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Door kahin ik aam ki bagiya

Posted on: February 6, 2023

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On February 06, 2022 the voice fell silent forever. Today is the first Remembrance Day of ‘Nightingale of India’. We can give her many adjective call her ‘Andaleeb-e-hindostan’ or ‘hindustan ki bulbul’. The government of India has awarded her the highest civilian award of ‘bharat ratna’.

I turn to Iqbal for inspiration. I was hoping to find something suitable for this occasion, as ‘bulbul’ figures prominently in Allama Iqbal’s poetry. I am not going too deep in the interpretation of this one, just reproducing the ghazal, with the translation in English, which I found on one of the sites on Allama Iqbal.

Ye Surood-e-Qumri-o-Bulbul Faraib-e-Gosh Hai

Ye Surood-e-Qumri-o-Bulbul Faraib-e-Gosh Hai
Batin-e-Hangama Abad-e-Chaman Khamosh Hai

These songs of turtle doves and nightingales are merely ear’s illusion
Behind this uproar the world of the garden is silent

Tere Pemanon Ka Hai Ye Ae Mai-e-Maghrib Asar
Khanda-Zan Saqi Hai, Sari Anjuman Be-Hosh Hai

O Western wine the effect of your goblets is only this
That cup‐bearer is laughing and the entire assembly is unconscious

Dehr Ke Gham Khane Mein Tera Pata Milta Nahin
Jurm Tha Kya Afreenish Bhi Ke Tu Ru-Posh Hai

In the world’s sorrowful house you are not traceable
Was creation also a crime so Your nature is concealed?

Ah, Dunya Dil Samajhti Hai Jise, Woh Dil Nahin
Pehlu-e-Insan Mein Ek Hangama-e-Khamosh Hai

Ah! What the world considers heart is not heart
In the human breast this is a silent tumult

Zindagi Ki Rah Mein Chal, Lekin Zara Bach Bach Ke Chal
Ye Samajh Le Koi Meena Khana Bar-e-Dosh Hai

Walk on the path of life but walk carefully
Understand that some glass work is on your shoulders

Jis Ke Dam Se Dilli-o-Lahore Hum Pehlu Huwe
Ah, Ae Iqbal! Woh Bulbul Bhi Ab Khamosh Hai

Through whom Delhi and Lahore were drawn together
Ah! Iqbal that nightingale is silent now.

This ghazal talks of Nightingale’s song, silence behind noises of the world, effect of wine (of power) on those who enjoy power, the role of ‘saaqi’ in this process, the true beauty of creation being invisible and untraceable in this sad world, a silent tumult in the human chest, the heart without characteristics of a real heart, an advice to be careful in the world as one carries delicate matters as baggage, etc.

The ghazal ends, stating that the nightingale which brought ‘Dilli’ and ‘Lahore’ closer is silent now. How appropriate!

It is just co-incidence that I started this post with the sentence ‘On February 06, 2022 the voice fell silent forever’ and afterwards found this ghazal which ends with a similar refrain. As expected, Iqbal never fails to impress, with vocabulary, which is unusual, yet relatable.

I will at least make a trilogy of posts as a tribute to a legend among all Indian artists. It disturbs me to hear people criticise her, whenever her name is mentioned in informal talks, during lunch time etc. Even without actively trying to dominate the hindi films singers’ field, which some allege Lata Mangeshkar did, she would have dominated and overshadowed her competition. There was lot of focus, dedication, talent, devotion to her singing and single-minded ambition involved in making her the voice of the nation, and it gave her the heights and glory, which she deserved and no one else could have achieved.
And the perfectionist in her would not have settled for anything less. There are hundreds of her songs, which are a legacy too varied, for any body to emulate. I have always held her voice, the shine of it, close to my heart. As a professional, she held the belief that she is the best and she would be the best. In this she was her own competition, and she competed with no one else.

Though the world of music does not consider hindi film music as a serious form of music. The format of writer, composer and singer being different persons, is a factor in this non-recognition. Despite this Lata Mangeshkar’s status as Indian vocalist is hers alone and this cannot be overstated and over rated.
This fact was amply acknowledged by the new age musician like A. R. Rehman. Lata Mangeshkar sang very few songs in the last 20 years, but majority of these songs are for ARR. ARR is forever, having unknown singers from his academy sing his songs. Many of the established playback singers of hindi films have sung for him, 1, 2 or 3 songs for him. Lata Mangeshkar would top this list with Sukhwinder Singh, as film after film, he had her sings bhajans, fusion songs and lullabies and sad songs. From ‘Dil Se’ to ‘Rang De Basanti’ to ‘Pukar’, the songs are many.

I am presenting here one such lullaby from the film Zubeida (2001), one of the well-known songs by Lata-ARR. The poetry is by Javed Akhtar.

Two songs from “Zubeida”(2001) are already on the blog:-

Song Date of posting
Dheeme dheeme gaaun dheere dheere gaaun 29 May 2019
Mehandi hai rachnewaali 4 October 2014

As a lullaby goes, this is softer and having a story of a ‘Shehzadi’. As all are asleep, the Shehzadi comes down from her home in the stars, to the child’s house. She brings with her all the sweet dreams with her and arranges those dreams on the child’s eyelashes. How endearingly the scene for the child to go to sleep is created, making he or she secure in the knowledge that the princess is going to come and give him sweet dreams as soon as he or she sleeps.

With ARR’s orchestration yet to reach the pinnacle in the new century, this is one of the best scores of that period. I have my favourites in this film’s songs too. But this ‘lori’ becomes all time classic in this genre, with Lata’s singing, not to mention the imagery of dreams brought down from the shining stars, that Javed Akhtar created.

Full Audio:

Part video:

Song-Door kahin ik aam ki bagiya (Zubeida)(2001) Singer-Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Javed Akhtar, MD-A R Rahman


hmmm mmm mmmm
hmmm hm hmmhmmhmm
hmmm mmm mmmm
hmmm hm hmmhmmhmm
aa aaaa
aahaahaa aaaa haaaaa

door kahin ik aam ki bagiyaa aa
door kahin ik aam ki bagiyaa
bagiyaa mein hai
thhandi chhaaon
chhaaon mein ik kachcha rastaa
raste mein pyaara sa gaaon
gaaon mein ik chhota sa ghar
ghar mein ik ujlaa sa aangan
aangan mein chandan ka palna
palne mein chandaa sa munnaa
munne ki aankhon mein nindiyaa aa
door kahin ik aam ki bagiyaa
bagiyaa mein hai
thhandi chhaaon
chhaaon mein ik kachcha rastaa
raste mein pyaara sa gaaon

neele neele aasmaan mein
taaron ka hai ek nagar
jagmag jagmag ik taare par
ek shehzaadi ka hai ghar
chupke chupke raat ko uthh ke
dhyaan se dekhe koyi agar
jhilmil jhilmil hai taare mein
uss shehzaadi ke zevar
shehzaadi ithhlaaye
shehzaadi ye gaaye
door kahin ik aam ki bagiyaa aa

aadhi raat jab ho jaati hai
jab duniya so jaati hai
taaron se shehzaadi utar ke
munne ke ghar aati hai
meethhe meethhe saare sapne
apne saathh woh laati hai ae
sote munne ki palkon pe
ye sapne woh sajaati hai ae
sirhaane wo aaye
haule se wo gaaye
door kahin ik aam ki bagiyaa aa aa


6 Responses to "Door kahin ik aam ki bagiya"

Such a heart-felt post.
Beautiful song. Wonder how I have missed it all these years. I have seen this film a few times. Don’t recall it in there. But from the singing I think it is filmed on Farida Jalal who looks after Karisma’s child .
Thank you Nahmji


No, it is not Farida Jalal, who is lip syncing only a few lines. It is not even Surekha Sikri who is Zubieda’s mother. It is some unknown actor, who looks familiar.

I have seen the movie only once, and this lori did not register with me also. I discovered it while looking for Lata songs in the 21st century. They deleted the full songs during editing.


the actress(Those days she is very thinner than today) who lip syncs for the song is
(Bhadki of famous
Doordarshan serial HUM LOG(1984),

She is very much popular these days (she has got very good roles in Breilly ki barfi(she acted as Kirti Sanon`s Mother) and Gangubai Kathiawadi(she acted as cruel kothewaali),
After marrying actor Manoj Pahwa, she became Seema Pahwa.
Seema pahwa also directed film/T.V.Series like Ramprasad ki tehrvi(2019) and Koi baat chale(2022)


Thank you Prakashchandraji for correcting me.
I think there is a Lori filmed on Farida Jalal too. Bcoz, in the movie, Zubeida leaves her toddler son with her mother when she marries the Rajput prince, played by manoj bajpai


Nahm ji,

A very good tribute indeed.



Thank you for reading the post and commenting.



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