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Chhod kar tere pyaar ka daaman

Posted on: January 31, 2011

Video link and lyrics of this song are provided by Atif M, a new reader of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movies songs.

I have not seen “Wo Kaun Thhi” (1964) but I know that Manoj Kumar and Sadhana were the lead actors in this movie. Knowing Hindi movies, the lead duo in Hindi movies must fall in love and sing romantic duets. I have posted as many as five songs from this movie and I just realised that none of these songs were romantic duets picturised on the lead pair. There were songs picturised on them, but those songs were solo songs sung by Lata (and lip synced by Sadhana). In other words, Manoj Kumar did not get to lip sync in the songs picturised on Manoj Kumar and Sadhana.

Now, a hero not getting to lip sync even one romantic duet is not done. And so, we indeed have a romantic duet picturised on Manoj Kumar in this movie. But the lady opposite him in this song is not Sadhana, but Helen. So our would be Mr Bharat cheated on his leading lady in this movie ? I have not watched the movie, so I would not know whether it was a case of cheating or some other circumstances that makes him sing a romantic song with Helen, who is normally known to sing a solo item number and vanish from the movie.

This song, which is a “new” song for me is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Lata. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan is the lyricist. Madan Mohan is the music director.

Normally I write down the lyrics of the songs and provide a link, but here these tasks (which take most of the time in the writeup of any song that I post) have been done by a new reader of this blog, viz Atif M. He has kindly offered to provide me lyrics and links of songs, so that I may be able to increase my output. It is very kind and considerate of you, Atif. you have done a great job in writing down the lyrics of this song. And it goes without saying that your help will go a long way in keeping this labour of love going at a good rate.

So here is this song from “Wo Kaun Thhi” (1964).



Song-Chhod kar tere pyaar ka daaman (Wo Kaun Thhi) (1964) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, Lata, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics (Provided by Atif M)

chhod kar tere pyaar ka daaman
chhod kar tere pyaar ka daaman
ye bata de ke hum kidhar jaayen
hum ko dar hai ke teri baahon mein
hum ko dar hai ke teri baahon mein
hum khushi se na aaj mar jaayen

mil gaye aaj qaafile dil ke
hum khade hain qareeb manzil ke
muskura kar jo tum ne dekh liya
mit gaye hans ke sab gile dil ke
kitni pyaari hain ye haseen ghadiyaan
in se keh do yaheen theher jaayen
hum ko dar hai ke teri baahon mein
hum khushi se na aaj mar jaayen

tere qadmon pe zindagi rakh doon
apni aankhon ki roshni rakh doon
tu agar khush ho main tere dil mein
apne dil ki har ik khushi rakh doon
mere humdum meri khushi ye hai
tu nazar aaye hum jidhar jaayen
chhod kar tere pyaar ka daaman
ye bata de ke hum kidhar jaayen

dekh kar pyaar in nigaahon mein
deep se jal gaye hain raahon mein
tum se milte na hum to ye duniya
doob jaati hamaari aahon mein
apni aahon se aaj ye keh do
ab na honthon pe umar bhar aayen
chhod kar tere pyaar ka daaman
ye bata de ke hum kidhar jaayen
hum ko dar hai ke teri baanhon mein
hum khushi se na aaj mar jaayen

8 Responses to "Chhod kar tere pyaar ka daaman"

At the beginning of the film Manoj and Helen are in love, and engaged to be married, but she is murdered. SAD! It triggers off a series of strange events and the mystery that makes up the rest of the film.


Thanks for clarifying the matter. I always believe that every character in Hindi movie, and not just the lead actors have the right to fall in love and sing romantic songs. It is nice to see Helen singing a romantic (rather than the usual seductive) song in this movie. Too bad that the movies where Helen has longer roles, she is mostly destined to die. e.g. Wo Kaun Thi,Shikari,Don etc.


I see that Memsaab has already given you the answer to that question, Atul! It is also great that you now have an able assistant to give you all the lyrics, so your output can increase, and our listening pleasure will also increase logarithmically!

Thanks, Atul!


Yes, Memsab has clarified the matter for me.

It is good to see that with time the caravan of likeminded music lovers is increasing in strength. I am very thankful to Atif M for proving lyrics of songs. Sudhir is also beginning to send me lyrics.That will definitely help increase the output of songs in this blog.


Now we just need to add English translations and your work will be complete, ha ha!!! (and also, hint hint) 😉


Thank you for a lively and interesting write-up. Yes, it is unusual to find a romantic duet featuring Helen, esp. if it is the ONLY such duet in a movie.
This movie “Woh Kaun Thi?” was lined up in the 1964 Filmfare Awards for Best Music category. Other nominations that year were Dosti (Laxmikant Pyarelal) and Shankar Jaikishan’s Sangam. As was the case with Madan Mohan and awards, this year ‘Dosti’ won.

There was another nomination for this movie – Sadhana for Best Actress. Unfortunately, she too lost to Vyajaynthimala (Sangam).

Personally, I overwhelmingly prefer Woh Kaun Thi’s music over Dosti’s. And Sadhana’s acting, grace and beauty over Vyajaynthimala. Sadly, I was not in the awards committee!


audio link




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