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Karam nahin mit’taa dharam nahin biktaa

Posted on: December 24, 2021

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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 153 # Rafi Saab’s ninety-seventh birth anniversary#

Today 24th December’2021 is the ninety-seventh birth anniversary of legendary singer Mohd Rafi (24.12.1924-31.07.1980).

Much has already been said and written about Rafi Saab on this blog and elsewhere. What I will say will be nothing new, so I will not go into his biography and other details.

For me he will always be ‘a divine messenger of humanity and a divine voice’.

Today on his birth anniversary we remember him and pay our tributes. On this occasion I am presenting a song from ‘1972’ movie ‘Kaun Sachchaa Kaun Jhoothha’.

‘Kaun Sachchaa Kaun Jhoothha-1972’ was directed by Jankiram for P.S.R. Pictures, Madras. Jankiram had also done the photography of this movie.

This movie was produced by P. Subbarao. It had Vijaylalita, Jyotilakshami, Krishna, Prabhakar Reddy, Tyagraju, Ramdas, Padmashri V. Nagiyah, Lakshamichhaya, Junior Kanchana, Helen, and others.

Story and screenplay of this movie was written by A.M. Samiyulla. Dialogues were written by Raj Joshi. Editing of this film was done by Kandaswamy.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 26.08.1972. That means this movie will be completing its fifty years in August’2022.

This movie had six songs written by Kewal and composed by Satyam. Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Preeti, L.R. Eswari and Madhukar had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

One song from this movie have been posted on the blog. This post was presented by Sudhir ji, and it can be read in detail here. This movie ‘Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhoothha’ was a dubbed movie. The original movie was in Telugu language.

The list of the songs the Hindi version has is as given below.

SNo Title of the song Singer/s Posted On
01 Chalna zindagaani, duniya behta paani Mohd Rafi 07.03.2016
02 Dekho jawaani chham chham naache re Asha Bhonsle
03 Meri raani mat jaa, pyaar tujhe kar loon Mohd Rafi, Preeti
04 Sawaal hai kaisa mera Asha Bhonsle
05 Haay, haay, haay, haay, sun jaa Madhukar, L.R. Eswari
06 Karam nahin mit’ta, dharam nahin bikta Mohd Rafi Being discussed today

We can see from the above table that one song of this movie ‘Kaun Sachchaa Kaun Jhoothha’ has been posted on the blog on 07.03.2016. Today we are going to listen to the second song of this movie which again is a solo song sung by Rafi Saab. I had come across this song during my daily browsing of the song long back. However, this song is yet to be posted and today we are going to have it on this blog.

Let us listen to this song and remember the divine voice – Rafi Saab!

(PS: I was about to finish this article and had written these lines – ‘I wonder if the Hindi (dubbed) version of this movie is available online or elsewhere’. But when I checked online this movie is already available online. And one can watch it there.
I have only now watched the picturization of today’s song which shows the hero as a ‘robin hood type’ character and he is riding on the horse. That may remind many of the famous Hindi movie ‘robin hood characters’ riding on the horse and singing or a song playing in the background. But this song though nice, fails to create the impact like ‘jeewan mein tu darna nahin’. 😊 )



Song-Karam nahin mit’ta (Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhoothha)(1972) Singer-Rafi Lyrics-Keval, MD-Satyam


Karam nahin mit’ta
Dharam nahin bikta
Hazaaron adchanen hon
Badho re
Jagaao kan kan ko
Hansaaon janman ko
Badho re

Badho re

Ho o karam nahin mit’ta
Ho o dharam nahin bikta

Mashaal ban kar tu
Andheri raahon ko
Ujaala deta ja
Mita de hasti ko
Wo pahunche manzil ko
Badho re
Badho re
Ho o karam nahin mit’ta
Ho o dharam nahin bikta

Naya ik mazhab ho
Bana le jag aisa
Nayi ik duniya ho
Watan ki pooja ho
Prajaa hi raaja ho
Badho re
Badho re
Ho o karam nahin mit’ta
Ho o dharam nahin bikta

O o karam nahin mit’ta
Ho o dharam nahin bikta
Ho o
Ho o

Devanagari Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

करम नहीं मिटता
धरम नहीं बिकता
हज़ारों अडचनें हों
बढ़ो रे
जगाओ कण कण को
हसाओं जनमन को
बढ़ो रे
बढ़ो रे

हो ओ करम नहीं मिटता
हो ओ धरम नहीं बिकता

मशाल बन कर तू
अँधेरी राहों को
उजाला देता जा
मिटा दे हस्ती को
वो पहुंचे मंजिल को
बढ़ो रे
बढ़ो रे
हो ओ करम नहीं मिटता
हो ओ धरम नहीं बिकता

नया एक मजहब हो
बना ले जग ऐसा
नयी एक दुनिया हो
वतन कि पूजा हो
प्रजा ही राजा हो
बढ़ो रे
बढ़ो रे
हो ओ करम नहीं मिटता
हो ओ धरम नहीं बिकता
ओ ओ करम नहीं मिटता
हो ओ धरम नहीं बिकता
हो ओ
हो ओ

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Thanks Atul ji for providing the video of this song and posting this write-up.


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