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Zara keh do fizaaon se

Posted on: October 22, 2011

In this blog, I often talk about B grade movies. How do I, or anyone else, identify such movies ?

The first step in this identification is to look at the title. while A grade movies will have titles containing “mainstream” words like “Pyaar”, “Bahu”, “Kali”, “Raat” etc, the titles of B grade movies are often out of the ordinary/ unusual. Exotic words are almost always there in such titles, viz Tower House, Hatim Tai, Zimbo, Trolley Driver etc are sureshot indications that the movie cannot be anything other than B grade.

Such movies also had their own “stars”. These stars could be manly, like Dara Singh and Azad, who would be ever ready to save damsels in distress. On the other end of the spectrum, we also had a B movie hero like Mahipal who often needed to be rescued by the ladies in these movies. 🙂

These movies were released in seedy rundown movie halls, and the moviewatchers in such movies would express their appreciation by whistles/ catcalls, when their mouths were free from chewing paan, which they would spit on the walls of the hall after chewing.

Quite a few regulars of this blog are aficionados of B grade movies too, and they have watched B grade movies in the manner described above, I am sure. 🙂 Even those who have not watched such movies, regarding such movies as infra dig those days, have become converts (I am one of them), helped in no small matter by reading glowing reviews of such movies in blogs like Memsaab’s blog. The fact that such movies often had wonderful songs in them have also helped in becoming a fan of such movies.

These B grade movies tended to disappear from site after their initial release. In most cases, such movies would vanish without trace. Fortunately, many of these movies are now available in the form of VCDs, and so those who never even knew about the existence of such movies can watch these movies in the comforts of their home.

What about a movie with a title like “Gogola” (1966) ? The title firmly establishes the fact that this cannot be anything else but a B grade movie. This has to be among the more obscure B grade movies. Mr Sadanand Kamath, who searched long and hard on this movie found out that this movie had Azad and Tabassum playing the lead.

This song is as rare as the movie itself. It is a duet song by the unlikely pair of Mubarak Begam and Talat Mehmood. Lyrics are written by Balkavi Bairagi, who was a poet who sometimes forayed into lyrics writing in Hindi movies. Music is composed by Roy Frank, a name that only a few people have heard of.

Mr Sadanand Kamath, who had heard this song in the past without realising that the song belonged to a movie called “Gogola”, became awere of the name of this movie only after he decided to note down the lytrics of this song to be sent to me. And he gopt the lyrics right after borrowing the headphones of his song. I have found that listenming to the song on head phones gives good idea of the lyrics. If one listenes to many songs a day like I do, then one should rather listen to them on speakers, I feel. That is what I do these days.Of course, headphones come handy when you do not want others (mostly ypur spouse) to know what you are upto. 🙂

Here is this wonderful forgotten gem from a movie called “Gogola” (1966). Any idea what this word means ?

Song-Zara keh do fizaaon se hamein itna sataaye naa (Gogola)(1966) Singers-Mubarak Begam, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Balkavi Bairagi, MD-Roy Frank

Lyrics(Provided by Sadanand Kamath)

zara keh do fizaaon se
hamein itna sataaye na
tumhi keh do hawaaon se
tumhaari yaad laaye na

zara keh do fizaaon se
hamein itna sataaye na
tumhi keh do hawaaon se
tumhaari yaad laaye na

zara keh do

mohabbat kyaa hui tum se
pareshaan ho gaye hum to
jahaan ye zulf lehraayee
wahin pe kho gaye hum to

wahin baithhe hain ulfat mein
koi jyaada jalaayen na

zara keha do fizaaon ko
hamein itna sataaye na
zara keha do

kahenge kyaa zamaane ko
zara samjhaayiye humko
kasam se keh rahein hain
ab nahin tadpaayiye humko

nahin bechain rahte hain
koyi jyadaa sataaye na

zara keh do fizaaon se
hamein itna sataaye na
tumhi keh do hawaaon se
tumhaari yaad laaye na

zara keh do


8 Responses to "Zara keh do fizaaon se"

Atul ji,
GOGOLA(1966) was a Indradhanush films production directed by Balawant Dawe.The music was given by a duo of Frank and T.M.Rai.
Mr.TMRai was also the producer of this movie.Frank has given music to one more film Chor Darwaza-1965.Frank might have been an assistant of some well known music director of those times.This duo of Rai-Frank worked in only one movie.
Although Azad worked in this movie,it was not one of those Raja-Rani-Vazir movies,but a different type of B grade movie.Probably it was inspired by KING KONG and such similar Republic Serial movies coming from Hollywood in the late 50s and early 60s.
Asha(Tabassum),Kumar(Azad) and friends are terrified seeing a gigantic Sea Monster coming out of the sea,known as GOGOLA,while picnicking on a Bombay beach.They run away to police who do not believe them.
Asha’s father (Nayampally) is a scientist who is indebted to Lachhoo(Habib),due to loans taken to discover medicine for Heart attack.Asha is a club dancer and Lachhoo is after her,hence Kumar and Lachhoo become enemies.
Gogola comes to town,kills people and breaks buildings and other structures in Bombay,thereby flooding it.Asha’s father develops a poison for Gogola and Kumar goes to the bottom of sea to inject it to Gogola.Lachhoo tries to kill him in the sea,but Kumar injects Gogola.
Before dying,Gogola obliges Kumar by killing Lachhoo.
Kumar gets reward from Police and Asha from her father.

Thanks alot for this valuable information. So Roy and Frank are two different individuals. I, as well as most people thought that Roy Frank was one individual. It is like Lala Asar Sattar, thought to be one individual, but who turned out to be three individuals. 🙂

First of all I never heard of MD Roy Frank and now I know that Roy Frank is not a solo MD but a combo of Roy and Frank.

Thanks for the details of the movie. So we were first to produce a kind of mini Jurassic Park 🙂

Arun ji,

Thanks for the background and synopsis – you have ready information sources for even most obscure films. 🙂

Sadanand ji,

This one sounds more like the Godzilla, a character created in Japan, and the film by that name which was first produced also from Japan in 1954. Godzilla is an imaginary animal that is a cross between a whale and a gorilla, with origins in the sea. The original storyline is almost identical to what Arun ji had described in his synopsis. Since 1954, the original film spawned multiple series of films from Japan as well as Hollywood, and no less than 28 films have been created with Godzilla as the main character, with at least 3 more films already under planning.

Sounds like Gogola is the Indian variation of Godzilla.


You are correct. More nearer to Godzilla than Jurassic Park.
May be GOGOLA is the Hindi pronunciation of GODZILLA 🙂 .

I have seen many a times, a name called :
Music assistant or conductor ,for music directors Kalyanji Anandji.

Any connections between the above mentioned FRANK FERNAND and, the music director of this movie GOGOLA????

Today morning while watching Feroze Khan`s Dharmatma, I have again checked this name as one of the music assistant.

Atulji, Arunji HELP!!

Prakash ji,
Thanks for this info.
Please read 4th line in my summary of the film,wherein I had said that Frank was an asst. to some Music Director of that era.I was not remembering the name of the MD.
Thanks once again for ur info.
He is the same Frank of the Rai-Frank duo of Music Directors.

Heard this song on Vividh Bharati just a little while ago. I somehow heard the name of the movie as Gogo Laaka (some problem with my ears or with my earphones) and was curious about it. I googled for the song and ended up here.
It’s a sweet song. And thank you for the synopsis, AD ji!

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