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Bedaar huyin kaliyaan

Posted on: November 20, 2011

“Shokhiyaan” (1951) was a movie produced by Ambitious Pictures. Kidar Sharma was the director. The movie had Premnath, Suraiya, Jeevan, Kamlesh, Achla Sachdev, Rajendra Vyas, Ramesh Sinha, Nazira, Shanta Kanwa etc in it.

I have discussed two songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song.

This song is picturised as a dance song in a royal darbaar where a female dancer gives her performance watched by the dignitaries of the royal court.

The Arabian tales style song and dance performance shows a dancer emerging out of an earthen pot and giving this performance.

The dancer looks foreigner looking. She could well be one of the Anglo Indian ladies/ Parsi ladies who have now been forgotten with time. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify her.
PS-The dancer is apparently an Anglo Indian lady known only as Goldstein.

The song is sung by Rajkumari. The lyrics for this song are written by Himmat Rai Sharma, who was the younger brother of Kidar Sharma. For an “item” song, the lyrics are written with great seriousness. Most of the words in the lyrics go over the heads of ordinary listeners. I request our knowledgeable readers to help point out the meanings of words like “unvaan”, “larzaan” etc.

The song is composed by Jamal Sen.

It is a rare and forgotten song, but one that is worth watching and listening to. And one is thankful for the great quality video of this song which thankfully has survived so well despite the passage of six decades.



Song-Bedaar huyin kaliyaan (Shokiyaan)(1951) Singer-Rajkumari, Lyrics-Himmat Rai Sharma, MD-Jamal Sen


aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
haan aan aan aan
man aj nigaah-e-naaz mein kaanam
hindi daman
hindi naa main gaanam

bedaar huyin kaliyaan
aur husn huaa raksaan
sholaa-e-shamaa larzaan
afsaane kaa unvaan
bedaar huyin kaliyaan
aur husn huaa raksaan
sholaa-e-shamaa larzaan
afsaane kaa unvaan

zaraa patange ki aahat hui to bhaanp gayi
shamaa ki lau
shamaa ki lau se jo uriyaan sitaan ko kaanp gayi

jali to aisi jali
naam kar gai roshan
jali to aisi jali
naam kar gai roshan
bujhi to duniyaa ke aanchal se tan ko dhaanp gayi
shamaa ki lau
shamaa ki lau

8 Responses to "Bedaar huyin kaliyaan"

She is Honey O’Brien. She is a dancer and a singer.
Here she is singing in film: Ek Thi Ladki …


I was fascinated by the fake orchestra in the background. The singer appears to accompanied by a piano, two trumpets a Western drums and cymbals. None of these show up in the background music. I find this effort to imitate western band appearance an interesting cultural and historical artifact.


One should not try to look for some finer details in Hindi movie songs picturisation. Ignorance is indeed bliss in such matters. 🙂


Unvaan – title or name,
afsaane kaa unvaan – the name of story
larzaan – involuntary movement or shivering

The poem is more persian than urdu. It talk of shamaa-parwaana primarily. Even the word ‘ uriyaan’ is nakedness or uncovered state of the flame – shamaa.


Thanks for the explanation of the words. Now the lyrics make more sense.


Nahm ji,
I think the right meaning of Unvaan is Heading or Headline
(jaise,khabar ka unvaan kya hai ?)


‘Unvaan’ means heading too. I was going to write heading/title, but with reference to context, since the talk here is about afsaana/story and not news story, gave “title or name”. We had more occassion to see sabaq ka unvaan or unvaan columns of indexes. I dont like to refer to dictionaries online for giving meanings of urdu words, but may be i should start now. Btw, headlines in urdu is ‘surkhiyaan’.


Atul ji,
The dancer is an anglo indian actress/dancer GOLDSTEIN (and NOT Honey O’Brien).
Honey’s name does not appear in the credits of the film.


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