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Dil ki lagi aisi re aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein

Posted on: May 29, 2010

I have been blogging about Bollywood songs for some 22 months now. All these days, I have been given farmaishes to post certain songs. Then on some occasions, I have been sent clips of songs to identify. And luckily I was able to identify those songs with their movies, singers etc.

Sometimes back I was sent an e mail, in which I was asked to identify a song from the few words of the song that the e mail sender remembered.

The e mail read:

Hi Atul:

I really enjoy your Bollywood song a day blog
and am subscribed to it.

I am searching for an old film song from my schoolboy days.
It was sung by a female singer — can’t remember who.
The words of the song are:

दिलकी लगी, कैसी रे ? तडपा करूँ, तेरे प्यार में !
मीठी चुभन, कैसी रे ? आहें भरूँ, तेरे प्यार में !

Maybe some of the words are wrong.
It has been so long ago.

and little school boys pick up and remember
only what they understand.

Wonder if you can identify it.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards
(age: 52, Mumbai)

This e mail had me stumped. I was not aware of such lyrics, and I thought that this must be an obscure song from some obscure movie. This became a challenge to me, and I spent time on it when I was supposed to do my day job (yes,believe it or not, I have a day job too. 🙂 )

Like they do in detective serials, I got busy searching for the song based on the clues. After going through fingerprints, DNA analysis, carbon dating and other such sophisticated techniques, I finally nailed the culprit. It was like an Erle Stanley Gardner novel or an Agatha Christie crime novel where the least suspected person turns out to be the murderer. 🙂

And the song in question was one that I was already aware of ! In fact I had posted another song from this movie as a special song, viz the 1900th song of this blog ! The reason why this particular song did not ring a bell earlier was because I had never suspected that this song had this kind of lyrics !

I e-mailed Mr Ram with my findings. I did not receive an acknowledgement, so I am not aware whether he read my reply or not. But I must say that searching for this song was quite a satisfying exercise for me.

The female singer who sung the song is Lata. The words were “dil ki lagi kaisi re” instead of “dil ki lagi aisi re”. I found that the song was from “Sharaarat”. Like in a classic crime novel, I found myself being led to the wrong “Sharaarat”. Yes, there were more than one movie by the same name. I was looking for this song in “Sharaarat” (1959). Then it hit me ! This movie had to be “Sharaarat” (1972). I searched there, and I hit the jackpot !

And this movie is not all that obscure either. This movie had Vishwajeet and Mumtaz in lead roles. It was a Manmohan Desai movie, no less.

This song under question is written by Hasrat Jaipuri. And what pleases me the most about this song is that it is a creation of my favourite (and highly underrated and under achieving) music director, viz Ganesh.

This is a dance song, sung with gusto by Lata and it is picturised on Mumtaz and others. Mumtaz dancing on a Lata song during her heydays ! It cannot get any better !

This is a fantastic song in all respects.

I have chosen to post this song for a very special occasion for this blog. This song is a very special song for this blog in the sense that it is the 2500th song of this blog. When I had started this blog, I had looked up to the figure of 2500 as the holy grail. I had thought that reaching this magic figure would take me ages and that by that time I would have covered all the great songs that were there to be covered.

I was wrong on these counts, of course. I have reached the magic figure in less than two years, and having reached there, I find that I have only scratched the surface as far as covering all the great songs are concerned,. I now realise that the journey to cover, uncover and discover the great songs of Bollywood is a very long journey indeed and the holy grail is nowhere in sight. In other words, I will continue to remain busy posting “new” songs in the forseeable future.

I hope that the visitors of this blog will continue to shower their blessings, encouragements, suggestions, comments etc, so that this blog continues to scale new heights. This is a labour of love, as I keep repeating, and let this love affair with Bollywood movie songs continue for a long time to come.

I once again thank all my well wishers on this occasion. Thank you all.



Song-Dil ki lagi aisi re aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein (Sharaafat) (1972) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Ganesh


ai ai ai ai
ai ai ai ai ayya
dil ki lagi aisi re
aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein
meethi chubhan kaisi re
tadpa karoon tere pyaar mein
ke khone lage ye nain
kahaan dil ko chain
wo haal huaa taubaa
dil ki lagi aisi re
aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein
meethi chubhan kaisi re
tadpa karoon tere pyaar mein

saanson ka tez chalnaa
saanson ka tez chalnaa
ye dil dhadakna
uyi main karoon kyaa
armaan ka yoon machalna
ye dil dahakna
uyi main karoon kyaa
ghadi ghadi dil
bole piyaa mil
main raah takoon teri
dil ki lagi
dil ki lagi aisi re
aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein

hirni si dolti hoon
hirni si dolti hoon
main ghoomti hoon
tere chaman mein
bijli si naachti hoon
main jhoomti hoon
tere nagar mein
jo teri dagar wo meri dagar
main pyaar bhari koyal
dil ki lagi
uyi maan
dil ki lagi aisi re
aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein

raaton ko so naa paaun
raaton ko so naa paaun
main chaunk jaaun
kesar si ankhiyaan
main tera naam boloon
ye raaz kholoon
to chheden sakhiyaan
tere huye ham
o teri qasam
ke pyaar huaa tumse
dil ki lagi
haay ri
dil ki lagi aisi re
aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein
meethi chubhan kaisi re
tadpa karoon tere pyaar mein

10 Responses to "Dil ki lagi aisi re aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein"

Wow…first of all, HEARTY CONGRATS on getting to 2500 !!!
That is one hell of an achievement !
That is like a cricket career of 10000 Test runs !
What was that saying about “tinka tinka jod ke ashiana banaya hai” or something like that ? Or maybe “nasheman” banaya hai ? A word I learnt from you a few days ago. 😉

Like you say, it is a labour of love – and that makes it so much more special. You spend hours of your spare time on doing your bit to preserve the legacy of music directors, singers, lyricists – many of whom are either forgotten, or whose work is gathering dust.
Keep going – you can count on us. To support you and sing with you all the way. And to give you farmaishes. 😉

I look forward to your blog every single day though I may not comment on every song or every day. By now, you have probably had enough of my comments. 😉


Oops, did not even talk about the song.
You won’t believe this – I was listening to this song just 2 days ago ! I was looking at a youtube clip, this came up as a suggestion on the sidebar and I listened to it after ages. I was thinking of sending it to you as a farmaish but am glad that you were already working on it.

Mumu, in a dance in any movie or song – whether from the 60s or 70s – is always a treat. What I like about her dances is that they are usually very lively and colorful. You can “feel the love” (to use a term memsaab uses 😉 ).

Lovely song for the 2500th.


Thanks a lot for your detailed comments, Raja. That has certainly made my day.


Congratulations, Atul, on reaching your 2500th song! That is no mean achievement, considering the amount of time you put into this blog, looking up the song, listening to each one till you have the lyrics right, and then putting it all down for our listening and viewing pleasure. It is truly a labor of love, as you put it.

I was surprised that I didn’t remember this song, considering the time period was while I was still in India and an ardent fan of filmi songs. Oh well, it is never too late to enjoy a song, which I did. Thanks, Atul, for finding the song and writing about it. Btw, now that you have proved to be such a good detective, there is one song that I am looking for, it goes Dil ki lagan laagi aur aisi agan jaagi yeh dil hua deewana jaisa jhuka jhuka jaaye … I probably heard this before 1960 or 61, it is sung by Lata and could be a duet with a few lines by the male singer! However, the song is imprinted in my brain because it is definitely a mood uplifter!

Thanks for the great job you are doing, Atul!


Thanks for your coments, Lalitha. One of the reasons why this blog is embedded with gems after gems is because of the farmaishes by you. Your farmaishes often made me aware of songs that were unknown to me.

The song that you ask me to detect is before my time, but I will investigate it, of course.


Dear Atul,

Very very hearty congs. on completion of 2500 songs.
The person like r doing a great selfless service to the cause of music.It is the great efforts of u people which keep the past songs / music alive & also making the new generation aware of the rich old/past music. I am 60 yrs old (working in saudi arabia ) & a die hard fan of GEETA DUTT , & love ur this music blog too much. God bless u.


Thanks a lot for your kind comments.


Congrats Atul on 2500–there’s got to be a name attached to this number (well in Hindi there is dhai hazaar? I think). So glad Mumtaz made it from B movies to top heroine. She really brings the screen alive and I love it when she says meethi chuban.


Thanks, Sophy ! This song is indeed a special song. When I look back, I can barely believe that I have managed to post 2500 songs in less than two years.


[…] This song is from “Sharaarat” (1972). In a movie that was full of superb songs, viz Dil ki lagi aisi re aahen bharoon tere pyaar mein and Dil ne pyaar kiyaa hai ik bewafaa se , this song was somewhat overshadowed. This song is an […]


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