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Allah tero naam Ishwar tero naam

Posted on: September 16, 2009

There are many people who may think that this is a non filmy prayer. That is how well known this song is.

In reality, this is a song from a movie called “Hum Dono” (1961). This song is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Nanda and others who are praying in a temple for their near and dear ones who have gone to the battle field.

This poignant song is written by Sahir Ludhianvi and its music is composed by Jaidev.

This song is easily a timeless classic.



Song-Allah tero naam Ishwar tero naam (Hum Dono) (1961) Singer-Lata, Lyrics- Sahir Ludhianvi, MD- Jaidev


Allaah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam
Allaah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam
sabko sanmati de Bhagwaan
sabko sanmati de Bhagwaan
Allaah tero naam

maangon kaa sindoor naa chhoote
maangon kaa
sindoor naa chhoote
maan bahnon ki aas naa toote
maan bahnon ki
aas naa toote
deh binaa daataa
deh binaa
bhatke naa praan
sabko sanmati de Bhagwaan
Allaah tero naam

o saare jag ke rakhwaale
o saare
jag ke rakhwaale
nirbal ko bal dene waale
nirbal ko bal
dene waale
balwaano ko o,
balwaano ko
dede gyaan
sabko sanmati de Bhagwaan
Allaah tero naam
Ishwar tero naam
Allaah tero naam
Ishwar tero naam
Allaah tero naam

11 Responses to "Allah tero naam Ishwar tero naam"

This is the song that taught me what a bhajan is 🙂 For that, I am ever grateful, plus it’s still possibly the most beautiful ones ever written (and I only say possibly because of “O Paalanhaare” from Lagaan)…


Sahir Ludhianvi wrote some amazing lyrics in this movie, which were composed wonderfully well by Jaidev. And the singer (Lata, Rafi, Asha Bhonsle) did a grand job. This movie has some of the most memorable songs that one can imagine.

And ironically, Jaidev as a music director continued to be a struggler despite creating such music.


Just 1 word: excellent.


This movie contained songs that must be regarded as some of the finest feathers in the caps of their creaters.


I’ve heard another stanza once in a farmaish on Vividhbharathi:

Is Dharthi ka roop na ujhde,
Pyaar ki Thandi dhoop na ujhde,
Sabko mile dhata sabko mile,
Iska Vardaan, sabko sanmathi de Vhagwaan.

Awesome lyrics – awesome Sahir.

Lots and lots and thanks for the lovely job you are doing Atul.


The audio versions are often different and longer than the video versions of the same song. Since you listened to the audio version in Vividh Bharati so you listened to the full song. The picturisation of the song of course does not include this para.


beautiful song..had heard it during my growing up days 😀 until now 😉


New video link :


Sahir Ludhianvi was a great Urdu poet but surprisingly he has penned a lot of pure Hindi songs and bhajans as well in films which were very popular in its time and will continue to be so till infinity to the filmy bhajan lovers. Few of his bhajans come to mind are :- Tora man darpan kahlaye, Man re tu Kahe na dheer dhare, Tora manwa kyon ghavraye re, Ganga Tera pani amrit, Prabhu tero man, Aanmilo aanmilo shyam savre, Sukh ke sab sathi and many more.


Lyrics are so good Sahirji needs admiration . Great poets like Sahirji is secular in a real sense .
Lyrics written by him has a flavour of Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan , ‘ Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram ”, especially the line ” Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagwaan “


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