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Khaamosh nigaahen ye sunaatin hain kahaani

Posted on: December 13, 2010

I have mentioned it that I know very little about the movies and actors that came before late 1940s. For instance, I have very little knowledge about this movie called “Daasi” (1944). As the name of the movie suggests, this movie has to be about a woman suffering at the hand of her husband. But that is all the knowledge I have. Then I have the songs of this movie to go by.

And what songs this movie had. The artists of this era who have created the songs of this movie were second to none compared to the artists of the golden era that was to follow a few years later.

This song “Khaamosh nigaahen” is a background song and tells us about the hapless lady left alone in the world with a young child. The voice and the lyrics are quite moving and makes the listener feel for the lady and her kid even today.

The song is sung by S D Batish. D N Madhok is the lyricist. As I discover more and more of his lyrics, I am highly impressed with the lyrics of D N Madhok.

Music is composed by Pt Amarnath. Pt Amarnath, as we know was the elder brother of Husnlal and Amarnath, who were also music directors.

Very little information is available about the actors of this movie. Based on this sketchy information, I guess that the lady shown in the picturisation is Ragini. I have no idea about the kid shown in the picturisation.

Here is this forgotten gem from the early days of Hindi movie music.



Song-Khaamosh nigaahen ye sunaati hain kahaani (Daasi) (1944) singer-S D Batish,Lyrics-D N Madhok,MD-Pt Amarnath


Khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen ye sunaati hain kahaani
khaamosh nigaahen ye sunaati hain kahaani
lo aaj chali thokaren khaane ko jawaani
khaamosh nigaahen

ye maan liyaa panchhi
ye maan liyaa kaat liye par hai kisi ne
par dil ki kahaani to hai piyaa ko sunaani
khaamosh nigaahen

har su hai andheraa to diyaa ik bhi jale kyun
phooti huyi qismat ko hai ab thokaren khaani
khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen

hai raat suhaani diye jalte hain hazaaron
hasrat ke andhere se bani aaj deewaani
aaj deewaani
khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen

shaayad ye tere ujde huye dil ki hai tasweer
paani ki rawaani mein chiraagon ki rawaani
paani ki rawaani mein chiraagon ki rawaani
khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen

ghar-baar ujaadaa teri furqat mein junoon se
ghar-baar ujaadaa teri furqat mein junoon se
seene se lagaa rakhi hai ik teri nishaani
ik teri nishaani
khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen

baazaar mein dhoondhaa tujhe galiyon mein pukaaraa
afsos kisi ne naa suni aur naa maani
afsos kisi ne naa suni aur naa maani
khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen

din-raat tujhe dhoondh rahi
din-raat tujhe dhoondh rahi
hai meri aankhen
jaayenge jahaan le chale ashqo ki rawaani
khaamosh nigaahen

taqdeer dar-e-yaar pe
taqdeer dar-e-yaar pe aakhir mujhe laayi
sun dil ki kahaani meri aankhon ki zubaani
sun dil ki kahaani meri aankhon ki zubaani
khaamosh nigaahen
khaamosh nigaahen

6 Responses to "Khaamosh nigaahen ye sunaatin hain kahaani"

SD Batish was a very good classical based singer which is very clear in this song itself raising his voice to highest pitch without loosing its soothness.
He later shifted to USA and now his children and their families runs an achademy there teaching music,
SD in his name stands for Shiv Dayal.


I find that listening to the voices other than the usual voices comes like a breath of fresh air. Listeing to S D Batish’s voice in this song made for such a refeshing change.


This is voice of Shiv Dayal Batish who was from my birth place Patiala and was very popular Radio Singer at Lahore. He gave music in large number of films after partition. Settled in Bombay and migrated to UK and ultimately settled in Santa Cruz, California , United States of America where he breathed his last. He was a victim of Partition and lost everything at Lahore where from he came to his birth place Patiala. I have learnt that he learnt classical music and the Patiala Gharana style is reflecting in his voice in this Song which I heard when I was a student of sixth or seventh class. It was a very popular song of those days.
Ravinder Nath Watts, San Lorenzo, California.


New Video link :


as per HFGK
This is a multiple version song
Part 1:”Khamosh nigaahein yeh sunaathi hain kahaani…..”:S.D.Batish
Part 2: “Ghar baar ujaadaa….”:S.D.Batish
I think the blog covered both 1st and 2nd part of this Multiple version song in one post


audio link of part 2: “Ghar baar ujaadaa”


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