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Tera husn maana badi cheez hai

Posted on: August 3, 2012

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today is Poet Shakeel Badayuni’s birth anniversary. I came to know about it just now, as it happens in almost all anniversaries that are celebrated in the blog. Incidentally I had written down the lyrics of this unused song from the film ‘Aan”, yesterday only. When I send two /three song writeups to Atul ji , it is better to give him breathing space. So instinctively, I try to hold on and not send him any more till he posts these.

But here since I had the lyrics ready and assuming that Atul ji will posts more songs today (already so many are posted), this song is written by Shakeel Badayuni and music is by Naushad. It is a Rafi solo song similar to the other song I did write up on a few days back. This song was recorded for the film ” Aan ” but not used/picturized.

There are a few such songs, which were recorded for movies but not used as the movies got shelved or a song could not find space in the film. Many such songs are there which are available on youtube.

Shakeel Badayuni was just 54 years old when he died in 1970. His association with Naushad was consistent during 50’s and 60’s. Films like ‘Mughal e Azam” , ‘Ganga Jamuna”, ‘Raam Aur Shyam” ‘Aan”, Mela”, ‘Deedar” ‘Amar” & “Baiju Bawra” which made Naushad immortal, have immortalised Shakeel Badayuni too.

Song-Tera husn maana badi cheez hai (Aan)(1952) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


sitamgar dil mein tere
aag ulfat ki lagaa doongaa
qasam teri tujhe main
pyaar karna bhi sikhaa doonga

teraa husn maana badi cheez hai
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai
teraa husn maana badi cheez hai
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai

zamaane mein hain tujh se
ae ae ae
laakhon haseen
na hogaa magar koyi
mujh saa kahin
een een
muhabbat agar tere dil mein nahin
tere dil mein nahin
tu kar le muhobbat bhali cheez hai
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai
teraa husn maana badi cheez hai
ae ae
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai

na ho husn par
itnaa magroor tu
karegaa tu ik din
meri aarzoo
oo oo oo oo
basaa doonga main dil mein ulfat ki dhoop(?)
dil mein ulfat ki dhoom(?)
mere lab pe jaadoo bhari cheez hai
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai
ae ae
teraa husn maana badi cheez hai
ae ae
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai

tu jab geet sun kar
ae ae ae
kisi ke liye dil
dhadakne lage
ae ae ae
koyi jab tere dil mein basne lage
dil mein basne lage
samajhna muhobbat wohi cheez hai
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai
teraa husn maana badi cheez hai
meraa dil bhi aakhir koyi cheez hai

2 Responses to "Tera husn maana badi cheez hai"

Nahm ji,
This song was originally in the film,well filmed and picturised too,but was subsequently removed.Then again it was included and again removed.Finally third time it remained in the film.Hindi Film Geet kosh also confirms that it was removed several times(which means it was included also several times).
I do not know if it is to be found in the DVDs of AAN.
note-one can see a part of its picturisation in the song which is available on UT.


Thanks for the information, Sir. I found a 25 sec. clip with audio of opening couplet.


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