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Sabhi sukh door se guzren

Posted on: December 26, 2011

“Aarambh” (1976) is a recent movie by the standards of this movie which swas released at a time when I was at my precocious best as a follower of Hindi movies, but even I failed to notice anything about this movie at that time. So this movie must have been a big failure at the box office. This movie had a “star” cast of names like Rakesh pandey, Rama Vij, Kishore Kapoor, Vipin Gupta. These names did not ring any bells those days nor do they ring any bells today. In other words, movie with “star” cast was doomed to fail.

But just because a movie fails at the box office should not lead us to conclude that the movie was bad. It may only mean that the makers of the movie did not have deep pockets to ensure decent publicity for the movie.

I have come across a songs from this movie, and I find this song quite a remarkable song. Here is a song which is written in text book Hindi and I in fact used to come across similar kind of Hindi in my Hindi text books as a school going kid those days. I and many of my school mates in fact used to wonder how the words in most songs of “Hindi”movies had a vocabulary that was almost mutually exclusive from the Hindi that we used to study in our school.

I have always maintained that pure Hindi words are extremely effective in expressing complex and sophistcated thoughts of people, be it feelings of heart or philosophy. This song is a philosophical song, and one has to agree with the views espoused in this song. The lyrics (by Harish Bhadani) opine that happiness seems to give us a wide berth by keeping discreet distance from us, but misery insists on keeping us company throughout and would not get shaken off however much we try.

This philosophical song is sung by Mukesh, whose voice was tailormade for a song like this. Anand Shankar is the music director.

Here is this superb song from an obscure movie. I am surprised that I have not heard this song before. I am sure music lovers will like this song.

Audio – Part I

Audio – Part II

Song-Sabhi sukh door se guzren (Aarambh)(1976)Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Harish Bhadani, MD-Anand Shankar


sabhi sukh door se guzren
guzarte hi chale jaayen
magar peedaa umar bhar saath chalne ko utaaroo hain
sabhi sukh door se guzren
guzarte hi chale jaayen
magar peedaa umar bhar saath chalne ko utaaroo hain
sabhi sukh door se guzren
guzarte hi chale jaayen
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa

hamaaraa dhoop mein ghar
chhaanv ki kyaa baat jaanen ham
abhi tak to akele hi chale
kyaa saath jaanen ham
bataa den kyaa ghutan ki ghaatiyaan
kaisi lageen hamko
sadaa nangaa rahaa aakaash
kyaa barsaat jaanen ham

bahaaren door se guzren
guzarti hi chali jaayen
magar patjhad umar bhar saath chalne ko utaaroo hain
sabhi sukh door se guzren
guzarte hi chale jaayen
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

ataari ko dharaa se kis tarah aawaaz de den ham
mehandiyaa paanv ko
kyun door kaa andaaz de den ham
chale shamashaan ki dehri
wahi hai saans ki sangyaa
baraf ke ek but ko
aasthaa ki aanch kyun den ham
hamen apne sabhi bisren
bisarte hi chale jaayen
magar sudhiyaan umar bhar saath chalne ko utaaroo hain
sabhi sukh door se guzren
guzarte hi chale jaayen

4 Responses to "Sabhi sukh door se guzren"

Is it Anand Shankar, or Ananda Shankar ? If it is latter, he was the son of famous dancer Uday Shankar and the nephew of Ravi Shankar.


The LP Cover says Ananda Shankar.


sukhon ki aankh se to baanchnaa aata nahin hamko
sukhon ki se ? to aanknaa aata nahin hamko
chaley chalte rahen hain umrbhar ham peer ki raahen
sukhon ki laaj se to dhaankna aata nahin hamko
nihore door se guzre guzarte hi chaley jaayen
magar anban umrbhar saath chalne ko utaaroo hain
sabhi sukh door se guzre …
(I hope I have correctly gathered the words, please correct me if I am wrong)
Just came across this short link with this above stanza (extra, I think so)


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