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Nain so nain nahin milaao

Posted on: September 12, 2008

“Jhanak Jhanak Paayal Baaje” was a musical blockbuster of its time. This movie had many songs that broke new ground in the history of Bollywood filmy music.

One of the memorable songs from this movie was this duet sung by Lata and Hemant Kumar. And just notice the lyrics. Hasrat Jaipuri, considered a shayar, has written this song where you cannot find any trace of urdu shayari. The words are written in simple semi rural dialect of Hindi spoken in UP.

Vasant Desai, known for his semi classical music excelled in this movie, and not just in this song.

Song-Nain so nain nahin milaao ( Jhanak jhanak paayal baaje) (1955) Singers-Lata, Hemant Kumar, Lyrics- Hasrat Jaipuri, MD- Vasant Desai


nain so nain naahin milaao
nain so nain naahin milaao
dekhat surat aawat laaj, saiyyan
pyaar se pyaar aake sajaao
pyaar se pyaar aake sajaao
madhur milan gaawat aaj, guiyaan
nain so nain naahin milaao
nain so nain …

aa …
kheencho kamaan maaro ji baan
kheencho kamaan maaro ji baan
rut hai jawaan o more praan
– ruk kyon gaye?

tumne chori kar li kamaan
kaise maarun preet ka baan, guiyaan
nain so nain naahin milaao
nain so nain …

rim jhim jhim gaaye jharnon ki dhaar
dil ko lubhaaye koyal pukaar
– nahin!
– to phir?
jharanon ki dhaaron mein teraa sangeet
gaaye koyal teraa hi geet, guiyaan
nain so nain naahin milaao
nain so nain …

neele gagan pe jhoomenge aaj
neele gagan pe jhoomenge aaj
baadal kaa pyaar dekhenge aaj

baadal naiyya hai bijli patwaar
ham-tum chal dein duniyaa ke paar, guiyyaan
nain so nain naahin milaao
dekhat surat aawat laaj, saiyyaan
nain so nain naahin milaao
nain so nain …

11 Responses to "Nain so nain nahin milaao"

This is a beautiful song, Atul.
I love it.


Simple and elegant song, this.


Beautiful song. One of the best semi-classical songs composed for Hindi films.

I remember this was one of the songs we learnt to sing in my vocal music class and because I am such a Hemant Kumar Fan and I worked quite hard on this one! 🙂


Indeed, Vasant Desai and V Shantaram together created many musical masterpieces in 1950s.


Hi, thanks for this song. What does ‘guiyaan’ mean though?


I believe it means woman in English and ‘Naari’, ‘Stree’, ‘Devi’ in Hindi. It sound like dialect from Northern India. Have you ever come across word ‘Log Lugai’ ? Log is masculine and Lugai is feminine


“log lugaai” means “nar naari” in UP dialect.


Atul, on some of the LP covers I see on google, it shows the lyricist for the movie as Bharat Vyas.


I too thought the lyricist was Bharat Vyas. Shanta ram/Bharat Vyas/Vasant Desai was the comoination for Rajkamal Kalamandir movies until late in the 60’s, I think.

This is worth checking.


My 78 RPM record of this song shows lyricist as Hasrat Jaipuri.

I also thought that Bharat Vyas had penned this song. I had a same misunderstanding with the song ‘Sanson ki taar ka dhadkan ki taal par dil ki pukaar ka rang bhare pyar ka, geet gaya pattharon ne’ which was also written by Hasrat Jaipuri.


This is a lovely song. Brought back memories almost three decades old, which was when i had seen this movie. Jhanak jhanak payal baje is one of my favourite movies and all its songs are awesome. great job atul!


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