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Duniyaa waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon

Posted on: January 24, 2016

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There are occasions when I start using terms like “musical bandwagon”, “one man show turning into an online collaboration”, “a pot getting filled drop by drop” etc. When regulars come across such terms, they know what could be the occasion. Indeed this is one such occasion. It is the 118th such occasion for the blog. In other words, we reach 118th century in the blog with this song. Yes, this writeup marks the 11800th song in the blog.

Like on most such occasions, we try to combine blog century with some other century. Today’s song is no exception. This song is the 400th song of Manna Dey in the blog as well.

400 song of Manna Dey in one place alongwith lyrics as well as informative writeups! I am sure this collection must be one of the most valuable online collections of Manna Dey’s musical gems in one place.

This occasion gives me an opportunity to write something on Manna Dey. I will refrain from giving a biography of Manna Dey as one tends to do on such occasions. Instead, I will express what I feel about Manna Dey.

When I was growing up as a young kid in late 1960s and entire 1970s, media (which mostly meant print media those days) counted four singers as the major male playback singers of the time. They were Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Mukesh and Manna Dey. I am sure that the list, if made one decade ago or two decade ago would have contained different names. But the four names were indeed the four major male playback singers of the time as on 1970s.

Four decades have passed since 1970s and that has enabled me to take a more holistic view on the career of Manna Dey. Like most major singers, he sang over four thousand songs in various languages, with Hindi and Bangla being the major languages. There is one major difference in Manna Dey’s songs from the songs of other major singers though. Majority of songs sung by most major singers are on the lead actors and only a small number of their songs were sung for “lesser” actors. Unlike other singers, Manna Dey rarely got to give playback to the lead actors of movies. Vast majority of his songs were sung for “lesser” actors like character artists, comedians, extras etc.

There were singers who were associated with certain camps and they were the fixed singers in those camps, but that was not the case with Manna Dey. He got assignments in movies only when there was a song situation for lesser artists and the voice of other major singers would not fit there as they would have lent their voices to the lead actor in the movie.

Manna Dey sometimes got to sing for the lead actors as well but these occasions were few and far between.

There are two duet songs of Manna Dey, which merit special mention. Both this songs were musical duel songs in which one singer defeats another in a clasical singing contest. In the first song, from “Basant Bahaar”(1956), Manna Dey was supposed to defeat Pandit Bhimsen Joshi in a classical singing contest which was like an average wrestler defeating the undertaker in a WWE contest. Manna Dey, nervous at the prospect tried to shy away from recording the song. His wife, not amused by it, encouraged him to face the situation manly and give it his best shot. The result was the memorable song Ketaki ghulab joohi champakban(Basant Bahaar).

In “Padosan”(1968), the boot was on the other foot. Here a classical music trained Manna Dey was supposed to lose to Kishore Kumar, who was totally untrained in classical music. Manna Dey remonstrated but better sense prevailed and the song went ahead. This song is the all time audio video laugh riot viz Ek chatur naar(Padosan)(1968).

There were cases when Manna Dey would sing great semi classical songs but those songs would be picturised as comedy songs. Such songs were better heard than watched if one needed to appreciate such songs fully.

Manna Dey would typically sing one or two songs is a movie. Many suchh songs went on to become iconic songs. Let us take some such examples:
Upar gagan vishaal (Mashaal) , Lapak jhapak tu aare badarwa(Boot Polish)(1953), Tu pyaar ka saagar hai(Seema)(1955),Dil ka haal sune dilwaala(Shri 420)(1955) Ae mere pyaare watan(Kabuliwaala)(1961),Laaga chunri me daag((Dil hi to hai)(1963) , Ae meri zohra jabeen(Waqt)(1965), Chalat musafir moh liya re (Teesri kasam), Kasme waade pyaar wafa(Upkaar)(1967) ,Jhanak jhanak tori baaje paayaliya(Mere Huzoor), Ek chatur naar(Padosan)(1968),Aayo kahaan dse Ghanshyaam (Buddha Mil gaya) , Shaam dhale jamuna kinaare (Pushpaanjali) , Ae sakhi raadhike baawri ho gayee (Jurmaana) etc.

While many great songs sung by Manna Dey were not considered worthy of awards, Manna Dey won the Filmfare award for best male playback singer for the song Ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo (Mera Naam Joker) which was one of the lesser and un challenging songs that Manna Dey had ever sung. And so Manna Dey was suitably underwhelmed on receiving this award for this song.

Manna Dey was the recipient of National award for best male playback singer for the movie “Mere Huzoor”(1968).

Manna Dey’s song Yaari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi (Zanjeer) had the distinction of emerging as the most popular song of 1973 in Binaca Geetmala final of 1973.

Manna Dey was conferred Padmabhushan by government of India in 2005. He received Dadasahab Phalke award in 2007.

Manna Dey sang over 1400 songs in Hindi movies. Total number of songs sung by him in all languages add up to more than 4000 songs. He won awards for his songs sung in Bangla and as well as Malayalam !

What about the 400th Manna Dey song in the blog ? This song is from “Zindagi aur Maut”(1965). “Zindagi aur Maut”(1965) was produced and directed by N A Ansari for Bundelkhand Films, Bombay. The movie had Pradeep Kumar, Faryal(Introducing), Manmohan, Chandrima Bhaduri, N.A.Ansari, Anwar Hussein, Lalita Kumari, Champaklala, Devi Chand, Uma Dutt, Edwina, Ratan Gaurang, Khalil, Khanna, Kirti Kumar, Rajen Kapoor, Johnny Walker, Neelofar, Bela Bose, Nasreen, Murray, Lateef, Kabuli, Maqbool, Hazara Singh, Tansen, Sarang,Pradeep Sharma, Shukla, Champak etc in it.

Five songs from this movie has been discussed in the past. The song under discussion is the sixth and final song from the movie.

This song is sung by Manna Dey. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist. Music is composed by C Ramchandra.

This song is picturised as a roadside tamasha song on Johny Walker and a female dancer (whom I am unable to identify) while a group of bystanders gather around them as is required in a song of this genre.

So it is a Johny Walker song. Johny Walker songs were mostly sung by Rafi but here it is Manna Dey who is entrusted with the job. Listening to the song, one may be reminded of the “Shaan”(1980) song “aate jaate huye man sab pe nazar rakhta hoon”. I am not sure whether it is a coincidence or the “Shaan”(1980) song was inspired from this “Zindagi aur Maut”(1965) song.

With this song, “Zindagi aur Maut”(1965) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog. This happens to be the 747th YIPPEED movie in the blog out of 3319 movies that have been represented in the blog.

And with this song, the blog now have as many as 11800 songs posts under its belt. So we inch further closer to the 12000 song mark.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their conributions, supports and encouragements. The musical bandwagon is going on and on, sometimes at higher speed and sometimes at lesser speeds, but the main thing is that it is on the move all the time. Let this bandwagon move on and on till we exhaust all the available songs that we seek to discuss in the blog. 🙂


Song-Duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon (Zindagi aur Maut)(1965) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-C Ramchandra


haan aan aan aan
khat ka majmoon bhaanp leta hoon lifaafa dekh kar
arre khat ka majmoon bhaanp leta hoon lifaafa dekh kar
har haal dil ka main bata deta hoon
chehra dekh kar
o ho o o o o
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon
aankh waala hoon main
andar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon

dekh pyaare mere kartab nahin aise waise
teri pockit mein hain chaalis rupaye
chaalis rupaye do paise
jaaneman main tere
jaaneman main tere
ghar bar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon

aap madam hain bahut nek bahut hi saada
aapki umar nahin
solah baras
nahin solah baras se jyaada
aapke paanchwe
aapke paanchwe shauhar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon

teri moonchhon ke ye kaanten jo khinche rehte hain
inmein har waqt sawa nau hi
haan sawa nau hi baje rehte hain
bina ghadiyaal baabu
bina ghadiyaal ghadi bhar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon
aankh waala hoon main andar ki khabar rakhta hoon
duniya waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon

11 Responses to "Duniyaa waalon ke muqaddar ki khabar rakhta hoon"

Atul ji,

Befitting century post on a very veteran singer.


The dancer is Niloffer.


Dear Atul ji,
And all fellow band-wagoneers,

Heartiest congratulations for another century milestone.
And a wonderful song to go with it.

Many many more to come; and the all the power to us all.



I would term the process as musical juggernaut chugs on merrily. Another 100 and…
Sow, sow, sow your song,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.
Thanks everybody.
teri moonchhon ke ye kaanten jo khinche rehte hain
inmein har waqt sawa nau hi…180 degrees
The other stars starring in the song are
Pradeep Kumar, Faryal and Anwar Hussein


Congratulations Atul ji …!!!
Congratulations to all …!!!


Good. But talking of Manna da, how can we forget the three gems in Ujala ( Suraj zara, Ab kahan jaayen hum, Jhoomta mausam on Shammiji,) , the three duets in Chori Chori on RK and Hum dum se gaye in Manzil and that great gem Chale ja rahen hain from Kinare Kinare on Dev Anand?


Nanjappa ji, Space will not be sufficient to recall Manna Dey’s iconic songs . But let me add ‘Kaun Aya mere man ke dware’, ‘Poochon a kaise maine..’, ‘ Sur na saje’ & ‘Bhaya bhanjana vandana’


“YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” for the 747th Film to join the special category.


Congratulations to Atul ji and all others on this occasion.


Congratulations, Atul Ji.. Nice post on Manna Dey for the occasion


Yippee 🙂

@ Mahesh ji – Yippeedified now 🙂


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