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Aayi hai tu to kaise dil apna dikhaaun main

Posted on: June 20, 2011

In my series of daily K L Saigal songs, here is another song that is apparently not available on youtube so I had to upload it myself.

This song is a rare song from an obscure movie called “Kurukshetra” (1945). The song is written by Jameel Mazhari and it was his only assignment as a lyricist in Hindi movies. Music is composed by Pt Ganpat Rao, who was a classical musician and this was only one of the five Hindi movies in which he composed music.

It is a forgotten K L Saigal gem that I am sure will delight old song fans. I have not been able to get the lyrics entirely right to my satisfaction. Readers with keener ears are requested to point out errors/corrections in the lyrics.

Song-Aayi hai tu to kaise dil apna dikhaaun main (Kurukshetra) (1945) Singer-K L Saigal, Lyrics-Jameel Mazhari, MD-Pt Ganpat Rao


Aayi hai tu to kaise dil
apna dikhaun main
apna dikhaun main
aankhon ko tere waaste
kyun kar bichhaaun main
kyun kar bichhaaun main
bheji to tere paaon ke
neeche hai ye zameen
devi jo tere paaon ke
neeche hai ye zameen
jarron ke iske
dhhadakna sikhaaun main
dhhadakna sikhaaun main

aankhon ke paas ashqon ki
poonji bhi ab nahin
aankhon ke paas ashqon ki
poonji bhi ab nahin
kis tarah apne khoon ko
aansoo banaaun main
aansoo banaaun main

mil jaaye gar swarg ke
phulwaariyon ke phool
mil jaaye gar swarg ki
phulwaariyon ke phool
tere gale ke waastey
mala banaaun main
mala banaaun main


4 Responses to "Aayi hai tu to kaise dil apna dikhaaun main"

Interested readers may refer to information on film Kurukshetra and Pt.Ganapat Rao,on the postings on the song ‘kidhar hai tu’ from Kurukshetra,dated 17th April 2011.

The second word ‘hail’ of first line of first stanza may please be replaced with “hai ” and last line be corrected as ” jarron ko iskey kaise dhadaknaa seekhaaoon maien”.
Last lines of the song may please be corrected as ” mil jaaye gar swarg ki fulwaariyon ke phool, tere galey ke waastey maalaa banaaoon maien” .
Thats what I could make out from the sound that the golden vocal cords of KL SAIGAL poured into my ear drums . I sincererly hope, that should satisfy you and other friends .
Thanks ,with sincere regards

Thanks a lot for the corrections. Now the lyrics make more sense.

This song from ‘Kurukshetra’ is a charmer. Their is a slight mistake in the text of the song given by Mr Atul. Let me correct it. After the refrain, Aayi hai tu to…’, the first stanza of the song begins like this, ‘Devi jo tere paon ke neeche hai yeh zameen, zarron ke iske dharkna sikhaoon mein’. The first word is ‘Devi’ not ‘Beji’.

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