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Kidhar hai tu ae meri tamanna

Posted on: April 17, 2011

There have been several Hindi movies called “Kurukshetra” and almost all of these movies ended up as obscure movies.

The oldest of these movies was “Kurukshetra” (1945) and this movie had K L Saigal and Radha Rani in lead roles, as far as I can tell.

Here is a rare song from this rare movie. The song is sung by K L Saigal, so it follows that the song is picturised on him as well. The lyricist is Jameel Mazhari and music is composed by Pt Ganpat Rao. The lyricist and music directors are new names as far as I and this blog is concerned, that is how obscure and rare this song is.

And if you are like me, you will enjoy listning to this lovely song.

Song-Kidhar hai tu ae meri tamanna (Kurukshetra) (1945) Singer-K L Saigal, Lyrics-Jameel Mazhari, MD-Pt Ganpat Rao


kidhar hai tu ae meri tamanna
kidhar hai tu ae meri tamanna
chiraag dil ka mere jalaa jaa
mere andhere ki raushni ban
mere andhere ki raushni ban
is ujdi mauj mein meri aa jaa
mere gulistaan ke lala o gul
gaye hain mudatten bhool hansna
o mere gulshan mein meri devi
o mere gulshan mein meri devi
fir aa ke ik baar muskuraa jaa
hawaa ruki hai ise falaq de
bujhe hain shole
inhen lapak de

fizaa se bechainiyaan chhidak ke
ik aag si har taraf lagaa jaa
kidhar hai tu ae meri tamanna

10 Responses to "Kidhar hai tu ae meri tamanna"

Pt.Ganapatrao Gurav,the Music director of this movie was basically a Classical singer and was the first batch disciple of Ustad Karim Khan,the founder of Kirana Gharana.
He hailed from Ratnagiri dist.of Maharashtra and was a respected figure in classical circle.
However,like some other classical singers of his time,he too ventured in Film music and gave music to Kurukshetra and Bebus(1950) featuring Bharat Bhushan and Poornima.
He returned to classical singing and today his Grandson Pt .Kaivalyanath is an accomplished singer awarded A grade by AIR and Doordarshan,in addition to many awards.
There is a annual Pt.Ganapatrao memorial festival conducted by India Habitat Centre also.
Jameel Mazhari seems to have written only for one film.


Thanks for this great information.


Atul ji,
There were in all,so far,5 movies by the name Kurukshetra.
The oldest Kurukshetra was produced by Chchatrapati Cine Co.,Directed by Sardar Balasaheb Yadav,Music by Bhurji khan Saheb and the cast included Balasaheb Yadav,Madhavrao,Joshi,Nandrekar,Hansa,Padma etc.
It was a Mythological movie.


Thanks for this information. as mentioned by me, all these movies are quite obscure, including the latest one, as far as I am concerned. I wonder if the songs of the earliest movie of 1933 is available. I do not think so.


‘fir aa ke ik baar muskuraa jaa
hawaa chuki hai ise khalaq(?) de
bujhe hain shole
inhen ghapak(?) de’

could be as follows :

phir aa ke ik baar muskuraa jaa
hawa aa chuki hai ise falaq de
bujhe hain shole inhen lapak de


Atul ji, Nahm Bhai,

A minor correction is suggested for the line
“hawaa chuki hai ise khalaq(?) de”

It should read
“hawaa ruki hai ise falaq de”
“The winds are still, give them space for movement”

Lovely ghazal, no peer to his voice and his renditions.



Just don’t have words to compliment ATUL.
At 75 many old songs resonate in my memory and I find ATUL a perfect solitude to savour the songs of an era when melody was queen , poetry had depth and voice particularly of Sehgal and my favorite -one and only Talat Mehmood- provided songs par excellence. I am lucky to have lived that age and now ATUL assures me a space that is mine & mine alone.


I would like to point out the following mistakes in the lyrics that have been provided in the blog here:

1. It is “hawaa ruki hai ise khanak de” and not ‘falaq de’ as has been suggested by someone in the comment section here.
2. It is just “fizaa” and not “fizaan”.
3. The last line is glaringly mis-written.
All these may be corrected. Thanks.


Murtuza ji,

The corrections suggested have been made. However, item 1. in your list is not applicable. The word is ‘falaq’ – very clear in the singing, plus also confirmed from other expert sources.



सुधीर जी,
सुधारों के लिये शुक्रिया। मगर मैं आपकी बात को चुनौती देता हूँ, ”खनक्’ और ‘फ़लक़्’ के मामले को लेकर। इसमें एक्सपर्ट राय की ज़रूरत है ही नही। मैं फिर आऊँगा। जब तक आप यू ट्यूब पर ‘सुनहरे गीत’ द्वारा अपलोड की गई यह ग़ज़ल (सिर्फ आॅडियो) ज़रा ऊँची आवाज़ में बिना पूर्वाग्रह के सुने, और दूसरों को भी सुनायें अपने सर्कल में। मैने भी एेसा किया है, बिल्कुल अभी अभी। शुक्रिया। अगर मेरे लिखने के तरीक़े से नाशाइस्तगी की बू आ रही हो तो माफ़ करें।


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