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Ye na hamse poochhiye

Posted on: December 24, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Unknown composers Composer 8-Bhushan

The world lives on Hopes .

Hopes keep the man alive.

Normal human mind keeps on hoping. While one hopes for the Moon, he knows also that it is not possible. Hopes are the basis on which people plan their future. Sometimes Hopes are fulfilled, sometimes they are not, but still no one keeps off from hoping. It keeps them going.

Thousands of people come to Mumbai with Hopes glittering in their eyes. Hopes to get a good job, hopes to succeed in Profession, hopes to get a house, hopes to get a good Life Partner-hopes-hopes and hopes….

What happens when your hopes are not fulfilled. Most people accept the reality. They slim-down their hopes and learn to live with hopes which are within reach. In Film Industry, people come with great hopes-of becoming a big star, becoming a famous singer or a composer with great demand.

There is no restriction on who should hope. A common man and a rich man, both hope. Ordinary and young people from average families come to Mumbai. Even people from rich and royal class also come here with hopes.

ZUBEIDA,the Heroine of Alam Ara, India’s first Talkie was a princess herself. Some others with royal background were S D Burman, Vijayendra Ghatge and Saif Ali Khan are some names that come to my mind off hand.

In our 8th selection in our UNCOMMON COMPOSERS SERIES, we have BHUSHAN today who had a very well known jahagirdar heritage.

BHUSHAN was born on 15-11-1933, at village Bhon in erstwhile Punjab(which is in Pakistan now), in a jahagirdar’s house. Being rich they had Gramophone and bhushan grew listening to the songs of films of that era.

After Partition his family shifted to Lucknow and Bhushan started learning music. When young he also started sining on AIR-Lucknow. He wanted to become a film singer, which was resented by his family, as it was ‘below their Dignity’.

However Bhushan came down to Bombay and started looking for opportunities for singing in Films.he faced a real hard time. Sometimes he would get a chance in a chorus singing. Ultimately he got few songs in films like Oonchi haveli, Baghi Sardar, Badal aur Bijli, Bhala Aadmi, Murad etc. But his future as a singer did not look very bright despite singing with Sabita Bannerji, Sudha Malhotra, Babul,Suman Kalyanpur etc. He took up a job as assistant C.Ramchandra.

One day he happened to meet Kidar Sharma. Kidar ji appreciated his talent and gave him his first break as a music director in MAIKHAN-67. He really gave very good songs in this film. Rafi sang a wonderful Gazal in it. Songs became popular, but Bhushan did not get any films. His second and last film as a Music director was PURANI PEHCHAN-1971.

it is a matter of regret that talented and hard working artists do not get the opportunities. Bhushan could not get any further as a MD. He worked as an Assistant to Ravindra Jain, till last.

Let us see and hear a song from Purani pehchan-71,sung by Rafi and Asha, lyrics are by Naqsh Lyallpuri.

It seems the original name of this film was JAB JAB RAAT WO AAYI and the song records were issued on this name only.



Song-Ye na hamse poochhiye (Puraani Pehchaan)(1971) Singers- Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-Bhushan
Rafi + Asha Bhonsle


ye na hamse poochiye
mil gaya hai kya hamen
tum mile to mil gaya
ho tum mile to mil gaya
pyaar ka khuda hamen

ye na hamse poochhiye

shaam bhi haseen hai
zulfe yaar ki tarah
har nazar pe chha gaye tum bahaar ki tarah
de rahi hai mastiyaan ye haseen fizaa hamen
ye na humse poochiye mil gaya hai kya hamen

tum chale to jhoomkar paas aayi manzilen
humsafar ko dekh kar muskuraayin manzilen
zindagi mein jo mila aapse mila hamen
ye na humse poochhiye mil gaya hai kya hamen

ek mod par miley
ho gaye kareeb hum
dil miley to ban gaye pyaar ka naseeb hum
aur kuchh na chaahiye aapke siwa hame
ye na hamse poochhiye
mil gaya hai kya hamen
tum miley to mil gaya
ho tum miley to mil gaya
pyaar ka khuda hamen

ye na hamse poochhiye

7 Responses to "Ye na hamse poochhiye"

It should be Maikhana in which there was 1/2 film wonder Bambi(she also acted Jaal Saaz-69 with Dara Singh).
There was a lovely song of Rafi: Baithe Baithe Dil e Nadan and Ek Shab Se Musafir Hai Hum by Mahesh Chandra in Maikhana


‘Maikhana’ had some very good songs. Can any one upload songs of that film? I had a 78 rpm record of which contains both the hit songs (Rafi’s & Maheshchandra’s) of the film! I want ‘Lo, gham ka mara…’ of that movie!


7 songs of this movie are available on the website
Pl try
D Samant




Arun Ji, superb series. It is really sad that good talent is not recognized. It is one of those sad truths of the world. The music is so refreshingly different. If only they had more chances, we could have had more variety of songs to listen to. Thank you.


good number


You can hear all the songs of Maikhana on U-Tube


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