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Meri duniya hain maan tere aanchal mein

Posted on: August 6, 2009

S D Burman was not only an outstanding music director, he had a unique singing voice too which he utilised very fruitfully. He would sing sparingly, but the few songs that he sang all went on to become immortal.

He would typically sing a sentimental song that was played at the beginning of the movie as the credits were rolling in on the screen.

Here is one such song sung by S D Burman. It is from the movie “Talaash” (1969). For some reason, I was not aware of this song, but when I heard this song, found it just as good as any other S d Burman songs that I was familiar with.

This song is written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and this song creates just the right ambience for the movie to proceed further. It is one of those immortal S d Burman songs that everyone would love to listen to.



Song-Meri duniyaa hai maan tere aanchal mein (Talaash) (1969) Singer-S D Burman, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD- S D Burman


o maan maan maan
meri duniya hai maan tere aanchal mein
meri duniya hai maan tere aanchal mein
sheetal chhaaya jo dukh ke jungle mein
meri duniyaa hai maan tere aanchal mein

o meri raahon ke deep
teri do ankhiyaan
teri do ankhiyaan
o o
mujhe geeta ki saugandh
teri jo batiyaan
teri jo batiyaan
yug mein miltaa
yug mein miltaa hai, wo milaa pal mein
meri duniyaa hai maan tere aanchal mein

o maine aansoo bhi piye
par tuu royi naa
par tuu royi naa
o o
meri nindiyaa ke liye
barson soyi naa
barson soyi naa
mamtaa gaati
o mamtaa gaati rahi, gham ki halchal mein
meri duniyaa hai maan tere aanchal mein
maa maa
o kaahe naa dho ke teri
ye charan tere maa
ye charan tere maa
o devtaa pyaalaa liye
dar pe khade maa
dar pe khade maa
amrit sabkaa
amrit sabkaa hai is gangaa jal mein
meri duniya hai maa tere aanchal mein
sheetal chaaya jo dukh ke jungle mein
meri duniyaa hai maan tere aanchal mein


22 Responses to "Meri duniya hain maan tere aanchal mein"

Yes, well written….it is indeed one of those immortal compositions of Majroohji and S D Burmanji…. it touches a deep cord and arouses such pathos, one can’t help becoming tearful. Simply one of the greats of S D Burman.


its just a prayer in song..



It is an eternal song ! No boundaries of time and space ! A creation of God Almighty through Majrooh Sultanpuri and Burman Da, Yah !

Yes indeed. And this song is also soothing to the nerves.

Hi im 23 year old n mostly i like some old song not all..n dis is really heart touching 2 me..which show a grt love of mom 2us..n i love my mom too

heart touching song…………..lykd it a lot.dedicatd 2 ma

so lovely song …………… u mom

Heartfull song

priceless love of mother..

yeh song maine oil add mein pehli baar suna ‘meri duniya hai maa tere kadmon mein’.

this song’s simplicity touches inside….therez nothing more precious now and never than u u mom

MERI DUNIYA HAI MAA TEREANCHAL…… song touch my emotions ! Dedicated 2 u MAA.

Avery lovely song dedicated 2 all moms in the world
” Meri duniya hai MAA tere aanchal mein……………………………………..”

bulandiyon ka bada se bada mukam chhua , uthaya god me maa ne tab jaa ke aasman chhua

beautifull song ,take me back into my childhood

Ye duniya ka best gana hai yaro

This is a very good place for songs…

the best song. mother can do anything for her child. really mother is great. mother is greater than god. even god has no mother. there is nothing important other than mother’s love

Whenever I listen this song , every time tears come from my eyes ! MAA is the only word which has comparison with any words

I don’t know how many times I have listened the song, it is new everytime. Sometimes when I get upset with my mamy, this nice song starts playing in my heart and all the sadness gets removed, reminding me all the good memories of my mamy

Happy Mother’s Day to All !
@ Atul ji – few corrections needs to be done;
‘mujhe geeta ki saugandh – Mujhe geeta se badi
teri jo batiyaan teri do batiyaan
teri jo batiyaan’ teri do batiyaan

‘yug mein miltaa hai, wo milaa pal mein’ – Yug mein milta jo , so milaa hai pal mein
‘o kaahe naa dho ke teri’ – o kaahe naa dho ke piye

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