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Khaamosh hain sitaare aur raat ro rahi hai

Posted on: May 12, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

I had the good fortune of talking over the phone to Shri Srinivas Chary, courtesy Shri Arunkumar Deshmukh, in the last week as well as this week. Srinivas ji was a Mumbaikar till the middle of the 1970s when he decided to settle down in Chennai. He is a member of RMIM (Rec. Music. Indian. Music). During our talk, Srinivas ji told me about RMIM meeting held in April 2006 at Bangalore wherein, among others things, 2 CDs containing some rare film and non-film songs of Talat Mehmood were presented. He was associated with the preparation of the CDs and he contributed some of the songs of Talat Mehmood from his collections. He said that songs from Talat CDs as well as songs from some other CDs are available on Dr Surjit Singh’s Website.

I checked the contents of the filmy songs from Talat CDs and found that most of the songs contained in the CD were covered in the Blog except a couple of songs. It must be appreciated that the CDs were prepared in 2006 when the songs contained therein were really rare at that time.

I am presenting one of the Talat songs included in the the CD from the film HAAR JEET (1954). The film was produced by G A Thakur under the banner of Film Craft and was directed by Jaggi Rampal. The star cast included Suresh, Shyama, Amar, Sundar, Manorama, Hiralal, Madanpuri, Shamlal etc. There were 7 songs written by Aziz Kashmiri (2), Saraswati Kumar Deepak (2), Shewan Rizvi (2) and Kaif Irfani (1). The songs were composed by S D Batish. Two songs have been covered in the Blog.

The gist of the story given by Shri Arunkumar Deshmukh in his comments on one of the songs of the film covered in the Blog is as under:

Nalini(Shyama) was the daughter of Raja Bahadur, a retired Jaagirdar in Poona. Her uncle, Dr. Bihari, a psychiatrist and a hypnotist also lived with them. The uncle was a wicked person who wanted all their wealth. He brings Balraj, a small time criminal as Prince Balraj to marry Nalini, so that they can take all her riches. Not liking this idea, Nalini escapes to Bombay, befriends a working girl Mona (probably Manorama) and stays with her. She meets Rajan (Suresh), an unemployed graduate and falls in his love. Her uncle traces her to Bombay, hypnotises her and brings her to Poona to marry Prince Balraj. Her father is also very ill. Rajan and his Friend Balam (Sunder) come to Poona to help her. Now the game of Haar–Jeet starts between Bihari-Balraj and Rajan-Balam. Finally, Rajan outwits the doctor and exposes him. He goes to jail and Rajan and Nalini reunite.

The song I am referring from the film is ‘khaamosh hain sitaare aur raat ro rahi hai’. I am surprised as to how this lovely ‘chaaya geet’ song escaped from my mind and it was left undiscussed in the Blog for so long. The lyrics are from the pen of Saraswati Kumar Deepak.


Song-Khaamosh hai sitaare aur raat ro rahi hai (Haar Jeet)(1954) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Saraswati Kumar Deepak, MD-S D Batish


khaamosh hain sitaare
aur raat ro rahi hai
tere baghair duniya
veeraan ho rahi hai
khaamosh hain sitaare

toota huaa hai ye dil
roothi huyi hai qismat
o bewafa bataa de ae ae
kyun toone ki mohabbat
o bewafa bataa de ae
kyun toone ki mohabbat
aankhon ki badliyon se
barsaat ho rahi hai
khaamosh hain sitaare
aur raat ro rahi hai

bhatka huaa musaafir
toota huaa sitaara
kashti meri bhanwar mein aen
aur door hai kinaara aa aa
kashti meri bhanwar mein aen
aur door hai kinaara
jaage hain chaand taare
taqdeer so rahi hai
khaamosh hain sitaare
aur raat ro rahi hai

4 Responses to "Khaamosh hain sitaare aur raat ro rahi hai"

Very melodious


Is se achha SAD song ho hi nahin sakta ……..


Very Talatish. Blue Mood. Soft and subtle.


I had sent this song years ago.


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