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Dil jalega to zamaane mein ujaalaa hogaa

Posted on: December 26, 2011

We in this blog often discuss obscure songs from obsure movies. I suppose that there are different categories in obscurity and there are some movies that are more obscure than others.

The movie called “Ye Basti Ye Log” (1961) must be a title contender for the championship of obscure movies. Hardly any information is available on this song. The songs of this movie suffered from the same fate.

I came across one song from this movie. The sopng may be foprgotten, but it deserved much bewtter fate. Had it been a part of a better known movie, then this song would have ended up as a timeless classic.

Here is this superb song from “Ye Basti Ye Log” (1961). This song is sung by Lata. Prem Warbartani is the lyricist. Music is composed by Bhola Shreshtha.

Song-Dil jalega to zamaane mein ujaala hogaa (Ye Basti Ye Log)(1961) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Prem Warbartani, MD-Bhola Shreshtha


Dil jalega to zamaane mein ujaala hogaa
dil jalega to zamaane mein ujaala hogaa
husn jalwon ka sitaaron se nirala hoga
dil jalega
aa aa aa aa

kaun jaane ye muhabbat ki saza hai ki silaa
kaun jaane ye muhabbat ki saza hai ki silaa
ham kinaare pe bhi pahunche
to kinaara na mila
bujh gaya chaand
kisi dard bhare dil ki tarah
bujh gaya chaand
kisi dard bhare dil ki tarah
raat ka rang abhi
aur bhi kaala hogaa
dil jalegaa
aa aa aa aa

dekhna royegi
fariyaad karegi duniya
dekhna royegi
fariyaad karegi duniya
ham na honge
to hamen yaad karegi duniyaa
apne jeene ki adaa bhi hai anokhi sabse
apne jeene ki adaa bhi hai anokhi sabse
apne marne ka bhi andaaz niraala hogaa
dil jalega to zamaane mein ujaala hogaa
dil jalega
aa aa aa aa

2 Responses to "Dil jalega to zamaane mein ujaalaa hogaa"

Atul ji,
YEH BASTI YEH LOG was obscure and no information is available because this film was never completed and released at all.
This film was to be made by Geete Productions,Bombay and the leading pair was Balraj Sahani and Madhubala.Some part of the film was also shot and 5 songs were recorded by Composer Bhola Shreshtha on the lyrics of Prem Barbatarni and Shevan Rizvi.
It all happened because of Madhubala.
After her break up with Dilip Kumar after the legal case by Chopras in ‘Naya Daur’,and consequently after her marriage with Kishore kumar
in the sixties,Madhubala was mentally shattered.Additionally,she returned to her Bandra home after marriage with Kishore Kumar as his people did not accept her,her health became delicate.She became seriously ill and was taken to London.Doctors in London refused to operate on her,as the chances of her survival were minimum.She returned to India.During this period,YEH BASTI YEH LOG was shelved halfway.
She tried to resume working again in a film called CHALAAK with Raj Kapoor,but had to be left halfway again.While trying to direct her first film
FARZ AUR ISHQ,she colapsed and later died on 23-2-1969.
Incidentally,a film KHOYA KHOYA CHAAND was made in 2007,based loosely on her life.


what a lovely song sung by lataji, and composed by very much less known composer Bhola shreshtha. but what a composition!!!!!!!!!!!! three cheers to person who has given us opp. to listen lataji.


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