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Haaye haaye re zamaana dekho

Posted on: January 17, 2023

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Today’s song is from the film Laadla-1954.

The same title was used for two more films in 1966 and 1994. As if to give company to this title, two films called ” Laadli” were made in 1949 and 2001 ! Sometimes I wonder why the Hindi filmmakers use the same titles for their films, as if there was a draught of different and novel titles.

The other day I was going through the Hollywood film Index and I did not find such phenomenon in English films. There were hardly 5 to 6 films having same titles. A cursory look at the Hindi Film title Index will give many such examples. Films with the same title 2 or 3 times is so common that I left my counting halfway. Titles used 4 times were 80, 5 times were 23, 6 times were 5 and one title has the highest of films – ” INSAF “. Films with this title were made 7 times in 1937, 1946, 1956,1966,1973, 1987, and 1997. Was it compulsory to name at least one film as “Insaaf”, in every decade ? Looks like so !

One word “EK ” beats all other words in starting a film title. As many as 206 film titles started with the word “EK” from 1931 to 2012.

32 film Titles started with with “EK AUR…..” and finally 22 film titles had a suffix of the word “LAAL”. After this research, I got tired and stopped my statistical time-pass and closed the Index Book !

Today’s film Laadla-54 was made by Varma films. Its cast included Shyama, Karan Dewan, Agha Raj Mehra, S.Nazir, Maruti, Krishna Kumari, Dar Kashmiri and others. In this cast, who was Dar Kashmiri ? Some people may say this was the early name for actor Jeevan. But that is not true and unfortunately no one ever tried to find out about this Dar Kashmiri. Almost all sites show him as actor Jeevan in this film. Let me clear the confusion.

Dar Kashmiri was a Pseudo-name used for Om Prakash Dar- a Kashmiri actor, who was the elder brother of actor Jeevan and who came to work in Hindi films much earlier than Jeevan had.

Om Prakash Dar was born into a large family, he had 23 siblings. His grandfather was the Governor of Gilgit in Gilgit-Baltistan. He lost his father when the youngest- Jeevan- was 3 years old and his mother died at childbirth. Being the eldest, he came to Bombay in search of jobs and entered films. Instead of his original long name, he was called Dar Kashmiri.

Actually, When Jeevan came to Bombay in search of film roles, Om Prakash Dar aka Dar Kashmiri, his elder brother, was already working in films. Jeevan appeared first time in Fashionable India-35. Since his name was Onkar Nath, he was billed as O.K.Dar (and not Dar Kashmiri-please note).
His elder brother Dar Kashmiri acted in these films:

Noor Mahal 1934
Vatan Parast 1934
Cheen Kaa Saahookaar 1935
Jeevan Naatak 1935
Kisakee Pyaaree 1937
Veer Kesaree 1938
Imperial Mail 1939
Dorangiyaa Daakoo 1940
Yaad Rahe 1940
Abalaa 1941
Saugandh 1942
Angooree 1943
Nayaa Taraanaa 1943
Devadaasee 1945
Din Raat 1945
Room No 9 1946
Paaro 1947
Huaa Saveraa 1948
Majaboor 1948
Kisee Kee Yaad 1950
Jhaansee Kee Raanee 1953/td>
Chakradhaaree 1954
Laadalaa 1954
Bhedee Luteraa 1955
Ghar Ghar Men Deevaalee 1955
Jay Mahaadev 1955
Kundan 1955
Patit Paavan 1955
Pyaaraa Dushman 1955
Ayodhyaapati 1956
Jay Shree 1956
Raam Lakshman 1957
Raaj Pratigyaa 1958

There are 4 films in which the brothers Dar Kashmiri and Jeevan acted together:

Kisee Kee Yaad 1950
Jay Mahaadev 1955
Patit Paavan 1955
Jay Shree 1956

In every film, he was billed as Dar Kashmiri only.

Jeevan was billed as O.K.Dar (Jeevan) from film Romantic India-36 onwards and then on as Jeevan only-except still a few films where he was billed as O.K.Dar(Jeevan).

In film Patit pawan-1955, both brothers acted and they were individually billed as Jeewan and Dar Kashmiri. This settles their name issue decisively. (Most of this information comes from Filmdom-The All India Film Directory and Who’s who in Indian Film Industry-1946, along with my own notes.)

Film Laadla -54 was directed by Surya Kumar. Yes, he is the same Choreographer who brought Helen in limelight first. Not many people know that Suryakumar had also acted in films and also directed some films, in addition to Choreographing in films.

The story of Dance Director brothers Krishna kumar and Surya kumar is very interesting. Anthony (Tony) Lazarus was born in 1918 and his younger brother Robert Lazarus was born on 14-12-1924. They lost their parents and were raised in an orphanage, from where the famous film dancer Azurie picked them and trained till they became good dancers. Tony became Krishnakumar and Robert took the name Suryakumar. Krishnakumar started acting and doing choreography in films of the 40s and early 50s. In every film of Mehboob and Kardar, he was present. Soon he became famous. However, he also developed some enemies. Krishnakumar was murdered by his enemies on 7-7-1951. The culprits were never captured.

It is believed that it was Krishna Kumar, who taught Master Bhagwan his famous Dance steps (later copied by Amitabh Bachhan also), making his film ‘ Albela ‘ a blockbuster. In one of the famous songs in Albela, you can see Krishnakumar’s photo kept on a table, as a tribute to him.

Robert aka Suryakumar was born on 14-12-1924. He started his film career as asstt. in the sound department in Saigal’s last film,’Parwana’-1947. During this period,yesteryear actress/Dancer Azurie trained him in Dancing. In those days the term ‘Choreographer’ was not used. They were simply called ‘Dance masters’ or ‘Dance Directors’.

Actress Azurie,had a German father and an Indian mother. She is considered as the pioneer in Film dancing in India. She was so famous in films,that Cuckoo modelled herself on her dancing skills and succeeded. Azurie(1907-1998) trained Suryakumar in dancing.

Suryakumar then assisted Madame Simka(a disciple of Uday Shankar),in the film “Awaara”-1951,when he first directed Helen who was in the chorus of Dancing girls that time. Suryakumar later directed Helen in 31 films. Their last film together was Bombay 405 Miles-1980. Suryakumar was also very friendly with dancer Edwina. He visited her London home many times, after she settled after marriage in London.

Suryakumar himself also trained Suryanarayana, Oscar and many others. After 1970,Heroines themselves became dancing girls and the roles of Dance masters reduced considerably. Posh Choreographers came on the scene.

Suryakumar had a penchant for acting. He would himself appear in most of his dances in films. During our college days, it was our pastime to look for him in Helen dances. Surya kumar acted in 7 films, in small roles – Singar-49, Naya Raasta-53, Shesh Naag-57, Bus Conductor-59, Aankh Michauli-62, Har Har Mahadev-74 and Shravan Kumar-88. Surya kumar also directed 4 films – Kamal-49, Nakhre-51, Laadla-54 and Saazish-59.

He then worked as a Production assistant and as an editor too, before retiring. His last days were spent in poverty and he died on 19-8-1987 in Bombay.

I have seen this film when it was released. Here is the film’s story….

Prakash ( Karan Dewan) was a son of a very rich person. He had all the pleasures of life at his beck and call. Precisely this was what bothered him too much and he decided to venture into the world as a nobody to get its experience. In this his companion was Johnny (Agha)- his servant by job, but actually his friend Philosopher and Guide in life.
They come to Bombay and Prakash takes u
p a job. Here these two meet Nilu(Shyama) and Sheelu(Krishnakumari) and they fall in each other’s love. After a few love songs and scenes etc., one day Prakash meets Motilal(S.Nazeer) and they become thick friends. When Prakash goes to his home, seeing the photographs etc, he realises that Motilal is his long lost brother. Now the usual hitch appears. Both Prakash and Motilal love Nilu. Motilal falls sick in her love and Prakash is in a dilemma whether to opt for Love or Brother ?

Finally, he decided to go away and forget Nilu, so that Motilal gets Nilu. But Nilu makes it clear that she only loves Prakash and NOT Motilal. Motilal hears this and his eyes open wide. He decides to go away to Africa and the problem is solved thus.

8 songs of this film are already on this Blog, including a long 2-part song, out of total 10 songs.

Today’s song is sung by Asha Bhosle and chorus. Music Director Vinod, who shot to All india fame with the song “Lara lappa Lara Lappa” from film Ek thi Ladki-1949, could never repeat this success again in his career over 28 films. Ladla was a film when his career was on decline. After this film he did only few more films before he died on 25-12-1959.

Song-Haaye haaye re zamaana dekho (Laadla)(1954) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Dev Krishna, MD-Vinod
Female chorus

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

haayye haayye rey zamanaa aaa aan aaa
aan aaaa dekho
dekho zamaney ki raftaar
matlabi duniyaa matlabi yaar
haayye haayye rey ae zamanaa aaa aaa
dekho zamanaaa aaaa
dekho zamanaaa aaaa
dekho zamanaa dekho zamaanaa dekho zamaanaa dekho
haayye haayye rey zamanaa aaa aaa dekho

suno sunaayein ek kahaani
suno sunaayein ek kahaani
lakhpati seth hamaaraa
munh mein daant naa
aant pet mein
khaanw khaanw karey bechaaraa
(coughing sound)
munh mein daant naa
aant pet mein
khaanw khaanw karey bechaaraa
saanjh ki belaa khadaa akelaa
karey hamein ishaarey
saanjh ki belaa khadaa akelaa
karey hamein ishaarey
jab poochhaa to kehne lagaa
hum tere ishak ke maarey ae
jab poochhaa to kehne lagaa
hum tere issakk ke maarey
??? ???? kyaa sharmaanaaa
haayye haayye rey zamanaa aaa aaa aan dekho
dekho zamaaney ki raftaar
matlabi duniyaa matlabi yaar
haayye haayye rey zamanaa aaa aaa aa dekho

naam hai in kaa lattoo saahab
din ko dekhein taarey aey ae ae
din ko dekhein taarey
oyye din ko dekhein taarey ae ae
ek biwi do bachchey bhee hain
phir bhi baney kunwaarey aey ae ae
phir bhi baney kunwaarey ae
oyye phir bhi baney kunwaarey ae
ghar par biwi ration maangey
to ho jaate tang a..a
ghar par biwi ration maangey
to ho jaate tang a..a

baahaar ki farmaaish sun kar
phir jaaye inn ka rang a.a
baahaar ki farmaaish sun kar
phir jaaye inn ka rang a.a

aisey mardon se bach rehnaa
inn ka nahin thhikaanaa
aisey mardon se bach rehnaa
inn ka nahin thhikaanaa

naa doctor na vaidya samjhe
aisaa mard anjaanaa
haayye haayye rey zamanaa aaa aaa dekho
dekho zamaney ka raftaar
matlabi duniyaa matlabi yaar
haayye haayye rey zamanaa aaa aa aa dekho


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