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Aaj na chhodenge

Posted on: March 11, 2009

This must have been the very first Holi song that I became aware of as a child. Still, when I was posting Holi songs, I forgot all about this song. I must surely be getting old and amnesiac.

After all this movie is “Kati Patang” and the movie was full of blockbuster songs for all occasions, including Holi.

This song was sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata and it was picturised on Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh. Anand Bakshi wrote the song and R D Burman was the music director.

This song was easily the most popular Holi song for the earlier years of 1970. Kishore Kumar is at his absolute best in this song. Same can be said about Anand Bakshi’s lyrics and R D Burman’s music. And Rajesh Khanna of course had become a superstar with movies like this.

Song-Aaj na chhodenge (Kati Patang) (1970) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


He aaj na chhodenge
aaj na chhodenge bas hamjoli
khelenge ham holi
khelenge ham holi
Chahe bheege
chaahe bheege teri chunariya
chaahe bheege re choli
khelenge ham holi
Holi hai

Apni apni qismat hai ye
koi hanse koi roye
haan koi hanse koi roye
ho rang se koi ang bhigoye re koi
ansuwan se nain bhigoye
ho ansuwan se nain bhigoye

rahne do ye bahaana
kyaa karegaa zamaana
ho tum ho kitni bholi
hoy khelenge ham holi
aaj na chhodenge bas hamjoli
khelenge ham holi
khelenge ham holi

ho ho
ho ho
aise tod gaye hain
mujhse ye sukh saare
haan mujhse ye sukh saare
ho jaise jalti aag kisi van me
chhod gaye banjaare
ho chhod gaye banjaare

dukh hai ik chingaari
bhar ke ye pichkaari
ho aayi maston ki toli
hoy khelenge ham holi
aaj na chhodenge
haan aaj na chhodenge bas hamjoli
khelenge ham holi
khelenge ham holi
chaahe bheege teri chunariya
chaahe bheege re choli
khelenge ham holi
khelenge ham holi

he he
he he


6 Responses to "Aaj na chhodenge"

What a plethora of Holi songs! Is Holi still celebrated with the same gusto these days, I wonder? You certainly brought back the mood with all these songs.

By the way, I seem to remember a Holi scene in namak haraam but I cannot find the song in the lists of Namak Haraam songs online. I also remember a song by Rafi, “Tan rang lo ji aaj man rang lo…”, which sounds like a Holi song, and it is from the movie Kohinoor. I am sure one could find more Holi songs if one looks very hard!

Happy Holi, everyone!

Holi is indeed the most important festival in many North India states.

Now that you have mentioned it, that “Namak Haram” song is very much a Holi song, and same is the case with “Kohinoor” song. But I think I have posted enough Holi songs already and I will post the remaining Holi songs later (may be during next year’s Holi).

I just love this song. Can watch it any number of times.
In fact all the songs in this movie are very good. You can just keep listening to them.

I can’t seem to load the video…what is wrong in my end?

Super Star Rajesh Khanna evoked a type of hysteria in India that only Elvis and the Beatles did in the West. The receptivity to his persona was due to the actor’s exuberant presence on screen. The masses felt a type of “deliverance” to a higher and better level through his films. They were elevated and taken forward. They wanted this progress; to cast off the “static” patterns of the past. There was no mere identification with Super Star Rajesh Khanna. He broke all previous success barriers without a godfather or godmother to guide him or shower their favouritism to him. He did it alone and so was called “superstar” for the same reason. Super Star Rajesh Khanna in the eyes of the Indian cinema-goer was taking movies ahead in quantam leaps. Wherever he took them, they would follow. This was a celluolid utopia no one had experienced before or since. As an actor, he broke out of orbit to become a “superstar” and lead. Super Star Rajesh Khanna delivered the cinema from a usual place, and ended “where they lived well” to the other, “but we lived better”. Until another breaks his unforgettable groundbreaking precedent of euphoric conditions, he is still ’the pride of the nation” and the “National Super Star.”

Rajesh Khanna – The Greatest Living Legend and the real & only Super Star of Indian Cinema till date.

There are romantic leading men and there are romantic leading men, but very few have taken cinematic love to legendary heights. While there might be other icons but Super-Star- Actor Rajesh Khanna after four decades, he is the ultimate true romantic legend.

Manohar, we already know that Rajesh Khanna was a phenomenon. There is no need to further convince the already convinced. 😀

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