Director- Bahadur kisaan-38. He called Ehsan Rizvi and gave him a scene and asked him to write dialogues. He came back with the dialogues. After reading Bhagwan was astonished. The scene started with one villager saying ” Ram Ram Bhaiya ji. Kaise ho ?” He asked Ehsan, ‘ being a Muslim, how have you written this?” He replied,” we start any work with God’s name. As your story is Hindu based, I wrote Ram Ram. If it was Muslim film, I would have written Allah”. Bhagwan was impressed and he gave him not only this film but Ehsan became a member of his group. He wrote songs, story and dialogues of at least 25 films of Bhagwan.

After the fall of Bhagwan’s fortunes. Bhagwan himself advised him to work in other banners as he was no longer in a position to make films now. Rizvi wrote lyrics for 60 films, but most of them were B or C grade films. He however wrote dialogues and screenplay for some well known films like Do Ustad-59, Mughal-e-Azam-60, Woh kaun thi-64, Aan milo sajna-71, Gopichand jasoos-82 etc etc. He had shared the Film Fare award for dialogues of Mughal e Azam-60, with 3 other writers. He died on 16-1-1983.

Today’s song is sung by Sulochana Chavan. Its tune reminds me of Rafi’s song ” wo apni yaad bhulane ko” from the film Jugnu-1947. otherwise it is a good song.

Song- Wo apna bana kar chhod gaye (Bach Ke Rehna)(1949) Singer- Sulochana Kadam, Lyricist- Ehsan Rizvi, MD- Anna Saheb (C Ramchandra)


wo apna bana kar chhod gaye
saawan ki andheri raaton mein
dil pyaar ke haathon doob gaya
aansoo ki bhari barsaaton mein

hum aahen na bharne paaye thhe
fariyaad na karne paaye thhe
tapke na thhe aansoo aankhon se
shiqwa na zabaan par laaye thhe
dekha jo zara sa hans ke hamen
dekha jo zara sa hans ke hamen
phir aa gaye unki baaton mein
wo apna bana kar chhod gaye
saawan ki andheri raaton mein
dil pyaar ke haathon doob gaya
aansoo ki bhari barsaaton mein

wo apna bana kar chhod gaye
saawan ki andheri raaton mein
dil pyaar ke haathon doob gaya
aansoo ki bhari barsaaton mein

chaahat ne hamen badnaam kiyaa
majboor kiya barbaad kiya
chaahat ne hamen badnaam kiyaa
majboor kiya barbaad kiya
ik hook si uthhi seene se
jab dil ne kisi ko yaad kiyaa
aankhon se aansoo behne lage
aankhon se aansoo behne lage
yaa taare toote raaton mein
wo apna bana kar chhod gaye
saawan ki andheri raaton mein
dil pyaar ke haathon doob gaya
aansoo ki bhari barsaaton mein

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