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Tu thahar abhi main aaya

Posted on: December 23, 2022

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Today’s song is a comedy duet from the film Jhamela-1953.

The song is sung by Chitalkar and Sunder Singh – the comedian. Many of you would be surprised if I tell you that in the beginning of his career, Sunder-the well known comedian was a Hero in many films. Not only this, but also that he was a good singer and he has sung as many as 40 songs in as many as 25 films !

In the world of Hindi cinema, there are many such surprises. Can you believe that the actor Ranjan ( Ramnarayan Venkataraman Sarma) was a highly qualified and educated editor of a Music and Dance Magazine in Madras and that he was selected for a film role by a producer, when he was seen by that Producer, when Ranjan was standing in a bus queue ? Ranjan was a Fencing champion of International Olympic standard.
Can you imagine that another comedian and a character actor Janakidas Mehra had represented India in 3 International sports meets as a Cyclist and an Athlete and that he was the only Indian to win the British Empire games Distinction medal ?
Can you believe that the child actor Shashi kapoor (Sr.) left his prospering film career after doing 21 roles in Hindi films and became a Maths professor in the Western Michigan University and taught for 30 years ?

Well, well,well ! I can write a full article, only on such wonders of film artistes. Like their Glory stories, artistes also had sad stories. Once a shining star in the industry some stars ended their lives in the most pathetic way. Music Director Bulo C Rani immolated himself and when the pain became unbearable, he ran on the road screaming for help and died finally falling on the road .
Singing prodigy Parshuram begged on road daily and died drunk on the road of Bandra. His body was burnt by the Municipality as an unclaimed and unknown person.
Actress and singer Vatsala Kumthekar became mad, lived on the road and one day died as an unknown beggar.
Actress singer Rattanbai and actor Wasti begged near the Haji Ali Darga and opposite Liberty Cinema in Bombay, in their last days.
Lalita Pawar, Nalini Jayawant and Parveen Babi died lonely and their bodies were discovered after 3-4 days, by their neighbours and relatives.

Coming back to Sunder Singh, let us see his short Bio… For a long time,I was searching for information on comedian Sunder. I got hold of a 2 page detailed article on Sunder, but it was in Punjabi- which I could not read or use. I found a small paragraph on Sunder in Sanjit Narvekar ji’s book ” Eena Meena Deeka”. Lastly, I requested Harish Raghuwanshi ji for help. Despite his failing health, he promptly sent me articles in Hindi, English and Gujarati, on Sunder. He is such a helpful person. May God give him a healthy life.
Sunder Singh aka Sunder was born in Sialkot, Punjab on 10th August 1916. His father was working in Madon Theatres, Calcutta. Sunder also started working there. Initially, for a long period,he did Girl’s roles. Once his work was seen by H.S.Rawail (Director in later life). He was quite impressed. Later Rawail started working with R.N.Vaidya as his assistant in direction.Meanwhile Sunder started working in Talkie films. His first film,where he was credited, was ” Na hone wali baat”-38. Before that, Rawail and Vaidya were preparing to make the film Banke Sipahi-37.Rawail recommended Sunder and Vaidya gave him an uncredited small role in that film.

Sunder and Rawail became good friends and started staying in one flat in Calcutta. After a few films here, they both went to Lahore and Sunder got the Hero’s role in the film ” Shukriya”-44. There were 4 Heroines in the film- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manorama and Raksha. Sunder’s role in this film was that of a young man from a village and Ramola was from a City. Sunder’s one song from this film-‘ Nayanon ke teer chala gayee ek shehar ki laundiya’ became very popular all over India, However the song was banned in Punjab due to its lyrics. After this they both came back to Calcutta.

His next film was Albeli-45, in which too there were 4 Heroines- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manorama and Usha. In the 40’s , Sunder acted in many films like Arabian Nights, Baap, Shabri, Chandrashekhar, Ek aurat, Grihalaxmi, Lottery, Samapti, Jhoothi kasme, Savyasachi, Do baaten, Shadi ke baad, Bawra, Khiladi, Nai Bhabhi etc. In Calcutta, Sunder got married to a girl from his community. Rawail left for Bombay. After a few months, Sunder also returned to Bombay.

Rawail was very happy to get him back and gave him roles in almost all of his films. Not only Rawail, but also J.Om Prakash, Mohan Kumar, Lekhraj Bhakri, Manoj kumar etc gave him roles in all their films and he became a busy actor. He was at one time, in great demand. He was quite popular due to his nature.In the decade of 50’s he did 88 films, which increased in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s however films came haltingly.

From singing Hero, he became a Junior artiste( extra), in presence of the new crop of actors. The role of comedians was on decline, as Heroes like Amitabh and others did comedy scenes themselves. His health started troubling him. His last film was probably Bahurani-89. He became ill for a long time and finally died on 5-3-1992. Sunder acted in 436 films. He was a good singer and sang his own songs in early cinemas. In all, Sunder sang 40 songs in 25 films. ( Thanks to Harish Raghuwanshi ji for material for adaptation.)

The Music Director of Jhamela-1953 was C.Ramchandra. He and Bhagawan were very good friends from 1936 onwards, when they had first met. That time CR was working under Music Director Meer Saheb, as a Harmonium player and his assistant and Bhagwan was acting in the films of Harishchandra Rao and Chandra Rao Kadam. They were masters in making stunt and action films. In Minerva Movietone of Sohrab Modi, CR worked under several MDs. First it was Bundu khan, then came Habib Khan. After this came B.S.Hoogan. CR learnt many things from Hoogan, especially how to play Indian ragas on western instruments as well as how to make tunes. After Hoogan came Meer Sahib. During the shooting of the film ‘ Bahadur Kissan’, CR and Bhagwan became friends.

With Bhagwan’s help, CR got 2 Tamil films as a M.D. and then made his Debut with Bhagwan’s film “Sukhi Jeevan” in Hindi as a Music Director ,in 1942. Thus they were thick friends till Jhamela-1953. All those years Bhagwan made stunt films and CR gave music to his films as “Anna Saheb”. Due to his encouragement and persistence, Bhagwan jumped into Social films with the film “Albela ”-1951. The film made history in music and a grand run as a film.Even today, the film draws crowds. This was the first film of bhagwan when CR gave music as “C.Ramchandra ” and not Anna Saheb.

CR described all this in his Marathi autobiography – माझ्या जीवनाची सरगम . This book, published in 1977 was never translated into Hindi or English. I ran a series of ” CR and Lata Songs” on this Blog from 30-1-2013 to 11-2-2013, in which I had translated his Marathi autobiography into English serially in each post.`Seeing this translation, many people suggested that I publish the English translation of the Marathi book. The book was copyrighted by the son and daughter of CR , who are practicing doctors in the USA. I always denied doing this, even though great pressure was put on me.

I believe, two years ago its Hindi version came out and last year the book was published in English, though with a different format and a different Title. I am a great fan of CR, but I feel that his autobiography details his sexepades more than his musical journey. In that context, it is a boring book.

Although Bhagwan’s first Social Film Albela became a great Hit giving him name, fame and money, Bhagwan could never repeat this success ever in his life again. He tried all possible ways, conjuring the same team of actors,Lyricist and MD but success always eluded him. More than anything these attempts drained him of his reputation and riches. He had to sell his 7 cars and 4 bungalows and go back to his old Chawl life in a 2 room house. His age was increasing and he landed up doing small,insignificant roles like an ‘Extra’.

Jhamela-53 also became the cause of an unrepairable rift between Bhagwan and CR. CR also lost the companionship of Lata Mangeshkar and his friend Rajinder krishen within the next few years. This is life in the Film Line !

Today’s song is a comedy and fun song between two friends. Enjoy…..

Song- Tu thahar abhi main aaya (Jhamela)(1953) Singers-Chitalkar, Sunder Singh, Lyricist- Rajendra krishna, MD- C.Ramchandra


Tu thahar abhi main aaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
paape tu thahar abhi main aaya
ho ho tu thahar
abhi main aaya,/em.

Tu thahar abhi main aaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
arre der na karna bhaiyya
bas abhi gaya
abhi aaya
thank you
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya

mujhe chhod ke jaa na akela
ho jaaye na koi jhamela
mere paas bahut hai rupaiyya
arre zara jaldi aana
main pardesi ghabraaya
haa haa
tu thahar abhi main aayapapa tu
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
papa tu thahar abhi main aaga
lala tu theher abhi main aaya

meri jeb hai mera khazaana
santanan baje taraana
arre balidaan ki duniya
noton ki na jhalak dikhaana
main tu kehke ho pachhtaaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya
Tu thahar abhi main aaya

dhan daulat ek museebat
ye duniya bhar ki laanat
thhodi ho to bhookh lagaaye
ho bahut to neend na aaye
bhai ye to sach farmaaya
tu thahar ahi main aaya
tu thahar abhi main aaya
tu thahar abhi main aaya
tu thahar abhi main aaya
tu thahar abhi main aaya

arre der na karna bhaiyya
bas abhi gaya abhi aaya
thank you


5 Responses to "Tu thahar abhi main aaya"

Arun Ji,
Thanks for the post. Shashi Kapoor (Sr) moving from acting to academics, and Sunder at a time being a successful hero, is quite a revelation to me.


Hullo Guruji
“In the world of Hindi cinema, there are many such surprises. Can you believe that the actor Ranjan ( Ramnarayan Venkataraman Sarma) was a highly qualified and educated editor of a Music and Dance Magazine in Madras.” and “Ranjan was a Fencing champion of International Olympic standard.”
This is new knowledge.
“Janakidas Mehra had represented India in 3 International sports meets as a Cyclist and an Athlete” this my dad had mentioned. But this “he was the only Indian to win the British Empire games Distinction medal” This is new knowledge
I recall you have mentioned about Shashi Kapoor (Sr.) in an earlier post.
A recall that I have, about actor Sunder, is he was a resident of my area in Mumbai; my parents have interacted with his family not me. But I am in no position to describe 5-3-1992 as I had resettled in Tamil Nadu post marriage. And as a teenager, residing a few houses away, I didn’t know much about Sunder other than that his son was a regular at the local Paan shop




Glad to note that new information was passed on to you.
Thanks for your comment.

Liked by 1 person

My reply is for Shenoy ji.


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