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Jaane waale sipaahi se poochho

Posted on: January 31, 2011

“Usne Kahaa Thhaa” (1960) is a critically acclaimed movie starring Sunil Dutt and Nanda. And importantly for this blog, the movie has some nice songs in it as well. I have discussed as many as three songs from this movie already. here is the fourth song from this movie.

The prelude to the song finds Sunil Dutt (Nandu), a army recruit, face to face with Nanda (Kamli) on the railway platform where armymen have come to catch their train and the family members of the armymen have come to send them off. Nandu is shocked to find that Kamli (who was his love and he wanted to marry her) is married to Hawaldar Ram Singh, his superior in army.

After receiving this jolt, Nandu boards the train where this poignant song gets played.

Here is this song from “Usne Kaha Thha”(1960). The song is sung by Manna Dey. Lyrics is written by Maqdoom Mohiuddin which is a “new” name for me. Music is composed by Salil Chaudhary. Here is this superb moving song, which happens to be a rail song as well.



Song-Jaane waale sipaahi se poochho (Usne Kahaa Thhaa) (1960) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Maqdoom Mohiuddin, MD-Salil Chaudhary


jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai

ishq hai qaatil-e-zindagaani
khoon se tar hai uski kahaani
haay maasoom bachpan ki yaaden
haay do roz ki naujawaani
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai

kaise sahme huye hain nazaare
kaise dar dar ke chalte hain taare
kyaa jawaani kaa khoon ho rahaa hai
surkh hai aanchalon ke kinaare
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai

kaun dukhiyaa hai jo gaa rahi hai
bhookhe bachchon ko bahlaa rahi hai
laash jalne ki boo aa rahi hai
zindagi hai ki chillaa rahi hai
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai
jaane waale sipaahi se poochho
wo kahaan jaa rahaa hai

4 Responses to "Jaane waale sipaahi se poochho"

This is a moving song that used to be played all the time during the Sino-Indian conflict in ’62. Patriotism ran high in those days, and I remember hearing this song, esp before the Republic Day Parade, because the rehearsals took place outside my house – we were living in the India Gate area at that time. I had forgotten all about this song until now when I listened to it here. Thanks for finding this song, Atul!


Atul ji, Lalitha ji,

Yes, truly a poignant and moving story and picturization. The subsequent story is also very touching. At this time of departure, there is a very brief exchange between Kamli and Nandu, where she simply requests him to take care of Ram Singh. This exchange plays out later during the battlefields. Their unit is deployed in Europe. It is winters, the trenches are full of snow, and their situation is miserable. Both Ram Singh and Nandu are injured and sick, Nandu is in more serious condition. An occasional transport becomes available for carrying the injured soldiers back to the base. Orders come to transfer Nandu back to base. On his turn, he gives up his seat and sends Ram Singh to the base. All because Us Ne Kahaa Thhaa, Kamli ne kahaa thhaa.



Another interesting side note; in the movie ‘Ek Mutthi Aasmaan’ there is a Manna Dey song, picturized on Pran in the movie.

mere dil pe kya kya guzri hai
tu ki samjhenga tainu ki dassiye

In this song, in one of paras, he describes how he met his beloved, who could not be his in life. The description is exactly the episode of Nandu meeting Kamli and then losing her.

The para goes something like this,

chanchal si ik raani thhi
chadti nadi si jawaani thhi
dahi ki ek dukaan pe wo
aisi adaa se mili mujhko
hum jo miley milte hi rahe
saare jahaan ke taane sahe
ik din kahin se doli aayee
lekar us ko chal di
pataa na tthha mujhko meri duniya
lutegi itni jaldi

I will try to locate this song and send to you.





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