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Tere bharosey hey Nandlaala

Posted on: November 4, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

After listening to some of the evergreen non-filmy songs during the last few days, I have come to the conclusion that non-filmy songs have their own style of compositions with tunes and melody getting primacy over orchestration. The musical instruments used in such songs are minimum. Most of these songs give a feel of devotional songs in one way or the other. In romantic songs, there is the devotion towards lovers/beloved. The patriotic songs are devotion to the country. Of course, the bigger canvass of the devotional songs (bhajans) is the spiritualism and devotion to the Almighty. In the 60s, ghazals and bhajans formed a bulk of the non-filmy songs.

Among the top playback singers, Mohammed Rafi also veered into the non-filmy songs. I find that Rafi and Khaiyaam collaborated in many non-filmy ghazals and devotional songs (bhajans) during 60s and 70s. In regards to the devotional songs, Rafi and Khaiyyam were joined by the poet Madhukar Rajasthani thus forming a troika for non-filmy bhajans. Khaiyyam in one of his TV interviews revealed that despite Rafi’s having reached the pinnacle of his success in playback singing career and financially well off, he felt that he needed to improve his tonal quality to make his renditions sweeter and soulful. Khaiyaam had reported to have told him that he could help Rafi in this regard provided he devoted more time for rehearsal during which he should forget himself as the famous playback singer but act like a novice. It was during this period that Rafi-Khaiyyam team came out with some of the immortal non-film ghazals and bhajans.

Continuing the reminiscence of my non-filmy songs days during 60s, here is the one of Mohammed Rafi’s evergreen devotional songs ‘tere bharose he nandalaala’ (1960s). This song depicts Radha’s poignant feelings because of her separation from Nandalal (Krishna). Rafi’s soulful rendition of this song uplifts the sombre mood and one really feel sad for Radha. Note for example, how Rafi has instilled soul in each and every words of the verse ‘ preet diwaani aas na chhode’ with emphasis on ‘chhode’. Such soulful renditions of devotional songs can only come from a pious man. This bhajan is a stress buster and one does not need to enroll for Transcendental Meditation for relaxation and stress reduction.

The soul touching lyrics of Madhukar Rajasthani, the excellent musical composition of Khaiyyam in keeping with the mood of the song and Mohammed Rafi’s marvelous rendition has made this bhajan immortal.

Song-Tere bharose he nandlala (Rafi NFS)(1960) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Madhukar Rajashaani, MD-Khaiyyam


tere bharose ae ae ae
ho o o
tere bharose
he nandalaala
koi ro ro baat nihaare ae ae ae
tere bharose
he nandalaala

meet banaake ae ae ae
tum to bhooley
sakhiyaan karein thhithholi
loklaaj se darey na bolen
man mein jalti holi
ho o o
tere bharose
he nandalaala

bin jaaye so moti kaanha
baaki kankar hoye
preet deewaani aas na chhode
chaahe jeewan khoye
ho o o
tere bharose
he nandalaala

le kaanha le nainaa morey
dekh agar tu paaye ae
jogan ke ansuwan mein pal pal
Mathura doobee jaaye
ho o o
tere bharose
hey nandlaala
koi ro ro baat nihaare ae ae
tere bharose
he nandalaala

8 Responses to "Tere bharosey hey Nandlaala"

kamath ji,
Thanks for posting this wonderful Bhajan,one of my favourite ones.In the 60s,this was broadcast by almost every station of AIR,early in the mornings,making that morning more beautiful.
Not only Rafi,but Madhukar Rajasthani’s Bhajans and Geets are sung by many others like Mukesh,Manna Dey,Talat,C.H.Atma,Asha,Hemant etc.
The 2 other famous Bhajans of Rafi from MR’ stable are “Suniyo araz hamari’ and ‘Paon padun mein tore Shyam’.
Nathali se toota Moti re and Meri bhi ek mumtaz thi(Manna Dey),Voh saath hamara de na sake(Hemant kumar),Thehro jaraa ek pal(Talat) etc are some other popular songs.\
Madhukar Rajasthani did not do much in films.He wrote about 100 songs in 22 films in 30 years.He was known more for his NFS.


Thanks for your appreciation.

In the 60s, I was as much familiar with the name of Madhukar Rajasthani (MR)as some of the well known lyricists of Hindi films. Almost every alternative songs broadcasted on non-filmy song programmes of Vivid Bharati ( or AIR’s Bombay ‘A’ station?) used to be a song written by MR.

Even 100 odd filmy songs written by MR is good numbers considering the fact that he had tough competition in his genre of songs from the established lyricists like Bharat Vyas, Kavi Pradeep and Narendra Sharma.


Have always enjoyed visiting this site. Have greatly benefited from all the rich information and details of songs. Wonderful compilation of rare gems ! Rendering a great service to the world of musc. Keep it up 👍


It was 12.30 to 1pm of Gair Filmi songs daily on Vividh Bharti. A fix which was eagerly looked forward like a druggist. Earlier we were not so avid but once you hear the same song II or III time then like a girl friend it grows on and becomes part of yourself. Its like methi-bhaji, karela or beer or Saigal; nobody liked it first time. It needs to develop the taste and maturity.. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea .
Now to yeh aalam hain ki jitni kadwi cheez ho hame achhi lagti hain. Actually munh ko swadistha kar deti hain. Ho sakta ki zindagi ke kadwe ghunth pee-peekar ek aadat-si ho gayi ho!!!
All our playback singers have contributed largely to NFS including Suman, Usha, Mubarak etc.You can Y-Tube them.


I have this Bhajan in my collection and as rightly said by Shah Saheb aap ise jitni baar sunenge utna hi usme dubtey dubtey aur … dubtey chale jayenge. Khaiyaam Saab, Rafi saab aur jinhone ye bol likhe hai Madhukar saab (jinke naam hi Madhukar hai to shahed to ghulna hi tha).. great combination !!!
Thank you Kamath Sir and Atul ji !!!


One doesn’t hear non-film numbers these days. Radio Ceylon (still Radio Ceylon for me and not Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation!!) used to play these numbers in the afternoon from 12.30 to 1.00pm and Iused to listen these numbers without fail. How much I miss non-film numbers! I have an LP of Rafi Saab with bhajans on one side and gazals on another. A superlative collection if ever. Unfortunately the record player isn’t working! My friend took the sleeve of this LP since he was (he passed away two years ago) an ardent fan of Rafi Saab and gave me instead a torn sleeve!!


One of my favorites 🙂 Very very poignant. Thank you jee.


Sadanand ji

Thanks for this post. This song is a part of a small collection my most favorite bhajans, that I play often. Earlier heard on the radio many years back, and then later found it released on a cassette that I still treasure. Rafi Saab’s voice knows no limits, no boundaries. Beyond compare.



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