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Nadiya kinaare heraaye aayi kangna

Posted on: September 19, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from the film Abhimaan-1973.

It is not that I write only about films and music of the period from 1930s to 1960s. Though that is my first love and also my forte, I believe that Amitabh’s films of the 70s and 80s are in a league of their own. Like millions of his fans, I too was an ardent fan of Amitabh Bachchan for his pre-1984 films. My most favourite film of Amitabh Bachchan is Trishool-78. In those days, I had bought the VCR cassette of Trishool and watched the film repeatedly on it,till my wife and daughters got sick of it and staged a mutiny against me. After the VCR became obsolete, I sold it at just Rs. 100 and also disposed off all the video cassettes-except Trishool. It is still with me, as useless as anything can be and occupying a space in the cabinet. It carries a sentimental value for me. Though I can not play it anymore, arting with it is out of question. Incidentally I do not have VCD of this or for that matter of any other film.

I am not the first to say that Amitabh is a phenomenon. It remains a true fact. He represented the frustration, anguish and the hidden desire to take revenge, which was burning in every middle class man’s heart in India. The anger of the working class of the 70s against the Politico-Economic conditions was given an opening in the form of his films.

Like any struggler, he too had initial flops to his credit, but in that period of disappointment, despair and disillusions, Amitabh had a ray of Hope and Sunshine, provided by films made by Hrishikesh Mukherjee,like Anand, Guddi, Abhiman and Namak Haram till Zanzeer-73 happened and opened the floodgates of his extraordinary success. Then there was no looking back for him.

Amitabh’s films upto 1984,can be compartmentalised into 3 sections.

1. Manmohan Desai’s One- man Entertainers like Mard,Coolie,Amar Akbar Anthony,Naseeb etc.

2. Yash Chopra and Prakash Mehra’s serious dramas in the mainstream formats like Namak Halal,Sharabi,Silsila etc and

3. Smaller, offbeat films of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, which needed Amitabh’s acting talents, like Anand, Abhiman, Chupke Chupke,Namak Haram etc.

Talking of Hrishi da, he was certainly one of a kind.A Diamond among Directors and the best ever gift of Bengal to Bombay ( after his mentor Bimal Roy).

Born on 30-9-1922, at Calcutta, he was a Science graduate. He worked as a Teacher and a free lance artiste with A.I.R.,Calcutta. He joined New Theatres as a lab Assistant, in 1945 and learnt Editing.Along with Bimal Roy,he moved to Bombay in early 50s and worked as his assistant and Editor. As an Editor he he invented some conventions to save an incompatible shot in a film. This was a major contribution to the film industry. He gained a reputation as an Editor and did it even when he became a well known director. He was the scenarist and Editor of Do Bigha Zameen-53,Parineeta-53,Naukari-54 and Devdas-56.

In 1957 he directed his first film Musafir, which he wrote also. In all, he directed 42 films in his career. He did films with possibly ALL major heroes. He did Musafir with Dilip Kumar, Anadi with Raj Kapoor and Asli-Naqli with Dev Anand. With Amitabh,he did several films. Leading stars used to be eager to work in his films. He wrote dialogues of most of his films. He used to write the dialogues first in Bangla and then it was translated in Hindi. His films included comedies like Khoobsoorat,memdidi,Bawarchi,Guddi,Chupke Chupke as well as serious films like Satyakam,Anupama,Aalap,Ashirvad etc.

Hrishi da got many honours in his life. He was Chairman of Censor Board and NFDC. He won 8 Film Fare awards. He got Phalke award in 1999 and Padma Vibhushan in 2001.

He stopped working in 1998 onwards. He suffered fro chronic Renal failure and was admitted in Leelavati Hospital for 10 weeks prior to his demise. He breathed his last on 27-8-2006.

Film Abhiman was released on 27-7-73. This film became ore popular in Sri Lanka than in India. It ran for 590 days in one theatre. The original name for this film was’RAAG RAAGINI’, but it was changed after completion of the film. It was produced by Ameya pictures which was floated by Amitabh and Jaya.

There is a popular belief that this film was based on the actual life of Amitabh and Jaya,but it is not true. According to Hrishikesh Mukherjee himself, this film was based on the life of Kishor Kumar and his First wife- Ruma Guha,( born 3-11-1934) a successful film artiste herself. When they got married in 1951, Kishore kumar was a struggling actor and singer,whereas Ruma was a very popular actress and was in great demand in Bangle films. Repeated separations sparked ego problems and they finally parted ways in 1958. They had a son-Amit Kumar. Ruma later married Aroop Thakurta and had a child from him. She was a gifted artiste.

The music director of Abhiman was S D Burman. His wife Meera worked as his assistant, but her name does not appear in the credits. Instead names of Anil(Mohite) and Arun(Paudwal) and Maruti rao (?) appear as his assistants. There were seven songs in the film. 6 songs were already posted. Today’s song is the last and final 7th song here.

Singer Anuradha Paudwal debuted with this film. She did not have any song in it, but she recited a Geeta Shloka in the film. All the 7 songs of the film became popular. The cast of the film was, Amitabh,jaya,Asrani,Durga khote,Bindu,david,A K Hangal etc. One interesting fact about this film is that 4 persons working for this film got Dadasaheb phalke Award in their careers. Durga khote (83), Lata Mangeshkar(89), Majrooh Sultanpuri (93) and Hrishikesh Mukherjee(99).

The story of the film was simple and short.

Subir Kumar was the topmost pop-singer of the city. His popularity kept him busy throughout. Once he had to go to a village to attend a function on a personal request of his Durga-Mausi, who was like a mother to him. There he was attracted by the song of a village girl Uma, the only daughter of a retired school teacher. An intimacy grew between them and ended in marriage.

Subir and Uma gave a pleasant surprise to Chadnroo, Subir’s friend philosopher and guide, who arranged a lavish marriage reception. There they sang together and Uma’s talent was admired even by the great music stalwart Brajweshwar Ray.

Subir and Uma started singing together and soon Uma became more popular than her husband. History has taught that man is superior to woman and naturally the ego of Subir was hurt. A complex grew in Subir and ultimately it brought a catastrophe in their lives.

Subir gave up singing and fell for drinks. Uma left Subir and went back to her father’s place. In due time she gave birth to a still born child. The shock left her in a state of inertness, Subir came back took her to the city for treatment. But no medical treatment could do her any good. Rajeshwar Ray advised Subir to start singing again-which alone could solve their problems. And it was music, which re-united the husband and wife.

Now let us enjoy the Yippee song of this film….



Song-Nadiya kinaare heraaye aayi kangna (Abhimaan)(1973) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-S D Burman


aaa aaa aaa
hey ae
nadiya kinaare
heraaye aayi kangna aa
nadiya kinaare
heraaye aayi kangna
aise ulajh gaye anaadi sajna aa aa
aise ulajh gaye anaadi sajna aa aa
nadiya kinaare heraaye aayi kangna aa
nadiya kinaare heraaye aayi kangna

kaahe panghat oopar
gayi thhi chalke akeli ee ee ee
maaren hans hans taana
saari sakhiyaan sahelis
gori aur jaao
na maano kehna aa aa
gori aur jaao
na maano kehna aa
nadiya kinaare
heraaye aayi kangna aa
nadiya kinaare
heraaye aayi kangna

ab khadi khadi sochoon oon
khadi khadi sochoon
dekhe hain saas nanadiya
sab ka karin hon bahaana an aan
ab to sooni kalaayi
lai ke chori chori jaana
bhaari pada re
piya se milna aa
bhaari pada re
piya se milna aa aa
nadiya kinaare
heraaye aayi kangna
nadiya kinaare
heraaye aayi kangna

13 Responses to "Nadiya kinaare heraaye aayi kangna"

Enjoyed the post Sir !! Thanks a lot !!
Congratulations Deshmukh Sir- Atul ji on covering all songs of ‘Abhimaan-1973’ 🙂


What is the meaning of word “heraaye”aayi kangnaa ? Help


“heraay aana” is “to lose” something.

“nadiya kinaare heraay aayi kangna” means “lost her bangle on the bank of river”.


Atul ji

Thanks for the word meaning……..





Another interesting(atleast for me………:)…….)about the songs of the movie:
Lata got 3 different male singers to sing 3 duets
1)Loote koi mann ka nagar(partiall picturised) with Manhar Udhas
2)Teri Bindiyaa re(with Mohammed Rafi)
3)Tere mere milan ki ye rainaa(with Kishore kumar)

3 Divine(that too atleast for me……. 🙂 female solos
1)Ab tu hai tumse
2)Nadiyaa kinaare heraaye
3)Piyaa binaa, piyaa binaa piyaa

Anuradha Paudwal(.you know she is Lata`s arch………) got one shloka to recite……

Another Kishore Solo :Meet na milaa rey mann kaa

Great work by Sachin Dev Burman/Majrooh Sultanpuri……..I just love the songs of this movie…………..


This video link contains Anuradha Paudhwal`s voice


It should be Anil Mohile and not Anil Mohite.


Dear sir:
You write wonderfully and are very knowledgeable. Salute and thank you for sharing.
What is the meaning of the mukhda here? Heraye aayi kangana?

Warm regards,
Naishadh (Desai)


Naishadh Desai ji,

Thank you very much for your kind words. I am happy that you have enjoyed this post.
As Atul ji has already explained in this column, above, ” “heraay aana” is “to lose” something.
“nadiya kinaare heraay aayi kangna” means “lost her bangle on the bank of river”. ”



YIPPEEEE!! I was waiting for a long time for Abhimaan (1973) to be yippeeeed. I remember Atul ji mentioning in one of our chats that it would be posted in due course. Guess I completely missed this post :). I really like this movie and the songs are just heavenly. One other movie that comes to mind with awesome songs is Hum Dono. Congratulations Atul ji, now Abhimaan (1973) joins the ranks of movies where all songs from the movie have been covered on the blog. Project YIPPEEEE!! update – We are around 722 now and have around 60 odd movies to yippeeee!! We shall get there in due course. We also see that you are yippeeeeing movies at a regular pace now :). Thank you.


This song from Abhimaan was shoot in village Asoga near Khanapur Belgaum . The river shown in the movie is Malaprabha. There is a Shiva temple on the banks of the river. Since Amitabh and Jaya came together due to this film, Amitabh donated a big SAMAI for the temple, which is very much there in the temple even today.


Thanks for this new information.


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