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Joru ne nikaala hai deewaala mere ghar ka

Posted on: December 24, 2022

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98th birth anniversary of Mohammed Rafi sahab

Rafi Sahab’s Legendary Associations – 11

How the human mind works and the vagaries of human memory system, the scientists are still figuring out. I, for one, am very grateful that my memory brings forth to the mind a significant Rafi song to write a post at the most unexpected moment.

Since last few months, things have been very hectic at the domestic front, for no real tangible reason. They just are somewhat crazy, with stress levels running high on the work front too. Family events, travels notwithstanding, I should have written a few more posts this year, if only I could focus. So much so that I was on the verge of advising the HOD that the office needs a “self-help-stress management” “how to make the office atmosphere positive” “How to have healthy work relations with colleagues” sort of workshops/seminar. Not that I am going to do any such thing as advising the HOD, at-least I am trying not to. The thing is, a close friend expressed an opinion, if any such events are organised at the office, this will add to the stress levels of the already stressed-out officers.

I could also suggest some soothing music to be played on the non-existing PA system. There really are many classic music compositions, human civilization has produced. Many of them are having soothing qualities, some have the capacity to amaze the listener, that something like this could be created. There are many amazing and wonderful things, that we human can be grateful for. Sounds of music is one of them. The simplest things in life, which are free are to be valued and be thankful for. I thought the pandemic and tribulations it brought to humans, would make us all better humans, and teach us thankfulness, for many of the blessings which we all take to granted.

Post pandemic, as the world is back to normal, the massive restrictions during 2020 & 2021 are all but forgotten, which seem like a bad dream. Only sometimes I think of those days when work from home was possible, that was one advantage.

I honestly feel, it has had an impact on the evolution of humans. It has had huge psychological impact on young kids and elders. It is to be hoped that kids with the resilience of the young, will get past this bad dream. But the reminders of the bad dream are everywhere around us. The other day, I saw those round circles painted on the floor outside a supermarket. We were made to stand in queue to buy groceries, only a few people allowed inside at a time, to buy essentials for gods sake. If this was not a trial of psychological bondage training imparted to masses, then what was it? No wonder, humans, evolved after the pandemic are more disgruntled than before.

As the scientific community is grappling with the impact on the mental health (which is the new pandemic), lowered immunity in young and old, it is the responsibility and duty of able-minded people in the society to take great care, of their social surroundings, environment and individuals who may need a word or two, of care, of encouragement, of belief, of faith that things do not remain the same, they always change for the better.

No doubt that the research papers and thesis that come out on the impact of COVID – 19 on humanity, will point to the great stress it put on the psychological strength of the world’s populace. For this, the disease is not at fault, but the handling of the crisis, is the culprit. Having said this, I admit that being judgmental in hindsight is easy. But dealing with the aftermath is not going to be easy and it requires all the resilience of humanity.

I read about the voyager 1 & 2 sometime back and about the recordings of sounds to earth which they carried. With great hope I looked for the details of Indian songs in the 90 minutes music record. I found this Hindustani classical song is part of that.

Bhairavi: Jaat Kahan Ho Traditional Kesarbai Kerkar (vocals) with harmonium, Tanpura and tabla accompaniment Recorded in Bombay, April 1953 Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet (Indian classical music) 3:30

Hindustani classical music is an important component of sound of earth in all senses, so its inclusion in the above record is not a surprise. For our part, we have here a hindi film song which is a Hindustani classical song, by Mohammed Rafi Sahab. This is from the film Mrig Trishna(1975), written and composed by Shambhu Sen. This is a soothing, mental massage, critically acclaimed song. I was aware of the song and have heard it many times before today. I have also heard a great fan of Rafi Sahab, singing this song, and he was all praises for this rendition by the maestro. Obviously, he knows a great deal more about classical music than me. I had seen the song many times of TV too. So as soon as he said the mukhda before singing it, I was able to recollect even the filming of the song, and Hema Malini dancing to it. This was a few years ago. But today seeing the song again, I have also remembered reading somewhere, about the location shoot of the song. It is filmed at an actual location of some Haveli or fort is Rajasthan. The original art work and carpet and the carving in the pillars and jharokhas is visible in the hall.

Before starting this post I had checked and could not find the film Mrig Trishna (1975) in the list. But I just thought of checking it again, and now I find that 2 songs from this film are posted and this particular song is posted here.

So here we are, in the 99th year of Rafi Sahab, we are soon going to enter the 100th year of Rafi Sahab. I hope and pray, that we maintain the equilibrium as humanity and take inspiration from the personality of Rafi Sahab and his life’s principles.

Rafi Sahab, keep spreading happiness and peace to the world and beyond, even if the Voyager, has missed out on including your amazing voice. No doubt, as one of the super creations, Rafi sahab has made his contribution to this civilization and increased the ‘shobhaa’ of this ‘sansaar’.

I am posting this funny group song from the film Madhur Milan(1955), which the antithesis of Hindustani classical, which was my original idea for this post. Geeta Dutt and A. R. Ojha are giving company or having fun with Rafi sahab in the song composed by Bulo C. Rani. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan is the lyricist. Among the legendary associations, Geeta Dutt, is next to only Asha Bhonsle. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan was also part of Madan Mohan’s team for a time. While Bulo C. Rani has composed many sweet renditions by Rafi sahab in early 50’s, some of which I have posted.

So we enjoy this social comic song by this team on this birth anniversary occasion.

Song-Joru ne nikaala hai deewaala mere ghar ka (Madhur Milan)(1955) singers-Mohammed Rafi, A R Oza, Geeta Dutt, Lyrics- Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Bulo C. Rani
A r Oza + Geeta Dutt
Mohammad Rafi + Geeta Dutt


Ek taraf meraa ghar hai
aur ek taraf susaraal.. ha
lut gayaa main duniyaa waalon
meraa bura haal… hunh hunh
joru ne nikaala hai diwaala mere ghar ka
diwaala mere ghar ka
diwaala mere ghar ka
suno bhai
ban gaya hai maalik
meraa saala mere ghar ka
ban gaya hai maalik
meraa saala mere ghar ka

o joru ne
nikaala hai
deewaala mere ghar ka
ghar ka mere ghar ka
o joru ne
nikaala hai
diwaala mere ghar ka
ghar ka mere ghar ka
o joru ne
aisi taqdeer jaagi
do gharon ke mel se
jale unn ki laaltain
woh bhi mere tel se
handiya mein bhi padta hai
masaala mere ghar ka
handiya mein bhi padta hai
masaala mere ghar ka
ban gaya hai maalik
meraa saala mere ghar ka
ban gaya hai maalik
meraa saala mere ghar ka

laayi thhi jahez mein tu
poori baarah thhaaliyaan
tu poori baarah thhaaliyaan
le gayi utthaa ke
sab ki sab hain meri saaliyaan
de do unn ko jaa ke
chaabhi taala mere ghar kaa
ban gaya hai maalik
meraa saala mere ghar ka
ban gaya hai maalik
meraa saala mere ghar ka

arey saala saala saala
kya kehta hai
saala teraa kya le gayaa

nikaal ? ? ka photo
mere ghar se uttha ke le gayaa
tu ne bhi to odhaa hai
dushaala mere ghar ke
arey tu ne bhi to odhaa hai
dushaala mere ghar ke

khabardaar mister jo tu ne
meri behan ko daantaa

arre waah betaa
khabardaar mister jo tu ne
meri behan ko daantaa

peethh pe mukka maaroongaa main
munh pe doonga chaanta
peetth pe mukka maarungaa main
munh pe doonga chaanta
arey ladna hai to lad lo jimaar daala maar daala maar daala
bhai ko bachaao ji bachaao ji bachaao ji bachaao ji
maar daala maar daala maar daala

(h oho h oho h oho)
bhai ko bachaao ji bachaao ji bachaao ji bachaao ji
bachchon budhon naujawaanon
meri madad ko aao ji
maar daala maar daala maar daala
bhai ko bachaao ji bachaao ji bachaao ji bachaao ji

hosh mein aao
duniyaa ko
tamasha kyun
dikhaaaate ho…..
apne ghar ka ronaa ro ke ae ae
duniyaa ko hansaate ho o o
haayen… jaao bhai
jaao tum kya
dekhte deewar se
jaao bhai
jaao tum kya
dekhte deewar se

miyaan biwi
aapas mein to
lad rahen hain pyaar se

ha ha ha ha
miyaan biwi
aapas mein to
lad rahen hain pyaar se

bandar ka tamasha nahin
bhaalu ka tamasha nahin

tum kaahe ko dekhte
ghotaala mere ghar ka
arey tum kaahe ko dekhte
ghotaala mere ghar ka

dekho ji
ab na gaana

o joru ne
nikaala hai
diwaala mere ghar ka
ghar ka mere ghar ka
o joru ne

10 Responses to "Joru ne nikaala hai deewaala mere ghar ka"

Dear Mrs. Nahm ji,

It is very interesting that you made a passing reference to the Voyagers and to that Thumri by Kesarbai Kerkar on the Golden Disc. I am taking the liberty of placing some additional information for those interested.

That Song is on Side 2 of a 12″ Golden Disc on VOYAGER I which was launched on 5th September 1977. There is even a Record Player on board which plays at 16⅔ revolutions per minute. The reason why this song was selected makes interesting reading.

The selection of this piece by the Carl Sagan Committee was inspired by one ROBERT E BROWN, a self-styled ethnomusicologist who was also an expert player of the Mridangam. He recalled having heard this piece by Ms Kerkar on one of his visits to India and how he was mesmerized by the Bhairavi. He considered it as the “finest example of Indian Classical Music”.

Once the decision was made to include this piece of Indian Classical Music, Brown set about trying to lay his hands on the record. It was not to be had anywhere for love or for money and all enquiries to Indian sources turned up blank.

In desperation, Brown sent one of his students on a hunt of all the Indian shops in New York. The rest is straight out of a film script :

No one seemed to know where to find it. Everyone insisted that there were no published recordings available because she had not allowed it. Finally, after scouring music libraries and stores, the assistant chanced upon a dusty hole-in-the-wall Indian store in New York.
She found a sleepy man behind the counter, wearing a purple and green checkered shirt.

He disappeared into a back room and brought out a carton, also covered with the same kind of checkered cloth and dumped it on the ground, sending off a cloud of dust. The student sneezed and shrank back, then knelt down and started sifting through the box. It contained stacks of old shellac records. The covers of some of the 78 RPMs crumbled in her hands and she sneezed again. Finally, amidst the dust and scurrying spiders, she saw a picture of a lovely woman, with her hair parted on the side, and a string of pearls around her neck. Underneath, it announced: Bai Kesarbai Kerkar. It was an HMV record. The assistant pulled it out and wiped it with the checkered cloth. She was in luck. It featured Kesarbai’s searing Bhairavi.

The woman asked the shop owner how much she should pay him. He mumbled a ridiculously low price. She pressed double the amount into his palm and ran out of the store, clutching a smiling Kesarbai in the crook of her arm.

As Carl Sagan mentioned

“A billion years from now, when everything on Earth we’ve ever made has crumbled into dust, when Continents have changed beyond recognition and our species is unimaginably altered or extinct, the Voyager record will speak for us.”

The Voyagers are presently hurtling through Space at 30,000 Miles per hour and have recently left the Heliosphere but are still under the gravitational influence of the Sun. In another 2300 years, they will be entering the inner edge of the OORT CLOUD (from where all the Comets emerge) and it will be another 30,000 years before they leave the outer edge of the OORT CLOUD. Then and only then will they have been deemed to have left the Solar System.

Kesarbai passed away on 16th September 1977 in her home in Bombay, perhaps with the knowledge that her music had become immortal and that even in the year 650,000 AD her voice will be heard to anyone who chooses to play that golden record. And even beyond that date, long after our own sun has died, when the spacecraft orbits the centre of the milky way galaxy, making one revolution in over 200 million years!

Hindustani Classical Music will live forever!

Dear Mrs. Nahm ji, please keep up the good work.

With warm regards,


Liked by 1 person

Many many thanks for these details Partha ji.


Dear Avinash ji,

A Million years from now, when some Aliens of Superior Intelligence will intercept the Voyager I and perhaps “capture” it, they will certainly listen to the Song and give a new name to Raag Bhairavi.


In case you are seriously interested in the voyage of the VOYAGERS, it may interest you to know that the mini-nuclear powered motors will last till 2025 and no further communication will be possible with these Spacecrafts after that date. NASA has turned off most of the on-board functions to conserve as much power as possible.

With warm regards



Thanks for reading the post and for the catching the mention of Voyager – I. You have also related how the ‘thumri’ came about to be the part of disc on the Spacecraft, sent out to find intelligent life elsewhere.

It so appears that both of the voyagers have so far not found any form of life or habitable planet or star in the space they have travelled so far, or have they ? we just do not know about it. Knowledge or the access to such classified or unclassified information is a privilege’.

Carl Segan’s optimism in the survival of that record for a billion years is too fantastic anyway. We can hope all we want, but I personally find it difficult to believe that NASA or any super computers on earth is still able to control the spacecrafts sent out 55 years ago. Or if by some miracle, they are still controlling it, then they can’t do so for long. Realistically and logically i.e. there is a question mark. I don’t have that much of faith in science and technology.

When I first read about those spacecrafts, I also read about the message recorded by the American President for the benefit of who ever finds it. My first thought was ‘how presumptuous’ of them to think that the aliens must know English. Of course, I read up more to find that there are messages/greetings in 100s of earthen languages and dialects included as part of the record. Which is again neither here nor there, as the hope for such indigenous development of same language elsewhere, without a common denominator or communicator, is zilch. Again more and more conjecture and chance. But, one can still applaud the inventiveness and zeal of those involved in the projects. Not to forget optimism.

Reaching the center of “Kehkashan” in 200 million years….wow. We have given these infinite spaces, names in different languages, so they must really exist, that much is for sure.

Coming back to the thumri is question, may be some can post it on the blog. I am yet to hear it and Kesarbai Kerkar should make her appearance here.

Thanks and regards.


Dear Mrs. Nahm ji,

As the saying goes, “Every Journey begins with the first step”. The Voyagers are that FIRST STEP.

HOPE is the strongest force in the Universe (now Space Scientists are almost certain that there are more than one Universe out there and expecting each Universe to be controlled by one God, there has to be a Superior God who controls all those other Gods, an ALMIGHTY CREATOR maybe) and we can hope that there are intellectually superior beings out there. The Rig Veda makes a mention of कोटि कोटि ब्रह्मांड – perhaps those Ancient Sages knew a thing or two about Astronomy.

As for chances, we know that our Milky Way Galaxy has at least a Hundred Billion Solar Systems like ours and we also can conclude that there are at least 200 Billion Galaxies like our Milky Way Galaxy (the visible part of our Universe has thrown up some 10,000 Galaxies).

Surely, there HAS to be Intelligent Life out there.

I had written an Article about the Voyagers and Kesarbai ji in our Schoolboys’ Forum. If you send me a Mail, I can Forward that Article to you.

In the meantime, here is that Song by Ms Kerkar

(जा’त कहाँ हो अकेली गोरी, जाने न पैय्यों…..)

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed. The latest from the Voyager 2 is that it has detected a faint eerie hum in outer space and NASA is still analysing the data. Yes, as mentioned in my reply to Avinash ji above, NASA is likely to lose contact with the Voyagers by end 2025.


With warm regards



Nice post Nahm ji. Enjoyed the song too. Regarding the post I read it repeat again. There have been the same situation our workplace too, since July this year. The stress levels high with everyone a non-conducive working atmosphere prevailing. I think there has been a lot of change with the functioning styles of the corporate/business companies after the ‘pandemic’ and I can even say that the exploitation of the workforce is also on increase.
Thanks for the voyager details. I listened to that song by Kesarbai Kerkar and like it very much.
I hope to see frequent write ups from your end in the future.


Thank you Avinash ji for your appreciation and comment. I am also hoping to sent some more post and continue those series that I have started.



Heard the song again today. Must have heard it, at least once daily, since it was posted on 24th December 2022.
Such an enjoyable song.
Any idea who was on-screen for it


The song was there waiting in the drafts to be posted, for some months. At the last moment I looked for a different song and found the lyrics of this one. I don’t know who are singing it on screen. The cast of the film is : Nigar, Mahipal, Madan Puri, Kesari, Maqbool, Bhudo Advani, Roopmala.

Early 50’s, Rafi magic, you can hear it again and again.


Partha Chanda Sir,

With reference to your comment on 06th Januaary, I found something intersting while browsing through Allama Iqbal’s poetry collection.

In ‘Jawaab-e-Shikwa’, here is what Iqbal has to say, on extra-territorial life, I am assuming:

पीर-ए-गर्दूं ने कहा सुन के कहीं है कोई
बोले सय्यारे सर-ए-अर्श-ए-बरीं है कोई
चाँद कहता था नहीं अहल-ए-ज़मीं है कोई
कहकशाँ कहती थी पोशीदा यहीं है कोई

In another place in the same poem, Iqbal has this to say :

कोई क़ाबिल हो तो हम शान-ए-कई देते हैं
ढूँडने वालों को दुनिया भी नई देते हैं

I think, this is with reference to ‘Quran’ where it says that “there are other planets similar to earth”.

Actually, the first Surah of ‘The Quran’, ‘Al-Fateha’, which is an important prayer, begins with this ‘aayah’ ;

All praise is for Allah—Lord of all worlds.

It can be concluded, that whoever has discovered intelligent life elsewhere, deserves the success for their capabilities, inventiveness and intuitiveness.

Thank you for sharing the recording of Kesarbai Kerkar.

Thanks and regards.


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