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Aarzoo ye hai ke nikle dam tumhaare saamne

Posted on: December 25, 2020

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‘Baazooband’ (1954) was produced by Ashalata Biswas under the banner of Variety Productions jointly with Ramanand Sagar who also directed it. The star cast included Balraj Sahni and Sulochana Chatterjee in the lead with Roopmala, Anwar Hussain, Om Prakash, Radhakrishan, Shanta Kanwar, Noor Jahan (Sr.), Noreen Linford etc in the subsidiary roles. The story, screenplay and dialogues were written by Ramanand Sagar.

The main theme of the story of the film is that in a well-settled family, a distraction by way to some vices especially when ‘other woman’ comes into the life of the husband, can wreck the family – both financially and emotionally. It is the faith and the trust with which an understanding wife can steer the husband from the wrong path. The gist of the story of the film is as under:

Seth Surajmal (Balraj Sahni), his wife, Radha (Sulcohana Chatterjee) and his two children are a wealthy and happy family. But Surajmal has one weakness. Come evening and he is magnetically attracted to make a visit to Amma’s kotha where he is under the magical spell of the dancer Chanda (Roopmala). He watches her dance and gift costly jewelries to her on his each visit . By mid-night, he returns home fully sozzled in alcohol. This is Surajmal’s daily routine.

The regular patrons of Chanda include Saanwariya (Om Prakash) and Bankelal (Anawar Hussain). Saanwariya, once upon a time a wealthy merchant, has now become almost pauper and spend his entire time in the kotha. Bankelal on the other hand is financially weak and looking for some way to raise money so that he and his foreign fiancé Josephine (Noreen Linford) can settled abroad. For this, Bankelal has found a way out by joining hands with Chanda to financially fleece Surajmal with a false promise to her that when she has collected sufficient money from Surajmal, he will marry her and settle abroad.

Radha’s mother and younger sister try to impression upon her to confront Chanda but she takes a stand that the fault lies with her husband who is mesmerised by Chanda. So, she has to take measure to bring her husband to the correct path. She is sure that her devotion towards her husband and the children would one day bring him back to senses. But would it not be too late for Radha?

In the meanwhile, hearing the news that her mother is unwell, Radha leaves for her mother’s place leaving the children with Surajmal. Bankelal finds a opportunity to place Chanda in Surajmal’s house in the guise of looking after his children. One day, when Surajmal is under the influence of liquor, Chanda gets him to sign a will that after his death, Chanda will be the sole owner of all his assets including the house.

Bankelal’s next move is to get Surajmal killed in such a way so as to appear as accidental fall from a hill top while under the influence of liquor though he would by pushed to death by Chanda. This plan is accidentally heard by Saanwariya. He cautions Radha and at the same time, he decides to tackle Bankelal. While both Bankelal and Saanwariya seems to be enjoying their drinks in the former’s house, Saanwariya mixes poison in the drinks as a result of which Bankelal dies.

Simultaneously, as per plan, Chanda after making Surajmal drinks a lot, takes him to a hilltop in the pretext of a romantic walk. However, Radha has been following them. When Chanda is struggling to push Surajmal from the hilltop, Saanwariya also reaches the spot and kills Chanda by stabbing. He throws her dead body from the hilltop. Radha reaches the spot and rescues Surajmal. Police arrives and arrests Saanwariya when he tells them that he had killed Bankelal by poisoning him and stabbed to death Chanda. Surajmal has now a changed man spending his evenings with his family. All is well that ends well.

The problem with the film is that the story is too familiar for the audience as they would have watched many films with such story in the 40s and early 50s. There is no harm making one more film on such a story provided the director has presented the story in a different cinematic presentation. But it is not. As I watched the film, I did not find the film gripping to an extent that I would complete the film in one sitting.

Balraj Sahni did not have much scope to show his performance as an actor as most of his scenes were with Chanda (Roopmala) in a drunken state. Sulochana Chatterjee as Radha did her best to reflect in her performance the balancing act between her husband and the children while tackling the husband’s problems. Roopmala in the role of Chanda performed very well both as a dancer as well as a vamp. Ramanand Sagar did not make the film melodramatic to draw the sympathy for the role of Radha nor he made Chanda more villainous to make the audience to hate her character. This would have been certainly a negative for the audience of that time.

Ramanand Sagar collaborated with Ashalata Biswas in three films – ‘Badi Bahoo’ (1951) as a story, screenplay and dialogue writer followed by ‘Mehmaan’ (1953) and ‘Bazooband’ (1954) – the last two also as a director and producer in partnership with Ashalata Biswas’s Variety Productions. Unfortunately, despite the good music, none of these films succeeded in the box office front. ‘Bazooband’ (1954) was the worst performer on the box office to such an extent that after this, Ashalata Biswas’s film production company, Variety Productions did not venture into the film production. Ramanand Sagar did not direct any film for the next 6 years until ‘Ghoonghat’ (1960).

On the positive side of the film, ‘Baazooband’ (1954) had 5 beautifully tuned songs from Lata Mangeshkar (out of 7 songs) under the baton of Mohammed Shafi. 3 songs from the film have been covered in the Blog.

I am presenting the 4th song, ‘aarzoo ye hai ki nikle dam tumhaare saamane’ from the film ‘Baazooband’(1954). The song rendered by Lata Mangeshkar is picturised on Roopmala who is dancing to seduce Balraj Sahni in the presence of Anwar Hussain who is the instigator for such an act. Om Prakash is a moot spectator to his dislike. The song is written by Daagh Dehlvi which is set to music by Mohammed Shafi.

It may be a rare occasion in a film in which as many as 4 songs (out of 7) have been picturisedon Roopmala who is not only the mujra dancer but also a vamp in the film. All the 4 mujra dance songs picturised on Roopmala were choreographed by Gopikrishna. Roopmala (real name, Mumtaz) was a popular dancer of Hyderabad. She started her filmy career with ‘Basera’ (1950).

In this song, everything is best – Daagh Dehlvi’s words, Lata Mangeshkar’s voice, Mohammed Shafi’s tune and musical arrangements, Roopmala’s dance performance with seductive expressions and gestures and choreography by Gopikrishna.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Aarzoo ye hai ke nikle dam tumhaare saamne (Baazooband)(1954) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Daag Dehalvi, MD-Md Shafi

Lyrics (Based on Video Clip)

aa aa aa aa
aaa aaa aaa
aarzoo ye hai ke nikle
dam tumhaare ae saamne
haan aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aan aaa
aa aa aa
tum hamaare saamne ho
hum tumhaare saamne
hum tumhare saamne
tum hamaare saamne ho
hum tumhaare saamne
hum tumhaare saamne

aaaa aaa aaa aaa
aaa lab par
aaye thham thham kar ke
tum ghabra na jaao
o o o o o o o o
dard dil mein ho magar
aeji dard dil mein ho magar
kum tumhaare saamne
kum tumhaare saamne
aarzoo ye hai ke nikle
dam tumhaare saamne
dam tumhaare saamne

aaa aaa aaa aaa aaaa aaa
baad mere royega
saara zamaana dekhna
aa aa aa aa
jhoom ke hoga mera
jhoom ke hoga mera
maatam tumhaare saamne
haan tumhaare saamne
aarzoo ye hai ke nikle
dam tumhaare saamne
dam tumhaare saamne

aaaa aaaaaa aaaaa
katl kar daalo hamen
yaa zulm e ulfat baksh do
haan aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aan aan aan
lo khade hain haath baandhe
aeji lo khade hain haath baandhe
hum tumhaare saamne
hum tumhaare saamne
aarzoo ye hai ke nikle
dam tumhaare saamne
dam tumhare saamne
tum hamaare saamne ho
hum tumhaare saamne
hum tumhaare saamne

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Thanks Sadanand ji for information about Roopmala and the Baazooband Movie

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