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Choodi nahin ye mera dil hai

Posted on: November 9, 2008

With this song, I introduce a new tag viz “choodi” song. The word “choodi” dominates this song. In this song, Dev Anand and Zaahida are seen seated behind a car, with our ageless Dev Saab singing this song “choodi nahin mera dil hai dekho toote naa”.

It was supposed to be purely a timepass song, but such was the midas touch of Kishore Kumar those days that even his timepass songs tended to leave their mark. And this song has certainly lingered in memory. When I re discovered this song aagain, I was reminded of the days when this song was extremely popular. Just like many popular songs of those days, I had little idea about the song except that it was sung by Kishore Kumar.

Now I am more knowledgeable. It has taken me nearly 38 years to find out that this song was from Gambler and it was picturised on Dev Anand and Zahida.

Looking at the picturisation, I found Zahida a bit of a misfit in the role. She was too big built for out Dev Saab. Moreover, the word “choodi” comes associated with the words “naazuk kalaai” ( delicate wrists) , but one can clearly see that Zahida had massive wrists, and associating “choodi” with such formidable wrists is certainly not going to wash with public, however gullible they may be.

Come what may, now that this song has given me an idea, I will look forward to other “choodi” songs and post them here too. And hopefully, the wrists of the “choodi” wearer in those songs will be more delicate.

Another tidbit about Zahida. Her full name was Zahida Hussain, and she was the niece of Nargis and Anwar Hussain. That makes her a cousin of Sanjay Dutt. She acted opposite Dev Anand in “Gambler” and “Prem Pujari”.She married a businessman ( some Mr Sahay)and left Bollywood. Her son Nilesh Sahay is an actor in Bollywood.

Song- Choodi nahin mera dil hai (Gambler) (1970) Singers- Kishore Kumar, Lata, Lyrics- Neeraj, MD- S D Burman


choodi nahin ye mera
choodi nahin ye mera dil hai dekho dekho toote naa
choodi nahin ye mera dil hai dekho dekho toote naa
choodi nahin ye mera

neeli peeli, rang birangi, pyaar ki ye saugaat
na na na na aise nahin, dheere dheere, chupke chupke, daalo inmen haath
kaanch hai kachchaa, lekin inse ho sachchaa shringaar
sonaa nahin,chandi nahin heeraa nahin, moti nahin keemat inki pyaar
phoolon si, naazuk hai, dekho, dekho dekho dekho toote na
choodi nahin ye mera
hahaha accha sach
choodi nahin ye mera dil hai dekho dekho toote naa
choodi nahin ye mera

mera pyar hai choodi jaisa iska oar na chhor
yahan nahin wahan nahin dekho kabhi toote nahin jeewan ki ye dor

inki khankhan dil ki dhadkan hai mera sangeet
suno zara socho zara naghma ye pyar bhara o mere manmeet
lajawab haan bemisaal
dekho dekho toote na
choodi nahin ye mera
choodi nahin ye mera dil hai dekho dekho toote naa
choodi nahin ye mera

hahaha hahaha
teri chahat teri ulfat hai meri manzil
ghere mujhe baanhen teri baandhe tujhe chahe mujhe
dil mera tera dil
koyi bhi ho, meraa hai tu, ai mere hamdam
gham mile, khushi mile, kahin rahen, kaise rahen, bichhdenge na ham
phir bhi
hmm hmm
hmm hmm
dekho dekho dekho
toote na
choodi nahin ye mera
choodi nahin ye tera
dil hai
dekho dekho toote naa
choodi nahin ye mera


6 Responses to "Choodi nahin ye mera dil hai"

Very nice song. It takes me back so many years.
I did not know this titbit about Zaheeda. Thanks, Atul.


i love this song..!
Well, the above video is no longer available, check it out at below YouTube link:


I love this song. It has always been on my most played list. By the way, this song would also fall under the Car Song category :).


😛 😀 🙂 song 😉






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