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Dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega

Posted on: March 7, 2017

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In Hindi movies, carrying out romance is considered the sole prerogative of the lead pair. Lesser characters in the movie are virtually forbidden to have any feelings, including romantic feelings and so they are not supposed to act romantic.

However there are exceptions. Comedians, who also double up as side kicks of the lead pair can carry out their romance while their masters/ mistresses are carrying out their romance. These side kicks sometimes get to sing romantic songs as well. But while the lead pair sing their romantic songs using poetic terms (janam janam ka saath, tere zulf ke saaye mein etc.), the side kick pair express their feelings in more prosaic terms that are supposed to amuse movie watchers.

“Rustam e Rome”(1964) was a stunt movie that was directed by Radhakant for Sargam Chitra, Bombay. The movie had Dara Singh, Azad, Vijaya Chaudhari, Rajan Kapoor, Sundar, Aruna, Madhumati, Rajrani, Arvind Pandya, S K Shyam, ram raseela, Anand, Jillani, Bihari, Harun, Kamar, Tiger Joginder Singh, Alrod Goa, Saudagar Singh, Ismail Azad, Jaani babu, Sherry, Indira etc in it.

The movie had five songs in it. Here is the second song from the movie to appear in the blog. This song is a romantic song which is picturised on the sidekicks of the lead pair. Sundar is the side kick of the hero (Dara Singh). I am unable to identify the female sidekick. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify her.

The “duet song is sung by “lesser” singers like Mahendra Kapoor and Kamal Barot instead of the usual Rafi and Asha Bhonsle (who sang for the lead pair). The feelings expressed by the duo for each other are in terms of rather mundane words like “dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega”, “haath mera kahin jo bahkega”” etc.

There were two lyricists in the movie, but the distribution of workload between the two is not known.

Music is composed by Suresh Kumar.

Song-Dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega (Rustam e Rome)(1964) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, Kamal Barot, MD-Suresh Kumar


dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega
zulfon mein teri ja atkega
tu khud bhi jaanti hai
pahle se maanti hai
aage kya kya hoga
haath mera kahin jo bahkega
bulbul ki tarah tu chahkega
tu khud bhi jaanta hai
mujhko pehchanta hai
aage kya kya hoga

dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega

tujhse pahle humne dekhe hain kayi deewaane
roz humse apne dil ke kehte hain afsaane

hum se pahle tere aashiq honge andhe kaane
hum se neechi jaat ke honge sab tere deewaane
haath mera kahin jo bahkega
bulbul ki tarah tu chahkega
tu khud bhi jaanta hai
mujhko pehchanta hai
aage kya kya hoga

dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega

dil chhuhaara ban gaya hai
ab kayaamat hogi
kya khabar thi
tujhse milte hi
mohabbat hogi
chaaro khaane chit padega
yoon hajaamat hogi
tere sar pe jab padegi
tujhko raahat hogi

dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega
julfon mein teri ja atkega
tu khud bhi jaanti hai
pahle se maanti hai
aage kya kya hoga
dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega

apna nahla tere nahle par jama ke rahenge
dekh lena din me taare
hum dikhaake rahenge

hum hai jidi tujhko apna yu bana ke rahenge
chutkiyon me chat se tera
dil uda ke rahenge
haath mera kahin jo bahkega
bulbul ki tarah tu chahkega
tu khud bhi jaanta hai
mujhko pehchaanta hai
aage kya kya hoga

o dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega


5 Responses to "Dekhte hi tujhe dil satkega"

the actress with Sundar is a YOUNG RAJRAANI(Later on she became very plump character artiste featuring in rich,cruel lady roles in many movies)

in the title sequences it has been written as
Songs:”Zafer Rahi,Naza Sholapuri

Atul ji

you did not mentioned the names of 2 lyricists of the movie……..please correct this ommission

Zafar Rahi
Tarzan Aur Jadugar(1963)
Jadui Angoothi(1964)
Khufia Mahal(1964)
Anjam (1968)
Doctor Z (1959)
Tarzan Aur Jalpari(1964)
Badnaam (1989)

Naza Sholapuri
5 Rifles (1974)>famous qawali

Suresh Kumar
Suhaag Sindoor(1953)
Saahil (1959)
Jadui Angoothi(1964)
Tarzan Aur Jalpari(1964)
Yogesh Gaud (Apna Lyricist Yogesh songs for>)
Tarzan Ki Mehbooba (1966)
Lutera Aur Jadugar(1968)
S O S Jasoos(1969)
Kaurav Pandav(1970)
Raj Kumari (1979)


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