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Aap yahaan aaye kis liye

Posted on: September 15, 2010

This movie was the vehicle to launch the career of Randhir Kapoor. And Raj Kapoor pulled all stops to ensure that this movie was the perfect launching pad for his first born.

For one, this movie showcased all the generations of Kapoors in this movie, which was something unprecedented in the history of Hindi movies.

Secondly, no cost was spared to hire the best talents for all the departments of movie making. It meant that Shankar Jaikishan, till then the most successful music composers of all time in Hindi movie history were hired to compose music. The most popular male singer of the time, Kishore Kumar was called upon to sing for Randhir Kapoor, a distinction that Randhir Kapoor shared with the then reigning superstar Rajesh Khanna.

And the storeline was tailormade for Randhir Kapoor to ensure that he was not called upon to exert much as an actor. He had to just play imself. And to ensure that, Babita (soon to become his real life wife) was signed up to act opposite him.

If ever there was a case of a gift horse being presented on a platter to an aspiring actor, here is a perfect gift horse we are looking act.

And that was not all. Even in subsequent movies, Randhir Kapoor kept getting meaty roles in big banners which his contemporary beginners (like a certain Amitabh Bachchan for example) could only dream about. Manmohan Desai, now known as the man to launch Amitabh Bachchan’s career to outer orbit, signed up Randhir Kapoor and he must have actually entertained hopes of pulling off with Randhir Kapoor what he finally pulled off with Amitabh Bachchan.

And the most popular musical talents would create the music for Randhir Kapoor movies. The songs would go on to became hugely popular. What more can one hope for !

Despite all this spoon feeding, Randhir Kapoor just did not have it in him to become a hero. He pottered around for nearly one decade as hero of flop movies and then as side hero to Amitabh Bachchan (in Kasme Vaade) before finally getting reconciled to movie direction. In the meanwhile, his younger sibling, Rishi Kapoor capitalised fully on his launch vehicle (Bobby) and he made the most of it to have a long and successful career.

This tale shows that connections and unstinted backing by influential backers can take one only to a certain level if it is not backed by ability.

All that was into the future though, when “Kal Aaj aur kal” (1971) was launched. At that time, many people may have felt that the next generation of Kapoor Khaandaan had made a beginning with a bang. Neither his father nor his uncles had it this easy in their debuts. They all had to struggle for years to make it big.

Here is this song from “kal aaj aur kal” (1972) whose popularity was to be seen to be believed. It is a romantic song par excellence and every pair of lovers can identify with the sentiments expressed in this song. Even I, a pre teen kid and therefore one who was not supposed to entertain such thoughts, could identify with the song. 😀

This song was sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle and it was picturised on Randhir Kapoor and Babita. Neeraj was the lyricist.

Personally I love this song even today. May be it is because I was an impressionable kid at that time. Or may be because it is truly an outstanding song, which ultimately got wasted on a good for nothing actor.

Song-Aap yahaan aaye kisliye (Kal Aaj Aur Kal) (1972) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle,Lyrics-Neeraj,MD-Shankar Jaikishan


aap yahaan aaye
aapne bulaayaa
aaye hain to kaam bhi bataayiye
haa haa
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye
aap yahaan aaye
aji aapne bulaayaa isliye
aaye hain to kaam bhi bataayiye
naa naa
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye
muskuraane ki na koyi baat hai
aji dekhiye to kyaa haseen raat hai
oho kaam to bataayiye bataayiye
na na na
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye
aap yahaan aaye kisliye?

tere binaa haay
haan ?
neend nahin aati hai
really !
yaad teri aakar
roz tadpaati hai
sachmuch ?
apnaa banaa lo
haath zaraa thaam lo
waah waah waah
baar baar poochho naa
kyaa ?
dil se bhi kaam lo
kaam to bataao
kaam seedhaa saadhaa hai
bolo bolo
aji lenaa ek waadaa hai
kyaa ?
aajaa aajaa
shaadi kaa iraadaa hai,
shaadi kaa iraadaa hai
shaadi kaa iraadaa hai
shaadi? aur tumse?
shaadi kaa iraadaa hai
no no no
naa baabaa naa
magar kyon?
shaadi to barbaadi hai
kyaa kahti ho?
chhin jaati aazaadi hai
bye bye
suno to
mona suno to
Ta Ta

aap yahaan aaye kisliye?
aapne bulaayaa isliye
aaye hain to kaam bhi bataayiye
haa haa
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye

aap yahaan aaye
arre !
aapne bulaayaa
aaye hain to kaam bhi bataayiye
haa haa
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye
aap yahaan aaye
aapne bulaayaa isliye
aaye hain to kaam bhi bataayiye
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye
muskuraane ki na koyi baat hai
aji dekhiye to kyaa haseen raat hai
kaam to bataayiye bataayiye
ha ha ha
pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye
aap yahaan aaye kisliye?

maine kahaa
kaam to bataayiye
kaam seedhaa sadaa hai
lenaa ek waadaa hai
pyaar to nibhaaoge
bhool to na jaaoge
na bhoolungaa
doli leke aaoge
shaadi bhi rachaaoge
cinema dikhaaoge
khana bhi pakaaoge
bachhe bhi khilaaoge
roz na sataaoge
kabhi nahin
phir toham tumhare hain
very good
tere hi sahaare hain
jolly good
dil bhi tumhaara hai
kyaa kahne
ham bhi tumhaare hain
waah waah waah waah waah
ham bhi tumhaare hain
waah waah waah
ham bhi tumhaare hain

7 Responses to "Aap yahaan aaye kis liye"

hey atulji
tell me can this song be put in the “Question Answer” category. then there will be other songs also that can join it. for example the “Joru Ka Ghulam” number that u ve already posted: “Nainon Main Nindiya hai”
to this list we can add
Woh Kya Hai Ek Mandir Hai– From Anuraag
Ankhon Main Kya ji Rupahela Baadal—From Nau Do Gyaraah
chori chori chupke chupke tere mere bin is kamre main aur kaun hai—from Dev Anand’s Warrant
there is one more song from a Sanjay Khan Hema Malini movie which used to be very much loved. can’t remember it immediately.
what say?


just remembered the Hema malini Sanjay Khan number–Ek Cheese Maang The Hai Hum Tumse Pehli Baar


Yes, this is a good category to have.


Very nice. I remember this too. Guess I am a child of the 70s 😉

Here are some other songs in the question-answer, problem solving category I love:
Accha to hum chalte hain—Aan milo sajna (RK/Asha charmer)
Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho–Bobby (Rsi/Dimple so darn cute)
Hamne dekha ek sapna, kya deka — Samadhi (GDharam–’nuff said)


there was one other question answer song in “Dushman”– “Maine Dekha Tune Dekha”


Suno kaho–Aap ki kasam (Kaka/Mumtaz) is another fantastic song in this category. RK is the sort of guy that can take a girls breath away. Just re-remembered that after watching him and that song after a long time.


and is anyone aware that this was a movie directed by Randhir Kapoor himself


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