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Shor macha hai jungle mein

Posted on: April 8, 2019

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A someone who has written so many articles on HFM in the blog, people may believe that I have watched lots of movies. That is not true. Out of all the thirty odd posters in the blog, I may have watched the least number of movies. 🙂

When I was in the real movie watching age (in my teens), I watched a few movies till 1972, and then there was a six year hiatus lasting till may 1978 when I did not watch any movies. Then I reached college and got “freedom”which I duly misused by watching movies left and right (bunking college) as if making up for lost time. A few years later, I would begin watching movies in hostel, movie halls etc during my engineering days and later during the early years of my postings.

Then there was a bigger break from watching movies beginning from 2000 ! I was posted to North East parts of the country in january 2000 (just as the new millenium started). From that time till about 2007, I did not watch a single movie in movie halls. Subsequently, I watched “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” in a dilapidated movie hall in Jabalpur in 2008.

I did not watch any other movies from 2008 till about 2014. By that time single screen movie halls were history and one needed to go to malls to watch movies. The very first movie of the decade of 2010s that I watched was in Bilaspur and it was in a mall at Bilaspur. It was “PK”(2014) that I watched in december 2014, just a few days before the Mumbai gangout that I attended.

Next movie that I watched was “Bahubali” part I at Gorakhpur in 2015 while I has reported there on transfer and was waing for my posing order. I was posted to Izatnagar, Bareilly and it was there that I watched “Bahubali” part II in 2017, this time with my wife and daughter. This became the first and so far only movie that my entire family has watched together.

Then I watched a few more movies there. I learnt the art of booking tickets online in advance from my daughter. 🙂

It must be said that most of the movies that I have watched this decade and century have been “hat ke” movies. I cannot stand routine movies and so I do not watch such movies.

Last movie that I watched at Izatnagar was “Pokharan”(2018)- a movie that was right up my alley !

If one looks at the list of songs in the blog, we have songs from movies of every year from 1931 till 2018 ! We are in 2019 but so far no songs from movies of 201`9 have appeared in the blog.

I am in Gorakhpur right now and I have managed to watch a few movies this year. The first movie that I watched was “Uri”, followed by “The Accidental Prime Minister”. Subsequently I have watched “Kesari” and “Junglee”.

In my opinion, it is not the right time to discuss “Uri” and “Kesari”. I will discuss them later. Here I would discuss a song from “Junglee” (2019).

The movie and its actors were all unknown quantities for me. The movie began with great promise but as time wore on, the makers of the movie decided to reduce it to a farcical C grade movie.

In the end, a movie that could have been this era’s “Haathi Mere Saathi” was reduced to a forgettable movie.

The movie ended on a rather unsatisfactory note as far as I am concerned. The second half of the movie was quite farcical. The hero, despite being shot several times from close range and left to die, does not die. What is more, he recovers fully and regains full energy overnight, with all the gun shot woulds vanishing miraculously within hours. The logic followed by the makwers was that everyone else in the movie was expendable, but not the hero. So we find Heroes father as well as the bull elephnd of the jungle- dying at the hands of poachers, just like that, while the hero does not.

I would have liked the bull elephant (shows as friend of the hero since childhood) to survive. That would have been a heart warming end, rather than the less than satisfactory end to the movie.

Just as the movie ended and people began to troop out, we found this song getng played. Arre ! such a hummable song should have been a part of the main movie, rather than being presented as an afterthought, after many of the movie goers have already left the hall !

On checking up online, I find that thiis song is sung by Navraj Hans, Hamsika Iyer, Abhishek Nailwal and Gulshan Kumar. Kumar Suryawanshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sameer Uddin.

The song is picturised on the hero (Vidyut Jammwal), Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhat etc.

This is a song that needs to be watched and savoured in isolation, rather than as part of the movie. If one watches this song in isolation, it is quite a heart warming and feel good song.

With this song, “Junglee”(2019) as well as the artists of the song make their debuts in the blog.

I am totally unaware about the singers, so my colour coding and identification of voices is a non starter and I have not even tried to identify the voices. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify the voices.


Song-Shor macha hai jungle mein (Junglee)(2019) Singers-Navraj Hans, Hamsika Iyer, Abhishek Nailwal,Gulshan Kumar, Lyrics-Kumar Suryavanshi, MD-Sameer Uddin


Shor macha hai jungle mein
soond uthhaaye dangal mein
garje gajraaj hamaare
garje gajraaj hamaare
shor macha hai jungle mein
soond uthhaaye dangal mein
garje gajraaj hamaare
garje gajraaj hamaare

inko na tum chhedo bhaiyya
sanak na jaaye inka pahiya
arre inko na tum chhedo bhaiyya
sanak na jaaye inka pahiya

ye waise to cool hain
par inka ik usool hai
ye bhoolte na bhai kuchh bhi
inse panga lena bhool hai
ye baithh bhi jaayen
to hote hain sher se oopar
ye tata thaiyya karte
bade mast mauji ban kar

bhaagen saare paanv pasaare
garje jab gajraaj hamaare

shor macha hai jungle mein
soond uthhaaye dangal mein
garje gajraaj hamaare
garje gajraaj hamaare
shor macha hai jungle mein
soond uthhaaye dangal mein
garje gajraaj hamaare
garje gajraaj hamaare


dham dham dham dham dham kaanpe
dhara dhara ye
panja rakhhe bhara bhare ye

mrignayani aankhon mein bas jaa
ya phir unke raste se hat jaa

pyaar se bolo
god uthhaa le
aankh dikhaai to dhobi pachhaade

hoy hoy hoy
hoy hoy hoy

inka junglee hai tashan
khud mein rahte hain magan

sher khan bhi kare hain
inke saamne jatan

mil kar dharti ambar saare
kar den shat shat naman tumhaare

shor macha hai jungle mein
soond uthhaaye dangal mein
garje gajraaj hamaare
garje gajraaj hamaare
shor macha hai jungle mein
soond uthhaaye dangal mein
garje gajraaj hamaare
garje gajraaj hamaare
shor macha hai jungle mein
soond uthhaaye dangal mein
garje gajraaj hamaare
garje gajraaj hamaare

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