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Ghir aayi badariya piyaa naahin aaye

Posted on: November 22, 2019

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‘Aalor Pipasa’ (Thirst for Light) was a Bangla film released in January 1965. The film was directed by Tarun Majumdar. The film is available on-line with English sub-titles. The story of the film is about a courtesan (Sandhya Roy) who sacrifices her life for the betterment of her son. The entire story is depicted in the film by way of flash back when a senior doctor (Pahadi Sanyal) tells the story of the courtesan to his junior doctor (Asit Baran). The junior doctor happens to be the courtesan’s son.

Obviously, the story of the film revolves around Sandhya Roy and I must say that she has given an outstanding performance in the film. Hitherto, my knowledge about Sandhya Roy was limited to her Hindi films like ‘Asli Naqli’ (1962), ‘Pooja Ke Phool’ (1964), ‘Jaane Anjaane’ (1971) etc. But in Hindi films she had only secondary roles like Dev Anand’s ‘munhboli bahen’ (adoptive sister) in ‘Asli Naqli’ (1962) where she displays her combative but soft at heart attitudes. The song from the film laakh chupaao chhup na sakega was picturised on her.

In Bangla films, Sandhya Roy has been one of the prominent actresses who has been active in Bangla film industry for over 5 decades starting with lead roles and switching over to character roles. She has worked in more than 100 films. She is also in politics having successfully contested parliamentary election from Mednipur in 2014 on Trinamul Congress ticket.

Sandhya Roy (born 11/04/1941) was born in Nabadwip (West Bengal). However, her family belonged to Khulna (now in Bangla Desh) where her grand father was a landlord. In her childhood, she lost her parents. She was brought up by her maternal uncle at Khulna where she had her early education.

In 1957, Sandhya Roy returned to Kolkata and stayed with her sister. This was the beginning of her unexpected journey to Bangla films. While watching the shooting of the film ‘Mamlar Fol’ (1957), the director saw her and offered her a role in the crowd. Her first full-fledged film was ‘Antariksha’ (1957). After the success of this film, she started getting offers of lead roles in many Bangla films. She remained one of the leading actresses in Bangla films during 1960-80. During this period, she was paired with Biswajeet in about 20 films.

Sandhya Roy had her stint in Hindi films with ‘Asli Naqli’ (1962) which was followed by ‘Pooja Ke Phool’ (1964), ‘Raahgir’ (1969), ‘Jaane Anjaane’ (1971), Bandagi’ (1972) etc. The last Hindi film she acted was ‘Ek Anaar Sau Bimaar’ (2008). However, despite her good acting, she could not actively pursue her career in Hindi films.

From 1980s onward, Sandhya Roy continues to work in Bangla films as a character actress beside pursuing her political career.

Sandhya Roy married Tarun Majumdar, one of the leading directors of Bangla films who had also directed Hindi films, ‘Balika Badhu’ (1967) and ‘Raahgir’ (1969).

‘Aalor Pipasa’ (1965) had nine songs of which as many as 5 songs were Hindi semi-classical songs. This was to be expected since the story of the film revolves around a courtesan who entertains her clients by singing and dancing. The film also has a Sanskrit strotra (hymns) which has been rendered by Hemant Kumar as a background song when credit titles roll in the film.

In the film, Lata Mangeshkar sings two solos for Sandhya Roy of which I have selected the song ‘ghir aayi badariya piya naahi aaye’. The song has been written by Kaifi Azmi which has been set to music by Hemant Kumar.



Song-Ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye (Aalor Pipaasa)(Bangla)(1965) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Hemant Kumar


ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye
ghir aayi badariya piya naahi aaye
tan man jale mora birha sataaye
tan man jale mora birha sataaye
ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye

jaa jaa re badra tu pi ko manaa laa
jaa jaa re badra……aa aa aa aa aa
jaa jaa re badra tu pi ko manaa laa
pi ke bina mohe kachhu hi na bhaaye
pi ke bina mohe
pi ke bina mohe kachhu hi na bhaaye
ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye
ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye

jeewan hai pyaasa ankhiyaan hain pyaasi
jeewan hai pyaasa ankhiyaan hain pyaasi
jeewan hai pyaasa ankhiyaan hain pyaasi
megha re kaahe ko jhariya lagaaye
megha re kaahe ko
megha re kaahe ko jhariya lagaaye
ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye
tan man jale mora birha sataaye
ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye
ghir aayi badariya piya naahin aaye….ye ye

2 Responses to "Ghir aayi badariya piyaa naahin aaye"

I recently saw a story on Yahoo news, regarding Rakhi Gulzar going to Kolkata and meeting Sandhya Roy. Sandhya Roy is a sort of mentor/Guardian to Rakhee, and they met after 25 years or so. Rakhi has been out of the limelight for a decade now, so the story was a surprise.


It may be true that Sandhya Roy was a mentor to Rakhi. There is a mention in an article on her that during her teenage days, she had lived with Sandhya Roy as her father had piled up huge business loses and suffered financial constraints.

Recently Rakhi had visited Kolkata in connection with the inauguartion of 25th Kolkata International Film Festival when she shared the dias with Shah Rukh Khan and Mamta Banerjee among others.


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