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Ek paheli hai tu

Posted on: December 3, 2017

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If remembering important dates is likened to batting in cricket then I must admit that I am a tailender batsman on the lines of B S Chandrashekhar, who found it easier to take wickets than score runs. In his test career, he took 242 test wickets but scored only 167 runs. 🙂

Luckily, many of our regulars are like Gavaskar, Tendulkar and Virat Kohli when it comes to remembering important dates and they always come to my rescue. Someone or other of our regulars never fails to inform tailenders like me about important dates pertaining to the blog.

Today (3 december 2017), when I woke up and checked our whatsapp group, I found a message from our earliest riser-“Many Many more happy returns of the day Khyati Ji !!”

That message from our earlier riser Satyajit Rajurkar informed me that it was the birthday of Khyati Bhatt, our latest riser 🙂 .

when I became the second to greet her followed by some others, she was immediately online to respond. Supposed to be the last one to rise among us (seeing that she is located in US), she was already awake at that time. 🙂

A little while later, I received a phone call from Peevesie’s mom, another of our strong batters in matters related to remembering dates. We need to have a song to greet her, she insisted. She told me that she has never met Khyati Ji and so she does not know anything about her. Read her introduction that Sudhir Jee wrote about her during our run up to 10kth song, I suggested. she informed me that she had already gone through that, but she could not get a clue about her musical taste, so she was at a loss about choosing a suitable song.

I tried to sound knowledgeable and informed her that Khyati ji’s husband is a big fan of Talat Mehmood,, so as an aadarsh Bhaartiya-American naari, she is bound to like what her husband likes. But I do not have a list of Talat Mehmood songs that are yet to be discussed, she informed me. Yes that indeed was a problem seeing that Talat Mehmood has sung some 450 songs in all and the blog already has 368 of them. So sending her a list of the balance 80 odd Talat Mehmood songs would be a tall order at such short notice.

Peevesie’s mom had sent me a contribution for Dev Anand, and I suggested that another Dev Anand contribution would serve the purpose. Would a “Heera Panna” song do, she enquired. Of course it would do, I opined.

Peevesie’s mom informed me that she would send just the lyrics of the song and asked me to write an article on Khyati ji. Sudhir Jee would have been just the man to write on her, but he seems to be travelling and is hence un-available, so the job of writing about the birthday girl fell upon me.

I am not as knowledgeable about Khyati Bhatt as Sudhir Jee and some of our Mumbai based regulars are, but I have talked to her on phone on quite a few occasions. I have attended a “gang out” just once, and on that one occasion, I had met her.

I consider myself a “good” observer of people, so I think my interactions with her, however limited they may be, gives me enough content to be able to write on her in a “knowledgeable” manner.

The first thing that anyone notices about Khyati Bhatt is that she is an extremely friendly soul, someone who has the knack of putting others at ease with her calming and reassuring presence. One can realise all this just by talking to her on phone. My first few interactions with her were on phone. One does not realise how time passes when one talks to someone like her. Talks with her have often lasted 15 minutes or more and we have covered lots and lots of topics during that time. I am sure if she gets talking with Peevesie’s mom or any other ladies among our group then their talks would last even longer. 🙂

When we met at the “gang out” at Mumbai on 21 december 2014, I never felt like I was meeting her for the first time. I remember that I have used the very same words while meeting with other regulars as well. 🙂 The fact that all of us HFM music lovers are like this is a great blessing. Personally I consider myself blessed to have known so many HFM lovers who in addition to being likeminded music lovers are likeminded in their nature as well. If every person is as simple, friendly, understanding and accomodating like our regulars then the world will be a much better place to live. I am happy that at least we in our small group of regulars have so many great individuals.

Did I forget to mention that Khyati Jee is the raunaq of every gathering that she attends. She was easily the raunaq and bahaar of that gangout. In fact, now I have come up with a suitable term for her. I call her our “raunaq e blog”. 🙂

Khyati Bhatt is quite an interesting person as we all know. Those who do not know may read about her in this endearing account of her penned by Sudhir Jee. Like most of our regulars, she can be likened to an iceberg. 🙂 Behind the friendly person lies an extremely well accomplished individual. “Thhodi bahut padhi likhi bhi hai“- where thhoda bahut padha likha hona means being a post graduate in mathematics.

Her elders were well connected with film people. She in fact recalls being seated adjacent to Asha Parekh and Dilip Kumar in a wedding reception in her younger days. She was so young at that time that it never occured to her to take their autographs at that time. 🙂

As a music lover, her copy of HFGK (delivered to her by Sudhir Jee) is her prized possession. She has made very good use of that venerable tome.

For instance, she went through the list of movies of 1960s and compared them with the list of movies covered in the blog. Based on that she prepared an excel sheet where names of missing movies were given. She gave the task of covering these missing movies to Sudhir Jee. That is how Sudhir Jee began his series on missing movies of 1960s. By now he has covered many missing movies of 1960s.

That excel sheet gave me the idea that I should do the same for other decades as well. So now I have a comprehensive list of all the movies of all the years (from 1931 till 1980) that are missing from the blog. This is a great help as I can immediately find which movies from which year are not yet covered in the blog. That work now gives me a quick “at a glance” idea about which movie has how many songs in it and how many songs are covered. So I quickly know which movies and which songs to look for. With so many movies and songs already covered, keeping track of them and spending time only on uncovered songs and movies is an idea (derived from her excel sheet) that is proving out to be an extremely handy way of keeping track of songs for me. So, Khyati Bhatt inadvertently helped add another dimension to the background research work of this blog.

Sudhir Jee has many more juicy details about her but he is refusing to share those details with us. 🙂 And other regulars are wondering what these details could be. Peevesie’s mom in fact states that Khyati Bhatt is a “paheli” for her. So, she has chosen this song “ek paheli hai tu” from “Heera Panna”(1973) to greet her on the occasion of her birthday.

So here is this “Heera Panna” (1973) song “Ek Paheli Hai Tu” which is sung by Kishore Kumar and hummed by Asha Bhonsle and it is lip synced by Dev Anand and Sheetal. Dev Anand (also also Peevesie’s mom) kept thinking throughout the song that it was Raakhi. Peevesie’s mom’s was also wondering how Raakhi agreed to do this scene. 🙂

We in this blog wish Khyati Bhatt a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. May our beloved “raunaq e blog” keep spreading sunshine in the lives of all that she meets and interacts with.



Song-Ek paheli hai tu (Heera Panna)(1973) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Peevesie’s mom)

Ek paheli hai tu
Naar naveli hain tu
Haan kuch kahaa
Jitna main suljhaoon
Aur ulajhti jaayein
Ek paheli hai tu
Naar naveli hai tu
Jitna main suljhaaoon
Aur ulajhti jaaye
Ssss aaah
Yahaan aao na

Ek paheli hai tu
Naar naveli hai tu
Jitna main suljhaaoon
Aur ulajhti jaaye
haa o Ho deewaane

Deewaana hone laga hoon
Tara ra ra rum
Main inn mein khone laga hoon
Tara ra ra rum
Deewaana hone laga hoon
Tara ra rum
Main inn mein khone laga hoon
Tara ra ra rum
O naina tere
aise jaise bhool bhulaiya
Badi albeli hai tu
Ha ha ha ha
Naar naveli hai tu
Jitna main suljhaaoon
Aur ulajhti jaaye

Oh ho
kab tak peechha karoge

Ye premi
aankhon ko meenche
Tara ra rum
Chalta jaaye tere peechhe
La la la la la
Ye premi aankhon ko meenche
Tara ra rum
Chalta jaaye tere peechhe
La la la la la
He khincha chala jaaye
kachche dhaage se Sainyan
khel woh kheli hai tu
Naar naveli hai tu
Jitna main suljhaaoon
Aur ulajhati jaaye

Pa pa pa paaa
Pa pa pa pa pa pa

Jaadoo koi hai ke dhokha
Tara ra rum
Kadmon ko jaaye na roka
Tara rara rum
Hey Jaadoo koi hai ke dhokha
Tara ra rum
Kadmon ko jaaye na roka
Tara rara rum
Jaane kahaan
leke chali
Thhaam ke bainyan
Aa te jaayiye
Aaj akeli hai tu
Naar naveli hain tu
Jitna main suljhaoon
Aur uljhati jaaye
Ek paheli hai tu
Ha ha ha ha

5 Responses to "Ek paheli hai tu"

Lovely post on our khyatiben. Thank u atulji.
As I was waiting for ur post i realised I ve seen her on hangout wen batulites met at rajaji’s place in 2014. And I know she sings well. And as u ve rightly said it is quite possible v will get along like long lost friends and talk for hours wen v meet. Waiting to meet her.
Happy birthday to you Khyatiben


Wishing Khyatiben a very happy birthday here on the blog today (still today for me 🙂 ) !!!
Thanks Atul ji for this beautiful post. Since I have this opportunity to meet Khyatiben in Mumbai Gangout -Nov’16- and also have talked to her on phone many times, I can say this article has come up with good information about her and’in “knowledgeable manner” too 🙂

Thanks Peevesie’s Mom ji for the song and idea for this post !!!


Kyatiben, B-Day greetings and Aashirwads.


Dear Atulji, Peevesie’s Momji and entire team. I have no words to express my gratitude for remembering a big day and writing a biography 😉 of “Raunaq-E-Blog” 8) which I may not deserve it. I thank you all from bottom of my heart for all the love that you have showered by your well wishes. How blessed am I to have a lovely family here on the blog who cares about each other and supports all in their ups and downs.
Atulji, main ye gana zarur ga sakti hoon “ye kya likh diya re Ranchwaale, ….. You have accumulated all possible data that was mentioned here either by me or few others long ago. Salute to your memory and ability to pen all and write a flawless 😀 write up.
Peevesie’s Momji, I try my best to grab every opportunity to meet and know every possible family member of the blog whenever I visit India. I thank Arunji, Bharatbhai, Sadanandji, Nitinbhai for planning all Bombay gangouts so far we had and also thankful to all who irrespective of their busy work schedule have attended those. I have missed few meetings due to the geographical limitations. It will be a pleasure to meet you personally in future to solve your “Paheli” 🙂 .BTW after reading the post my husband has requested to pass this message to you “Ye paheli to main bhi ab tak jaan nahi saka hoon. Agar aap suljha sakti hai to mujhe bhi uska jawab bhej dena. Bahut hi sukraguzar rahunga” 😉

Atulji, Sudhirji aap ko meri “juicy baatein” kyun nahi bata sakte ye bhi ek paheli hi hai jo kabhi nahi suljegi. “Uljhan sulje na, paheli bhuje na, jaaun kahan main jaaun kahan”

Thanks again
Love and regards

Liked by 1 person

hahahahaha Khyatiben, you are very sweet, cute and naughty- i can gather from your reply above.
but ““Uljhan sulje na, paheli bhuje na, jaaun kahan main jaaun kahan”” this should be my song,.
now if your husband is ready for it i will try to team up with him to solve the “paheli”


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