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Mera naam Yaao mere paas aao

Posted on: January 17, 2009

This is a very very rare song. So rare in fact that its video, or for that matter even its audio is extremely difficult to locate. I have been looking for it for several months, and I have finally been able to locate its audio.

This song is from a Dev Anand movie called “Ye Gulistaan Hamara”. This song may be very rare today, but that was not the case those days. This was in fact the most popular song from this movie. So popular, in fact, that this song finished 14th in Binaca Geetmala finals of 1973. This song in fact finished ahead of some very well known songs of that year.

The reason why this song was that popular has to do with the novelty value of this song. Danny Denzongpa, a Sikkimese actor, with his chinky looks was a source of great curiosity among Bollywood movie watchers. He was making his mark as a popular villain thanks to his exotic looks.

In this movie, whose storyline was based on people of North East region of India,who have their own culture different from the mainstream Indian culture, Danny plays a native called Yaao, who falls in love with a mainstream Indian girl ( played by Sharmila Tagore).

Correction- Now I am informed by the reader Abhay that Danny was just the singer. The song was picturised on Johny Walker and Jishree T.

This song is supposed to be a love song, but audience those days treated it as a fun song. But then many great songs have suffered this fate in Bollywood songs.

This song is sung by Danny and Lata. Danny later sang another song ( this time with Asha Bhonsle) that went “sun sun kasam se laagun tere kadam se”. This song is better known, and I have I fact have already posted this song in this blog.

One can notice that Danny’s voice is strinkingly similar to that of Shailendra Singh who also made his debut as a playback singer at nearly the same time.

With the passage of time, audience got used to Danny’s exotic looks and his looks was accepted as mainstream. So much so that he began to be seen in mainstream Bollywood roles viz. Thakur saab, Heroine ka baap etc in later years. That is certainly quite a journey for Danny who acts as a man called “Yaao” in this movie.
Correction: Danny is only the playback singer. It is Johny Walker who plays “Yaao” and it is on him that this song is picturised. I thank Abhay for this information.



Song-Mera naam Yaao mere paas aao (Ye Gulistaan Hamara) (1972) Singers-Danny, Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-S D Burman


O Toona
kya re
Mera naam Yaao
Mere paas aao
O Mera naam Yaao
Mere paas aao
ho Tera naam aao to mera naam jaao
ho tera mera milan bada mushkil hai
Mera naam Yaao
Mere paas aao
ho Tera naam aao to mera naam jaao

dekho dekho
dekho dekho
tere haathon me hai tere mere prem ki rekha
dekhi rekha
are dekhi rekha
kabhi toone sheeshe me apna munh nahin dekha
tera mera milan bada mushkil hai
Mera naam Yaao
Mere paas aao
ho Tera naam aao to mera naam jaao

tere liye
tere liye
tadap raha hoon main to ek maheene se
haay rama
haay rama
mar jaana achha mere sainya aise jeene se
ho tera meramilan bada mushkil hai
mera naam yaao
mere paas aao
ho Tera naam aao to mera naam jaao

suno suno
arre suno suno
chalo ham tum koi dooja naam rakh len
jaao aao
jaao aao naam badalkar seeta raam rakh le
tera mera milan bada mushkil hai
Mera naam Yaao
mere paas aao
tera naam Yaao to mera naam jaao
Mera naam Yaao
mera naam jaao
Mera naam Yaao
mera naam jaao

11 Responses to "Mera naam Yaao mere paas aao"

ooooh! what a treat1 I had totally forgotten about this Danny song, but it was played often on the radio in those days…


i am looking for another song of danny which he sang about 20 years back in door darshan.

he was told to sing a song while at the studio in the program.

the lyrics goes something like this (pardon me for being writing it wrong).

aage aaage paashe paachola….peeche peeche maaseeli…..something like this.

hope someone remember this. not able to find it.


Here is the link for the song and you can also enjoy the following links; (asha danny v/s kishore lata ) (Danny aasha)

We belatedly wish Happy Birthday to Danny today (his birth anniv is 25th Feb)… thanks !


and yes the lyrics are , what i understand … aaghi aaghi topai ko gola, pache pache machine gun bahraraa .. (please correct me) i wish i could get the original nepali lyrics in English ..


It looks like your liking of songs is almost exactly that of mine. You must have spent so much time and effort in collecting these songs and posting them.
This is just to convey my sense of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you so much. Fiaz


Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Fiaz. Indeed it takes lots of time and effort to post there songs on a regular basis.

It is a labour of love that I have managed to sustain for so long thanks to the encouragement and appreciation of likeminded music lovers such as you.

I appreciate your nice words.


In this song, Danny was the singer with Lata Mangeshkar. The song was actually picturized on Johnny Walker and Jayshree T.

Produced by Atmaram, Guru Dutt’s younger brother.



Really ? I thought this song was picturised on Danny. Of course I have not seen the movie at this movie is so difficult to come by.


Can also listen to it here:

little more clear

Thanks by the way for the post


Video link of the song :

The pace of the song seems to be more faster here than in the audio link.


Video of this song is available at the following two links
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Lata Mangeshkar, Danny song from movie Ye Gulistan Hamara (1972) starring, Dev Anand, Sharmila Tagore …
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Mera Naam Jao – Jayshree, Johny Walker, Ye Gulistan Hamara Song (k). UltraHindi. Subscribe …


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