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Hey chandrchood madanaantak shoolpaaney

Posted on: March 9, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

In olden times there was a saying that one must visit Kashi(Benaras/Varanashi) before one dies.(There is an old saying in Western India ” Surat nu Jaman ane Kashi nu Maran”,which means,in your life you must eat food in Surat and Die in Kashi-both the best options).

Not everyone was able to undertake this journey,so Gangajal used to be kept in houses and it was put in the mouth of the dying person, before his death.

Those who visited Kashi(Benaras/Varanashi),brought hugh containers of Gangajal while returning. The same was distributed amongst relatives and friends to be used in various Pujas and …you know what.

Some enterprising shops even sell sealed bottles of Gangajal even today ! (What an enterprising mind !)

When we were small kids, we were told that there are 33 crore Gods residing in the Cow’s stomach and we wondered how small they must be in size ! It was only later we realised that since the Cow is an useful animal, this must have been coocked up to offer extra protection to them.

Nevertheless,with so many major, Minor and local Gods ,In India one has a fair chance to select his own favourite God.

Our Saints and the Sanskrit poets of old times have composed several Geets, Poems,and Stotras in praise of every God. In almost every language of India this must be the case, I am sure.

However, old time Sanskrit scholars have written STOTRAs(poems of praise and rverence) and these are very commonly used throughout India.

For Shiv also there are various stotras like, Shiv stotra, Rudrashtak, Shiv Tandav storta, Shiv Panchakshara stotra etc etc. The list is too long to be detailed here.

One of the Stotras is ‘SHIV NAMAVALI ASHTAKAM” (Eight stanzas of shiv stuti).

This Stotra has been very melodiously sung by Pankaj Mullik and chorus in the film YATRIK-1952.

This was one film in which many Holy places (Dhaams),in India were shown as a part of the story. The film had wonderful Bhajans and stotras in it.

The first Bhajan from film YATRIK-52,was posted by by our own KHYAT JI BHATT, on this Blog, about an year ago (Dilwaaley dilgeer huaa (Yatrik)). I reproduce here my comments made then-

Khyati ji,
I can not express in words my joy to see a song from Yatrik-52, being posted here.

Yatrik film is very close to my heart and I shall never-never forget this film in my life. I not only loved this film but also I have some songs of this film in my possession, sung by Pankaj Mullick.

This was one film which showed important places of worship, sacred to Hindus and I remember my parents taking my grandparents and many other aged, old members of the family to this film to make a filmi ‘Yatra’ of sacred places which they were wanting but could not visit.

As you have mentioned,this was based on the travelogue of PKSanyal when he went on a search for Truth in the Himalayas. The screenlpay, story and dialogues were done by he himself. Two versions,one Bengali and one Hindi were made. The Bengali version had Arundhati devi, making her film debut as Rani-a widow on a pilgrimage, whereas in the Hindi version it was Abhi Bhattacharya, as Bramhachari ji from Haridwar, making the pilgrimage.

He sees Setubandh, Dwarka,Ajanta and Konark. Now he is on a tour of Himalayas, Badrinatn, Kedarnath,Amarnath,Manasarovar,Dev Prayag and Hrishikesh.
In his travel,he meets several characters,like a band of Terrorists from Midanapore, Aghornath, Radha Rani and her mother etc. He has an argument with Aghornath, because being a prostitute, Radha Rani is denied entry to temples by him.

Later, Bhatta is lost in the Himalayas and a mysterious Bheel girl Rani appears and guides him to safety and disappears.

The scenes of Himalayas and and the background singing of Punkaj Mullick are etched in my mind.
In this film, Pankaj babu sings “Astyutarasyam dishi devtatma…..” in a chorus. This is written by Kalidas in the praise of Himalayas, and appears in the begining part of his drama “Kumarsambhavam’. It is simply divine. With the background of Kedarnath,Pankaj babu again sings a stuti or a stotra of lord Shankar,”Hey chandrachud madanantak shoolpani…” another gem. Then there are some more Shiv stotras, aaratis and other devotional songs.

Thanks once again for giving me the sweet memories.

Today we will enjoy one of the most enchanting rendition in the voice of Pankaj Mullik, reciting a part of SHIV NAMAVAI ASHTAKAM. There are eight stanzas in it. The song contains only three of them. The song is in Sanskrit.
Lyrics and translation are courtesy this link.



Song-Hey chandrachood madanaantaka shoolpaaney (Yatrik)(1952) Singer-Pankaj Mullick, Lyrics-Part of Shiv Namavali Ashtakam, MD-Pankaj Mullick


hey Chandrchood madanaantak shoolpaaney
sthaano gireesh girijesh mahesh shambho |
bhootesh bheetbhaysoodan maamnaatham
sansaardukhgahanaajagadeesh raksha

hey paarvateehridayvallabh Chandramouley
bhootaadhip pramathnaath gireeshchaap |
hey vaamdev bhav rudr pinaakpaaney
sansaardukhgahanaajagadeesh raksha

vishvesh vishvbhavnaashak vishvaroop
vishvaatmak tribhuvanaikgunaadhikesha
hey vishvabandhya
hey vishvabandhya
hey vishvabandhya karunaamay deenbandho
sansaardukhgahanaajagadeesh raksha
sansaardukhgahanaajagadeesh raksha
sansaardukhgahanaajagadeesh raksha

O Shambhu, the one, Who has the moon on crest, Who is the destroyer of Madan (Kamdev), Who holds a trident in His hand, Who is static, Who is revered by the mountain king Himalaya, Who is the Lord of Girija (Parvati), Who is the supreme Lord, Who is the Lord of everything living, and Who destroys the fears of the bereaved! O Lord of the universe! Save me, the orphan out in this world, from the dense miseries of this world.

O Rudra, the one, Who is dear to Parvati, Who has moon on the forehead, Who is the leader of ghosts, Who is the Lord of tormentors, Who is consistently chanted by Himalaya, Who is Vamdev (a form of Shiv), Who is destroyer of the universe (during dooms time), and Who holds the Pinaka! O Lord of the universe! Save me from the dense miseries of this world.

O Lord of the world! O destroyer of the cycle of birth and death! O all pervading One! O Soul of everyone! O the one Who is the storehouse of all qualities! O Lord of the world! O the one Who is filled with compassion! O Helper of the weak! O Lord of the universe! Save me from the dense miseries of this world.

17 Responses to "Hey chandrchood madanaantak shoolpaaney"

Now it’s my turn to say the same word “You have given me so much joy, by posting this beautiful and my fav stotram on Lord Shiv” I was unable to write correct sanskrut words for this shorter version of Shiv Namavali Ashtakam, hence could not post it earlier. You have given full and true justice to this bhajan/prayer. The translation helped me understand the meaning of stotram.
Thank you million times for this post. Can’t stop listening to it. Meri CD mein bhi ye bhajan hai, jo main har somvaar ko sunti hoon. It gives me so much peace, specially when I listen early morning (Brahma Muhurt) before everybody else wakes up.


Forgot to write my comment about the saying “Surat nu jaman ane Kashi nu maran” I never had that experience to taste Surati food. But had heard this saying millions of times from many people, Gujarati or non-Gujarati. But as I was born and brought up in Bombay (now Mumbai) and had no relatives in Surat, so was not lucky to experiment on 50% of this saying. Also, never got a chance to visit Kashi, so remaining 50% are also in the balance account. Now, here in US, I have one relative who is from Surat and uske haath ka khaana khaane ke baad pata chala ki what do they mean by this saying. It was sooooooo spicy that bheetar ke sabhi dwaar khul gaye. Sabh indriya, gyaanendriya jagrut ho gayi aur pata chala ki Surat ka khaana khaane ke waqt Gangajal kyun paas mein rakhna chahiye.


About the significance of Ganga River-
Today only, I read Swami Vivekananda’s two quotes about his views and experience on this topic. I have quoted both of these with the name of the book and page number, in case someone wants to read more about this. Hope you will like it.
1)Hindus spend their lives with the name of the Ganga on their lips, they die immersed in the waters of the Ganga, people from far off places take away Ganga water with them, keep it carefully in copper vessels, and sip drops of it on holy festive occasions. … The Gita and the sacred waters of the Ganga constitute the Hinduism of the Hindus.
(From “Memoirs of European Travel,” written in Bengali.
Complete Works, 7.300-301.)
2)Last time I went to the West, I also took a little of Ganga water with me, fearing it might be needed, and whenever opportunities occurred, I used to drink a few drops of it. And every time I drank, in the midst of the stream of humanity, amid that bustle of civilization, that hurry of frenzied footsteps of millions of men and women in the West, the mind at once became calm and still, as it were. (7/23/11)
(From “Memoirs of European Travel,” written in Bengali. Complete Works, 7.301.)


Khyati ji,
Due to my Marketing job,I had the opportunity to travel extensively in India and the world.I have been to Surat a number of times.The food was really excellent.Your Surti friend in US may be from Surat,but I never found Surti food so hot,as to awaken all hidden doors inside out and make you remember Kashi for the last time.
The food IS spicy but the taste differs from person to person.
Thanks for all your comments and highly readable experiences.


Surat are incorrigible foodies. Even if you just mention that you had been to some function/marriage; invariably he will ask Menu shu athu? (What was there in the menu?).
Their so called Undhiyu is too oily. Infact we make it with hardly any oil. They make all the dishes which are spicy and sweetish at the same time. But shall splurge on Punjabi dishes which has no sugar in them. They will eat to the brim and wont exercise, which gets deposited on their bellies.
In fact they are so lazy that they reasoned that why go all the way to Kashi to die. So they built the replica at Ashwinikumar ghat on the banks of Tapi river near Surat station. Surat, taaru pet badsurat!!!


Dear Arunji & Khyatibahen,
It’s a matter of overwhelming joy that on our birth day(maha Shivratri) we listen to Hey Chandrachud from Yatrik..Hearty Bg Thank You to our bosom friend Harishbhai Raghuvanshi who fwd it..I visited Kedarnath
in1970 and saw the movie…You can imagine bless & bliss experienced
that can be beyond words except we just chant from the depth of our heart…Hey Chandrachud….!!
Gajanan & Sharda Raval


Raval ji,
I am very glad that you are happy to see and hear this song/stotra from the film Yatrik.Such acknowledgements make my day and I feel satisfied that my work has given pleasure to someone-that too from ‘Saat samunder Paar”.
Your such words are a source of encouragement for me to continue mu work.


Dear Mr ArunKumar Deshmukh,

I am regular reader and fan of ‘Atul’s Songs’ which is contributing immensely towards
Hindi Films literatures, music and many times interesting small stories and incidents
about Hindi Films industries and its peoples,which are fascinating and keeps
readers engaging and indulging in this world of glares,I myself is not exception.

Sometimes back recently you have given full lyrical details(verbatim) of one Yatrik song
(A strotra) ‘Hey Chandra Chood’ sung by my favourite singer Pankaj Mullick (Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyati)
I have listen it with your verbatim with the song on my CD and found that there was a missing stanza

which I have listed in the following paragraph in RED and also one address है विश्वबन्ध्य ‘Hey Vishbandhya’

which you written ‘Vishvnath ‘
I am also glad and thankful to you that you have very nicely presented
this song
— Prabhulal Bharadia


है चन्द्रचुड मद्नान्तक शूलपाणे,
स्थानो गिरिश गिरिजेश महेश शंभो,
भूतेश भितभास्यसूधन मामनाथम,
संसारसुख गहना जगदिश रक्षा,

कैलाश शैल प्रिनिपात प्रिशांक पेहे,
मृत्युंजय प्रणयरन्त्रि जगन्य पात,
नारायण प्रिय मद्प्रहर शक्तिनाथ
संसारसुख गहना जगदिश रक्षा

है पार्वती रूद्यवल्लभ चन्द्रमौलि,
भूताधिप प्रमथनाथ गिरिश्चाप,
है वामदेव भव रुद्र पिनाकपाणि,
संसारसुख गहना जगदिश रक्षा,

विश्वेश विश्वभवनाशक विश्वरुप,
विश्वात्मक त्रिभुवनायकगुणाधिकेश,
है विश्वबन्ध्य ,है विश्वबन्ध्य ,
है विश्वबन्ध्य करुणामय दीनबंधु,

संसारसुख गहना जगदिश रक्षा,
संसारसुख गहना जगदिश रक्षा.


The lyrics has been corrected.


Prabhulal ji,
Thanks for your feedback.
I have received your mail about this and I have already replied also to you.
Thanks once again.


Video clip with prelude bhajan

The uploader has mentioned that this was first sung in NARTAKI, 1939. But I am not sure about it.


Yes, this song is played in the movie Nartaki-1940 (at 4:17 to 05:36).
(Sung by Pankaj Mallick and chorus I guess).
– However, in the list of songs of this movie-‘Nartaki-1940’ in HFGK Vol -1 (1931-40) it is not mentioned.
– During the preparation of my post with a song from the movie ‘Nartaki-1940’ I first noted down the list of songs of this movie already posted on the blog. And, after that I watched this movie, so when I came across this song in the movie I immediately remember this post by Deshmukh Sir on the blog, so I looked for this song on the blog. (Because I thought if the link of this post was missing, as I had forgotten that this song-post was for the movie ‘Yaatrik-1952’.



Aapka itna dhanyavaad ki shabd nahi kah sakti…. Jai Baba Bholenath!


First of LL LET ME CORRECT here. The original Bengoli Movie’s name was “MAHA PRASTHENER PATHEY AND Hind version name is Yatrik star cast is the same in both movies . Abhi Bhataacharya is a disable person quoting one time in movie a famous English sage “Habit is a second Nature ” Pankaj Mullik simply directed the music of the film -singer of all most all songs by male from Dhananjay Bhataacharya Vasant Chaudhary is in main roll of male and Arundhati Mukaraji is a female character as Rani It was a very good Movie. The story of the movie was written by Prabodh Chandra Sanyal and he got an award from Russia at the same time Gujarati Author Pragaji Dosa also got an award from Russia from some of his work –


I believe that Arvind Engineer is right , Arun Deshmukh ji that He Chandrachud was sung by Dhananjay Bhattacharya.


Super, iam lucky in my life to get lyrics of this greatest song by mallic Ji…thank you all and Lord Shiva bless you with love and joy….shambo shankara




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