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Gareebon ke daata gareebon ke waali

Posted on: February 10, 2023

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Today’s song is a Special song having a Historical Value. It is from the film Andhon ki Duniya-1947.

There is a solid reason why I am calling this song a Special song with Historical value. Every singer has a First song in his career. For an ordinary or a less famous singer this First song has no problem, but in the case of an established, famous, Popular and for one who has sung in several languages, the First Song has many cousins. First song means which song ? Is it the First recorded song, or the First released song, or First song in any language or First song in Hindi Film or First song filmed on the singer on screen or the First Playback song in Hindi film or a First song as NFS or a first solo song ?

Usually, for the popular, famous and multi-Language singer all the above varieties of ‘First Song’ are applicable. For the major singers like Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood etc or Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt, Shamshad Begum, Amirbai Karnataki, Zohrabai etc, the Hindi Film music lovers have already found out the various types of their ‘First Songs’. However, an important rule for any History – be it National History, Film history or Music history – is that the facts available today are only Correct till a new evidence is discovered and the Correct Fact of today is gone to accommodate the New fact.

Such things have happened in case of ALL major singers of Hindi films and now in cases of most singers the Facts are almost final for their songs. OR IS IT ?

Now, this is where today’s song which is a Special song with a Historical value comes in. In the case of the famous, evergreen and versatile singer Asha Bhosle, till today, her First Hindi film playback song was considered as “Saawan Aaya” from film ‘ Chunariya’-1948, but now new evidence has come to the fore which clearly proves that her First Hindi Film Playback Song is from film “Andhon ki Duniya”-1947. This is also a chorus song (like the Chunariya song, with 4 singers), in which the singers are Asha Bhosle, Zohrabai, Manmohan Krishna and Krishna Goel (as confirmed by film music historian shri Girdharilal ji Vishwakarma ).

This “New Fact” is confirmed after a video of an interview of Asha Bhosle, taken by shri. Vishwanath Sachdev, famous author and the ex-Editor of magazine Dharmayug appeared. In this video, Asha Bhosle herself confirms that her FIRST PLAYBACK SONG is from the film ” Andhon ki Duniya”-1947 and NOT the Chunariya song. This is an interview of 1993-94 period. Recently, this video appeared on the RMIM forum and senior members Pavan ji Jha and Girdharilal ji Vishwakarma provided all the details along with an MP3 recording of the song. So, out goes Hansraj Behl ji and in comes Vasant Desai ji as the composer of Asha’s First Hindi Film Playback Song !

Film Andhon ki Duniya-1947 was made by V. Shantaram’s Rajkamal Kalamandir Ltd. Bombay. It was directed by Keshavrao Datey. Keshavrao was a famous actor of early Marathi and Hindi films. He acted in 16 Hindi films, starting with film Pratibha-1937 and ending with Navrang-1959. Earlier, he had also directed another Hindi film- Kisi se na kehna-1942. Keshavrao Datey died on 13-9-1971 at the age of 82 years. His role of Rajguru in the Marathi film Amrit Manthan-1934 had become very famous. This role was done by Chandra Mohan in the film’s Hindi version. This too was famous.

The film’s Music Director was Vasant Desai. The cast was Leela Chitnis, Manmohan Krishna, Munawwar Sultana, Parshuram, Mahipal, Gulab and many others. Today’s song is mentioned in HFGK, but without names of singers or the Lyricist, though luckily the Record number is mentioned. One of the singers of this song is Manmohan Krishna, whose face can not be forgotten due to his bushy thick eyebrows. When this highly educated actor/singer joined the Hindi films, in his 2 early films, he was the hero, but soon he became a character artiste.

MANMOHAN KRISHNA was born on 11-8-1908, at Lahore in Punjab. He was a very studious person and always stood first in school. He completed his M.Sc. in Physics and started working as a Physics lecturer in a Lahore college. He was very fond of singing and also sang on Lahore Radio. Once when V. Shantaram visited Lahore, he heard Manmohan’s singing on stage and was impressed. Shantaram offered him the lead role in his forthcoming film, “Matwala Shair Ramjoshi”-1947, In this film Manmohan sang 6 solos and 3 duets with Zohrabai Ambalewali. However, his first song as a playback singer was in Shantaram’s film, ” Jeewan Yatra”-1946, under Vasant Desai’s baton.

In his career of more than 40 years, he acted in 183 films and directed 1 film – Noorie-1979. He also sang 24 songs in 8 films, namely Jeewan Yatra-46, Matwala Shayar Ramjoshi-47, Andhon ki duniya-47, Apna Desh-49, Afsar-50, Aaram-51, Railway Platform-55 and Shehar aur Sapna-1963. During his stay in Bombay, he anchored a Radio show ” Cadbury’s Phulwari” in the 50’s.

Manmohan Krishna was connected with Indian Peoples Theatre i.e. IPTA and acted in few of their dramas. Being an educated person, he was impressed with Nehruvian Secularism. He worked in films like Shehar aur Sapna by K. A.Abbas as well as the first Indo-Soviet film Pardesi-1957. He also got the Film Fare award for playing the role of Abdul Chacha in the film Dhool ka Phool-64. A song in this film ” Tu Hindu banega na Musalman banega ” shot on him, became very popular.

Being a member of the intelligentsia, he could not sell himself nor gel into the Hindi filmi world fully. He always fought against injustice. He established ‘ Yuvak Biradari ‘ for young Indians, which became a big organisation in due course.

He was a favourite of the Chopra Brothers and acted in most films made by them. Some of his famous films were Deewar, Trishul, Humraaz, Insaaf ka Tarazu, Joshila, Kanoon, Kala Pathar, Dhool ka phool, Waqt, Naya Daur etc. etc. He also worked in 12 Punjabi films. He was prominently spotted in any role due to his thick bushy eyebrows.

In Hindi films, he rarely got a hero’s role, barring few films, because of his ordinary look. He had no looks required for a Hero’s role in a commercial film, in those days. He was of course an excellent Character Artiste. Due to his nature, he kept away from Filmi parties and groupism. He had no real friends in the film industry. Manmohan krishna did not keep good health in his last few years and died at the age of 82 years, in Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, Bombay, on 3-11-1990.
( Based on some information from wiki, ‘Beete kal ke sitare’ by Shriram Tamrakar, muVyz, HFGK and my notes. Thanks to all.)

I thank my friend Shri Abhay Jain ji from the USA for providing this song and our friend Shri Sadanand Kamath ji for uploading it for me.

Let us now enjoy the chorus song, which brought the popular, versatile Asha ji into Hindi Film Playback singing….

Song- Gareebon ke daataa gareebon ke waali (Andhon Ki Duniya)(1947) Singers- Asha Bhosle, Zohrabai Ambalawali, Man Mohan Krishna, Krishna Goel, Lyricist- Not known, MD- Vasant Desai


Gareebon ke daataa
gareebon ke waali
Gareebon ke daataa
gareebon ke waali
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
vadde ham hain kaise
andhere ke paale
ye aankhon ke parde
gire kaale kaale
jinhen dekho kar raushani munh chhupa le
nikal jaaye chupke se ghoonghat nikaale
hamen ye kasi(?) hai
amaawas deewaali
hamen ye kasi(?) hai
amaawas deewaali
Gareebon ke daataa aa aa

Gareebon ke daataa
gareebon ke waali
Gareebon ke daataa
gareebon ke waali
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
hamen kya khabar
tere dwaare hain kaise
tere chaand sooraj sitaare hain kaise
siyaah baadalon mein ishaare hain kaise
bhare bijliyon mein sharaare hain kaise
unhen hamse kudrat ki kudrat chhipaa li
unhen hamse kudrat ki kudrat chhipaa li
Gareebon ke daataa haaan

tere dar pe aaye hain aen aen
ban kar sawaali
nahin maaangte ae ae ae
aankhen hum khaali khaali
hamen chaahiye ae
noor e raushan khayaali
ata kar hamen aen aen aen
neki aur fikre khayaali ee ee
hamen daan de dee
ki rangi(?) jamaali
hamen daan de dee
ki rangi(?) jamaali
Gareebon ke daataa aa aa

khule man ki aankhen
samajh ke sahaare
samajh paaye kudrat ke saare ishaare
bane bijliyaan
bane bijliyaan kal bana ke sharaare
utar aaye dil mein tere chaand taare
ae ae ae ae
dikhaa is tarah apni shaan e jalali
dikhaa is ratah apni shaan e jalali
Gareebon ke daataa aa aa


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Thanks for thr article and for introducing to Asha Bhosle’s first Hindi film song. Thank you for the information on Manmohan Krishna.


Dr.Anup Phadke ji,
Thanks for your appreciation and comments.

Liked by 2 people

This is a pathbreaking discovery. Heartiest congratulations and thanks.


AK ji,
Thank you very much for your appreciation and comments.


This is completely new information to me.
Thanks Arunkumarji for this valuable input.


Dhananjay Kurane ji,
Thank you for your valuable comments and appreciation. Recognition of hard work, works like an encouragement.
Thanks again.


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