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Main to haar gayi mann

Posted on: November 20, 2011

“Kasturi” (1954) is a movie which was produced by Sargam Pictures and it was directed by Vrajendra Gaur. This movie had actors like Sajjan, Samson, Nimmi, Bipin Gupta, Anand Prasad, Alka etc in it.

I have discussed one song from this movie in the past.

Mr Sadanand Kamath, a regular contributor of lyrics to this blog, recently stumbled upon a rare song from this movie. After listening to it, he liked the song so much that he decided to jot down the lyrics.

The video clip is of high quality, as to be expected from YT uploader tommydan1. The song is a stage dance show and it is picturised on a young Helen and an unidentified male actor . Sajjan and Shammi are present at the show though the lead actress is Nimmi.

What Mr Sadanand Kamath liked the most about this song is the simplicity in all aspects – orchestrisation, soft melody and the simple classical dance steps beautifully performed by Helen. After viewing this song, he has begun to feel that Helen looks more graceful in Indian classical dances than in western dances that she is mostly known for. Indeed, this is one dimension of Helen’s dancing that sadly remained under exploited.

Here is this song from “Kasturi” (1954). It is sung by a lesser known singer called Binota Chakraborty. Vrajendra Gaur is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick. This movie in fact was the last Hindi movie where Pankaj Mullick had composed the music.



Song-Main to haar gayi mann(Kasturi)(1954) Singer-Binota Chakrabroti, Lyrics -Vrajendra Gaud, MD-Pankaj Mullick

Lyrics(Provided by Sadanand Kamath)

main to haar gayee man
main to haar gayee man
ja re,
ja re ja re sajan
yoon na pyaar karoon,
tum se pyar karoon
ab to aa ke na jayenge mere sajan
mere ab to,
o mere ab to piya
tere laagi lagan,
hai laagi lagan
main to haar gayee man
main to haar gayee man

dekho zara
ae ji dekho zara
nainon ke teer chaley
nainon ke teer chaley
teer pe teer chaley
dekho zara
zaalim jawaani
na roke rukegi
ye ??
hai hai re joban
main to haar gayee man
main to haar gayee man

apne sar ki kasam
tum ho mere balam
apne sar ki kasam
tum ho mere balam
maano kahaa
na jaaye sahaa
tumhaari hoon main kuchh na baaki raha
wada karo mujhse wada karo
aisi hi preet rahe
aisi hi preet rahe
haan jee
preet rahe
waada karo
kuchh to kaho
na rishta muhabbat ka toote kabhi
rishta muhabbat ka toote kabhi
mohe de do vachan
de do vachan
de do vachan

7 Responses to "Main to haar gayi mann"

Atul ji,
KASTURI-1954 was a Sargam pictures presentation and was directed by VRAJENDRA GAUD and NOT Rajendra kumar.Gaud had also written the lyrics for the film.
Vrajendra Gaud was a wellknown writer in the film Industry and has written screen plays,Story and Dialogues for more than 50 films.He also directed few movies.
Secondly,this was really the last film of Pankaj Mullick in Bombay.In fact,he left the film halfway thru and went back to Calcutta for prsonal reasons.Jamal Sen was called in to complete the work and out of the total 9 songs Mullick composed 6 and Jamal Sen 3 songs.
In the film credits,both names appear as Music Directors.
Pankaj mullick had 4 songs,Asha 2 songs and Binoti Chakrawarti,Dhananjoy Bhattacharya and Madhubala Jhaveri had 1 song each.
The above song was composed by pankaj Mullick.


Thanks for this information. The name Vrajendra included the name Rajendra inside it and that is how some source may have assumed it to be Rajendra, and from there Rajendra Kumar.


The song was written by Vrajendra Gaur who also wrote songs for many films like Sangram, Kafila, Sardar, Shamsheer, Zalzala, also wrote dialogue and screenplay for many films like Kati Patang, Sharmeelee, Anuraag. You can check up Google search engine.
Thanks everyone and happy listening.


Dear Arunji,

I have left a similar note in another of your Blogs re: BINOTA CHAKRABORTY . The Credits for the Film “KASTURI” mention one BINOTA MUKERJI as one of the Singers .

Perhaps you may like to investigate further .

With warm regards





working video link featuring a Young Helen, Sajjan, Shammi


Video containing the full song:


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