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Hum tere pyaar mein saara aalam

Posted on: October 7, 2008

“Dil ek Mandir” was a movie full of melancholic songs, and almost all of them went on to become popular. This blog has discussed one song from this movie already. Here is another song from this movie.

Sung by Lata, this song was picturised on Meena Kumari who sings in front of Raj Kumar. Lyrics of Hasrat and music of Shankar Jaikishan do the rest. I have not seen the movie, but if the picturisation of the songs is anything to go by, I suppose watching the movie could be a painful experience. Listening to sad songs and watching their video should be sufficient for me, I feel.



Song- Hum tere pyaar mein saara aalam (Dil ek Mandir) (1963) Singer-Lata,  Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD- Shankar Jaikishan


ham tere pyaar mein saaraa aalam
kho baithe hain
kho baithe
tum kahte ho ke aise pyaar ko bhool jaao, bhool jaao
ham tere pyaar mein saaraa aalam
kho baithe hain
kho baithe
tum kahte ho ke aise pyaar ko bhool jaao, bhool jaao
ham tere pyaar mein saaraa aalam

panchi se chhudaakar uskaa ghar,
tum apne ghar par le aaye
ye pyaar kaa pinjraa man bhaayaa,
ham jee bhar bhar kar muskaaye
jab pyaar huaa is pinjre se,
tum kahne lage aazaad raho
ham kaise bhulaayen pyaar teraa,
tum apni zubaan se ye na kaho
ab tumsa jahan me koi nahin hai
hum to tumhare ho baithe
tum kahte ho ke aise pyaar ko bhool jaao bhool jaao
hum tere pyar me saaara aalam

ik tere charan ki dhool se
hamne apni jeewan maang bhari
jab hi to suhaagan kahalaayi, duniyaa ke nazar mein pyaar bani
tum pyaar ki sundar moorat ho, aur pyaar hamaari poojaa hai
ab in charnon mein dam nikle, bas itni aur tamannaa hai
hum pyar ke Ganga jal se balam ji tan man apna dho baithe
tum kahte ho ke aise pyaar ko bhool jaao bhool jaao
hum tere pyar me saaara aalam

sapno ka darpan dekha tha
sapno ka darpan tod diya
ye pyar ka aanchal hamne to
daaman se tumhaare baandh liya
ye aisi gaaath hai ulfat ki
jisko na koi bhi khol saka

tum aan base jab is dil mein
dil phir to kahin na dol saka

o pyaar ke saagar ham terii laharon mein naav dubo baithe
tum kahate ho ke aise pyaar ko bhuul jaao, bhuul jaao
hum tere pyar me saara aalam
kho baithe hain
kho baithe
tum kahte ho ke aise pyaar ko bhool jaao bhool jaao
hum tere pyar me saaara aalam

19 Responses to "Hum tere pyaar mein saara aalam"

It was a pretty depressing film from what I remember. A lot of Meena Kumari films were. Wasn’t she called the “Tragedy Queen”?

But the song is absolutely beautiful.


Meena Kumari is remembered as a tragedy queen. But few people remember that she figured in non tragic ( read happy) roles in 1950s.


I was never a fan of Meena Kumari. I don’t know why. Maybe because my first memories are the Tragedy Queen roles and as a child you don’t want to watch that kind of films.

Except in Pakeezah probably. But I liked the film more for the songs than Meena Kumari.

A lot of her films had great music and beautiful songs.


And talking of Pakeezah could I make a farmaish for “chalte chalte” please 🙂 Its one of my favourite songs.


Your farmaish is my command, Shalini. It has been complied !


I some how like her quite a lot, may be because I’ve enjoyed songs of her movies with my father; and he tells me stories with them so we both admire her acting and looks equally (have you seen her killer eyes?). I’ve started to watch kaajal and she’s quite happy in that one in the first half. The latter half I’m yet to complete watching. I remember in Yahudi she isn’t sad, to the contrary quite happy and bubbly and her songs are awesome! You guys should watch meri jaan meri jaan if you haven’t already watch it. I agree with Atul that her early movies were more happy than the latter ones. I want to watch Aarti when I get more time. I’ve been listening to aap ne yaad dilaya since a few days now and absolutely love it.

Dil Ek Mandir is one very sad movie. I agree I probably would never watch it again but my memory about the film has become quite vague now so I do feel like watching it again. But I hate the fact that Rajendra Kumar dies at the end. Oscar worty acting of all three actors and music is out of the world. All these Meena Kumari talks are making me want to listen to songs of Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi now. I think she and Raj Kumar have worked in some fantastic movies together. They made an awesome pair on screen.


Wow, this is some wonderful observation on Meena Kumari.
Keep them coming.

If people want to watch Meena Kumari in a non tragic bubbly role, then watch “Miss Mary”. This movie also has Kishore Kumar at his comical best.
Meena Kumari and Kishore Kumar in a happy movie. Yes, it is true.


Very interesting post Kanan. I think I will have to watch a few more Meena Kumari films, you make a very strong case 🙂

I vaguely remember Miss Mary but that must be for Kishore Kumar (Big Big Fan!). I am sure Meena Kumari did happy films as well, I just can’t remember any 😦


In fact Meena Kumari and Guru Dutt, now known for tragedy roles, used to act in happy roles in their earlier days.


Im 20 years old and proud to say that I am a die hard fan of old Hindi songs…Kishore, Lata, Rafi, Mukesh etc..

I chanced upon this song in an old songs compilation my friends gifted me recently…and just fell madly in love with the words and Lata ji’s rendition…And the video is equally heart wrenching and expressive…


Good to see that you are a die hard fans of old songs. when I was your age, I disliked old songs, and I was only into “new” songs. With time I have begun to like “older” songs, viz songs of 1960s and earlier.


I want some male singer to sing this beautiful . Sonu nigam will be right for it . He sang only mukhada in sa re ga ma ‘s 1st episode. It was wonderful.


The more you hear , the more you get soothing affect.
All actors have died but not their memories.


it is heart-touching movie…all the characters in the movie played their roll very well….and this song is very touching and emotional…i love this song……..


This movie was a remake of a Tamil movie, and while I have not seen the Tamil version, I have heard that it is not as melodramatic as the Hindi version. I have seen the Kannada version and I thought the Hindi version was better, probably because I could understand Hindi but just vaguely managed to follow the Kannada one! However, only the Hindi version had Meena Kumari, and I remember crying buckets in the last scene where she is crying on the one hand, and Rajendra Kumar is dying on the other! I didn’t see another Meena Kumari movie after that, and I saw Pakeezah only recently! She was really good in the art of wrenching tears from the viewers, especially impressionable ones like me in my younger days!


वो भी क्या दिन थे जब ऐसे गाने लिखे, गाए और गुनगुनाए जाते थे … अब ना वो खलूश या खलिश रही, न वो फ़िल्में और अभिनेता और न वो शायर और गाने वाले ।
वो अहसास और ख़यालात ही न रहे …मगर अभी भी ये नग़्मे दिल को छू जाते हैं ।

उस ज़माने की फ़िल्में खासकर किसी ”बिमारी, मरीज और डाक्टर” के थीम पर बनी फिल्में … उस हिसाब से ज़बरदस्त रुलाने वाली फ़िल्म है । एक गीत को छोड़ दें तो सभी नगमें दर्द से लबालब थे ।

”हम तेरे प्यार में सारा आलम … ” लता जी का गाया एक अविस्मर्णीय गीत है, जहां पर उन्होनें ”गजब के” कशिश भरे सुर लगाए हैं और ये जयकिशन जी ही थे जो लता से ऐसे स्वर्गीय सुर लगवाने मे कामयाब हो पाए । अंतरों की तो बात ही छोड़िये, केवलमात्र मुखड़े कि दूसरी लाईन ”तुम कहते हो कि ऐसे प्यार को भूल जाओ” को कोई इतनी सहजता से गा के तो दिखाऐ ???
ये लता जी का शायद कुछ मे से वो एक गीत है जिसे शायद ही कोई स्टेज पर गाने की हिम्मत जुटा पाए ।।


Thanks for providing us with lyrics…




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