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Main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa

Posted on: March 6, 2010

It was sometime in 1940s that the tradition of “piano” songs began, where the hero/ heroine would be asked to sit in front of a piano and sing a song in a get together, organised in the palatial residence of the hero/ heroine.

Here is one such song from “Anhonee” (1952). This is a song sung by Talat Mehmood and picturised on Raj Kapoor. It is a rare combination of singer and actor, but the song itself is quite well known and it is in fact a Talat Mehmood classic. The picturisation also shows Nargis, Om Prakash etc.

The song is written by Satyendra Athayya and music is composed by Roshan.

After the first three stanzas of the song are sung, the audience break into an applause and then Om Prakash suggests that Raj Kapoor should give up his job as a lawyer and take up singing full time. Not amused, Raj Kapoor then proceeds on to sing an additional stanza, and this singing is at a much faster tempo than the earlier portion of the song.

I was aware of this song, but I was not aware about the movie this song was from. This song was a long pending farmaish from Lalitha, and what a song it is !



Song-Main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa (Anhonee) (1952) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics- Satyendra Athaiyya, MD-Roshan


main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa
tu aake mujhe pahchaan zaraa
main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa
ek saagar hoon thahraa thahraa
ek saagar hoon thahraa thahraa
tu aake mujhe pahchaan zaraa
main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa

khud maine husn ke haathon mein,
shokhi kaa chhalktaa jaam diyaa
gaalon ko gulaabon kaa rutbaa,
kaliyon ko labon kaa naam diyaa,
naam diyaa
aankhon ko diyaa saagar gahraa
aankhon ko diyaa saagar gahraa
tu aake mujhe pahchaan zaraa
main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa

ye sach hai, teri mahfil mein,
ye sach hai, teri mahfil mein,
mere afsaane kuchh bhi nahin
par dil ki daulat ke aage
duniyaa ke khazaane kuchh bhi nahin
yoon mujhse nigaahon ko naa churaa
yoon mujhse nigaahon ko naa churaa
tu aake mujhe pahchaan zaraa
main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa

ye jhilmil karte huye diye
ye jhilmil karte huye diye
aakhir ik din bujh jaayenge
daulat ke nashe mein doobe huye
ye raag rang mit jaayenge
goonjegaa magar ye geet meraa
goonjegaa magar ye geet meraa
ye geet meraa

7 Responses to "Main dil hoon ek armaan bharaa"

What a wonderful song, and what a great way to start my weekend! I am so glad I saw this song when I opened the computer today. I always thought it was Dilip singing this song, so it was a surprise to find Raj kapoor at the piano, and I thought he looked so soulful and young and reminded me of (of all people!) Rafa Nadal!

Thanks so much for this song, Atul!


Welcome back after a long time. I was missing your comments.


Sorry about the absence. I had to go and spend some time with my son who was ill, and after that, it just seemed to be one thing after the other here. I have also missed the olden days when I used to relax with all the wonderful songs here. I have just taken a peek at this site and haven’t played any of the songs in such a long time, so now I plan to get caught up with all the songs that I have missed. How can one go about life without these songs?

Thanks for all the songs, Atul!


Even I had slowed down a lot in the last three months, with hardly one hundred songs added in this period. Even I had so many other things to do.

Hopefully I will be back to my usual prolific self since there are still so many great songs yet to be covered.


Another lovely song by Talat Mahmood. I love his silken voice.


One of my favorite Talat Mahmood Songs !!


Hello! I am avid follower ofbthis blog since long.This is one of my most favourite songs.
I want to know the name of the artist who has played this piano pieces.They are beautiful. Can any one help


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