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Jaadoo hai meethha meethha jaana meri baaton mein

Posted on: December 24, 2020

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Hindi songs in Malayalam films-2
Hullo Atuldom

I am not attempting a tribute to the great favorite of millions of Hindi film music lovers. I am sure there are many Atulites who are competent and will do a great job of it.

I am just presenting HFM lovers a song which is not from a Hindi movie. I landed on this song as I was going through the discography of the singer whose voice has mesmerized an entire generation and his fans exist across the length and breadth of this vast country and beyond the boundaries. His fan following is not bounded by language barriers as we know that he has sung in various Indian and foreign languages.

So without beating around the bush, I shall straight away get to the song. It is from the 27th June, 1980 released, Malayalam movie “Thaliritta Kinakkal”. ‘Thalir’ means tender leaf and ‘Kinakkal’ means dreams. So the title should loosely translate to ‘Tender Dreams’.

It was directed by P. Gopikumar, Jamal Kochangadi was the story, screenplay and dialogue writer. When I read the cast of the movie I was astonished to find Madhu Malini and Tanuja’s names; of course I am aware that Madhu Malini (sister in many Hindi movies of the ’80s) had done a few movies in Malayalam. But Tanuja!!! (I need to see this movie). More importantly for the sake of the song with this post.

I was amused to see the actor – Padmadalakshan (who was more popular as Kuthiravattam Pappu) – lip syncing to this wonderful voice of HFM. I immediately showed the video of the song to my dear Mom-in-law as I was having trouble recalling the name of the lady to whom the song was being addressed. She instantly pointed the direction and I recalled the various characters that this lady has played in Malayalam movies; beginning her career in 1957 till her death in 2009; her last release was in 2004. This lady goes by the name Adoor Bhavani. She was a Kerala Sangeetha Natak Academy award winning stage actress as well as popular enough to have appeared in about 450 films. She was also associated with Kerala People’s Art Club.

Coming back to the song. The makers of this movie, being huge fans of the Hindi film legend were keen on getting him to record for them. The legend commented that he needed a few weeks to learn the pronunciation of the language and also the meaning as without that he would not be able to impart the right emotions. Don’t we know this about our legend- how meticulous he was about each and every song that he has recorded. Whether it were his ‘halke-phulke’ “yahoo-type” songs, “bapu ki yeh amar kahaani” type patriotic songs, or any ghazal, bhajan, highly romantic or supremely melodious sad numbers. This legend was a go-to for songs of every genre and actor and emotion and pitch. There has been no replacement for him.

I seem to be straying.

So, as I said earlier, there are fans of this legend across the country and it is a small wonder that the makers of “Thaliritta Kinnakal” approached the legend and he didn’t refuse them. But I would surely love to know what transpired in the interim and the legend ended up recording a Hindi song for the Malayalam film.

Thus, we are having a Hindi song from a Malayalam film, sung by our very own Mohd. Rafi saab (I am sure I didn’t have to mention the playback singer’s name) which is lip synced by Kuthiravattam Pappu addressing Adoor Bhavani. We see, as the song is coming to a close, Adoor Bhavani is actually dancing to the song that is playing on a Two-in-one. I vividly recall that it was customary for all gulf-returnees to get one for their dear ones back home. We also see that ‘Pappu’ spies Bhavani and calls Madhu Malini too, to enjoy the sight of the 50-year-old lady’s antics.

The composer is Jithin Shyam and Aayish Kamal is the lyricist.

I would like to mention here that both these talented actors of Malayalam are impersonating characters usually played by Prem Nazir and Jayabharathi (the pair known for romantic duets of those times). I am assuming that this is part of the comic-romantic-sub plot of the movie something that our Mehmood used to excel in with either Shubha Khote or Aruna Irani in tow.
Wishing that our Rafisaab was here, in this mortal world, to see us, his fans, going crazy on his 96th birthday.



Song-Jaadoo hai meethha meethha jaana meri baaton mein (Thaliritta Kinakkal)(Malayalam)(1980) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Aayish Kamal, MD-Jithin Shyam


shabaab leke woh
jaane shabaab aaya hai
utar ke jaise yahaan
aaftaab aaya hai
tujh ko o
chaand sitaare salaam
kehte hain
teri aankhen hain ya koi jaam
kehte hain
jaadu hai meetha meetha
jaana meri baaton mein
apna bana hi loonga
ik do mulaaqaaton mein
jaadu hai meetha meetha
jaana meri baaton mein
apna bana hi loonga
ik do mulaaqaaton mein
ho o o dilrubaa aa
jaane adaa aa aa aa aa
sun zaraa aa aa

chaahat pe zor kisi baat ka kabhi na chala
shama jali toh wahin aake parwaana jala
chaahat ke rog se bacha hai yahaan kaun bhala
ae mere dil tu u u u
ho na beqaabu u u u
saara zamaana dekha tujh sa mila na koi
mehfil mein aaya tere pyaar ka deewaana koi
jalwe lutaate huye
chhed de taraana koi
hai yehi maukaa aa aa aa aa
yoon toh na sharmaa aa aa aa aa
jaadu hai meetha meetha
jaana meri baaton mein
apna bana hi loonga
ek do mulaaqaaton mein
jaadu hain meetha meetha
jaana meri baaton mein
apna bana hi loonga
ek do mulaaqaaton mein
ho o o dilrubaa aa aa
jaane adaa aa aa aa aa
sun zaraa aa aa
jaane adaa aa aa
sun zaraa aa aa
o o o

5 Responses to "Jaadoo hai meethha meethha jaana meri baaton mein"

Nalini Ji, Pleasant surprise to come across this song. Thanks, and also for the interesting write up { gulf returnees coming with 2 in 1… ha ha… very true, but the immediate song they would play on it to impress was ‘ dady cool’ by Boney M 🙂 }
Happy birthday to Mausiki ka Paigamber where ever he is

Liked by 1 person

Yes “Daddy cool it used to be.
Thank you for liking the song


Don’t you mean Atulites and Rafians including yourself who do a good job of paying tributes ? Great post for a hindi song by Rafi sahab in a Malayalam film. I had read somewhere that he has some malayalam songs to his credit, but there are none mentioned in the excel sheet.

Thanks for bringing this song to light. This one is also not listed in the excel sheet.


I mean Atulites who are Rafi bhakts do a good job.
When i went through the details of the above movie I found that he was practicing to sing in Malayalam but it seems that he didn’t get around to actual singing and recording the song.


Our tributes to Rafi Saab !!

Thanks Peevesie’s Mom ji for the post and bringing this song here on the blog. Enjoyed the song and the write-up.
Thanks again,


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