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Chaachi ji mori chooha kothe ke beech

Posted on: August 10, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today we will discuss about a fun song from an old film “Panghat” (1943). It is sung by Baby Tara and Rajkumari Shukla, under the baton of Srinath Tripathi aka S.N.Tripathi.

S.N.Tripathi ( 14-3-1913 to 28-3-1988 ) was almost an all-rounder. He was a writer, actor, singer,Music Director and also a Director of films. As an actor, he acted in 80+ films. As a singer, he sang 13 songs in 7 films. He directed 18 films and as a Music Director, he gave music in 107 film, composing 863 songs. He mostly gave music in B and C grade costume, stunt and Mythological films only. Tripathi was a learned person and he used to write articles in Hindi magazines too.

As an actor he did many roles-albeit small roles- but he became famous only after doing the role of Hanuman. He first became Hanuman in Wadia’s “Shri Rambhakta Hanuman”-48. Til 1947, Wadias had a big market in Pakistan, Eastern and Middle East Muslim countries for their stunt films of Fearless Nadia. After Partition, it was not wise to promote Hindu Religious films in these countries. Wadia played a trick. For these Muslim dominated Markets, they changed the Title of this film and gave it a Title as “Udata Bandar or The Flying Monkey” ( Shri Rambhakta Hanuman), and promoted the film as a stunt film in these countries. The trick worked and the film was as popuar as his earlier stunt films ! S.N.Tripathi did Hanuman’s role in many Wadia films, till the 60s.

As far as the singers of today’s fun songs are concerned, Baby Tara was a child artiste and an occasional singer. The other singer Rajkumari Shukla should not be mistaken for the famous singer Rajkumari Dubey. The name Rajkumari has always caused ” same name confusion’, as there were not one or two but 4 Rajkumaris operating almost at the same time in Hindi film industry. Let us differentiate them.

Let us now take up the Quartet of RAJKUMARIs.

The First and the most famous Rajkumari was known as Banaraswali. After marriage,she became Rajkumari Dubey. She was born in Banares on 9-2-1918. her career started as a child artiste from 1932 and ended in 1989. She acted in about 29 films and sang in about 214 films. She being the most famous, lot of information on her (including a very informative article by Shri Gajendra Khanna ji) is available, which I am not repeating here.

There was another Actress singer Rajkumari in Calcutta. Her real name was Pullobai. She became known as Rajkumari Calcuttewali. She was in Devdas(1935),Pujarin(1936) and Millionaire-36 opposite Saigal. She also appears to have sung in Gorakh Aaya(1938) too (for which Rajkumari Banaraswali also sang). Not much is known about this Rajkumari after this. Like a comet she simply disappeared without any trace whatsoever.

The third Rajkumari was known as Rajkumari Shukla. Basically she was an actress, doing roles of elderly women. She was not a singer. However, to make matters complicated, She did sing a song in the film Panghat(1943),along with baby Tara (incidentally, it was a movie soundtrack that was dominated by Rajkumari Dubey!). The song was ‘O Chachi ji mori,chooha kothey ke beech’,a fun song. Luckily for all of us she did not sing any more songs after this and only acted in films. Some of her films were, Society, Panghat, Uljhan, Aaina, Fariyaad, Badalti Duniya, Dulhan, Aagey Kadam, Bandhan, Swami, Dhiraj, Ek Raat, Hamari Baat, Najma, Namaste, Paraya Dhan, Prem Sangeet, Sanjog etc.
In a few films, Rajkumari Shukla and Rajkumari Banaraswali acted together, but the songs in these films were sung by Rajkumari Banaraswali only.

The fourth Rajkumari, was T R Rajkumari (This was her screen name with her actual name being Thanjavur Ranganayaki Rajayee). She was a famous Tamil film actress (who is sometimes referred to as the first “Dream Girl” of Tamil Cinema) and acted opposite all major actors of the time in Tamil Cinema. She had acted in the Hindi as well as Tamil version of Chandralekha(1948) essaying the title role of Chandralekha, a village belle and a circus artist (Uma Devi had sung most of the songs of that movie). This was her only Hindi movie.

Today’s song is a special song, for it shows the old traditional grinding stone wheel ( chakki peessing and peessing waali). It was very common in almost all houses till about 50 odd years ago. In those days, when man power- actually women power-was available in plenty in big joint families, these types of Home Appliances were commonly found in many homes. Readers who are in the 50+ years of age bracket will surely remember the chakki. It had different names in different states and regions. I do not know about other names, in Marathi it was called ‘ “Jaate”. Severel many songs were created that showed actors working on these Chakkis. I remember, in Maharashtra many Women-Saints created special songs called ‘OVI’, to be sung while working on this appliance. These OVIs were about how to run a family or how great is God etc etc.

While for adult women working on these wheels was nothing, children were wary of participating in it. In the video also, we can see Baby Tara trying to distract the attention of her Çhachi, hoping that she will go away and work could be avoided.

The cast of the film was Ratnamala, Umakant, Jeevan, Susheel kumar, Rajkumari Shukla, baby Tara, Alaknanda etc.

The story of the film was..

PANGHAT(1943),was a Prakash pictures film, produced by Vijay Bhat and Directed by two Directors- K.J.Parmar and Mahesh Chandra. Music was by S.N.Tripathi and lyrics by Pt.Indra and Ramesh Gupta.

The story is very interesting and will remind the readers of a popular and famous film of 1976 with melodious music.

Jamunaprasad Chaturvedi(Jeevan-who was Onkarnath Dhar in real life, but known as OK Dhar Kashmiri in the 30s) son of Durgaprasad Chaturvedi, is an ortodox Bramhin Zamindar who has built a community Well, for water to everybody in the surrounding villages. His wife Mrs Shantidevi(Leela) and he are popular. When his daughter Radha grows up, he fixes her marriage with Mohan (Sushil Kumar) son of Trivedi, a big businessman from other village.

Kiran, son of Ganga prasad arrives instead of Mohan and is welcomed by them. Kiran ( Umakant Desai) is loved by Jamunaprasad , his wife AND also Radha. After some time when the real identity of Kiran is revealed he is spurned by Jamuna and his wife and he is suggested in various ways to leave. Then Mohan arrives and realises the mistake but finally sacrifices for the sake of lovers and the end is good.

By now, it must be clear that the story is same as that of CHITCHOR(1976) where Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab played the lead roles. Rajkumari Shukla has done the role of Jyoti, Heroine’s aunty and the Heroine Radha is played by Alaknanda. Kiran Kumar is played by Umakant Desai

Today’s song is the only song Rajkumari Shukla ever sung in her career. Out of total 12 songs of the film, 6 songs were by Rajkumari Dubey. S N Tripathi also sang 5 songs in the film. Enjoy this fun song.



Song-Chaachi ji mori chooha kothe ke beech (Panghat)(1943) Singers-Baby Tara, Rajkumari Shukla, Lyrics-Ramesh Gupta, MD-S N Tripathi


chaachi ji mori
chaachi ji mori
chooha kothe ke beech
dekho kori chunariya khaaye ho
dekho kori chunariya khaaye ho
chaachi ji mori
chooha kothe ke beech
dekho kori chunariya khaaye ho
dekho kori chunariya khaaye ho

chakiya chalaa ke tori dukhe kalaai chhori
chakiya chalaa ke tori dukhe kalaai
arree chhori tu baaten banaaye ho
arree chhori tu baaten banaaye ho

chachi chaubaare me billi ghusi aai
chachi chaubaare me billi ghusi aai
tora saara hi doodh pi jaaye ho
tora saara hi doodh pi jaaye ho

piye to ba ko piye jaane de chhori
piye to ba ko piye jaane de chhori
kyun chakiya chalaaye uskaaye ho
kyun chakiya chalaye uskaaye ho

chaachi ri chachi
haan bolo bhatiji
chachi ri chachi
haan bolo bhatiji
tori chulhe pe daal jal jaaye ho
tori chulhe pe daal jal jaaye ho
jal jaaye to daal jal jaane de chhori
jal jaaye to daal jal jaane de chhori
hum chakiya ji apni chalaayen ho
hum chakiya ji apni chalaayen ho

4 Responses to "Chaachi ji mori chooha kothe ke beech"

Baby Tara also sang in
Jhule Me Jhul Tu Jhule Me Jhul
Shankar Rao Vyas Ramesh Gupta Ramayan (1954)
More Jeevan Me Anand Chhaaya
with Sardar Akhtar Shyam Babu Pathak Ehsan Rizvi Ghar Sansar (1942)


v good information. Keep it up.


Full song:


Baby Tara, also known as Baby Tara Bai sang in only two other films, Ghar Sansar 1942 alongside Sardar Akhtar, and a solo song in Ramayan 1954. Rajkumari Shukla sang in only this film and was otherwise a character actress. She is not to be confused with Rajkumari Dubey, Rajkumari Calcuttewali, Radharani Calcuttewali, Radharani Bombaywali, and Rekharani.


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