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Preet kiye dukh hoye

Posted on: July 2, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I remember the film GARAM COAT(1955) mainly because I had listened to one of its songs ‘jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye’ in my friend’s house sometime in early 70s. Thereafter, I do not remember to have heard this song on the radio or any other medium until a few days back on YT.

I gather from the Indian Film Trade website that the film was produced by Rajinder Singh Bedi under the banner of Cine Corp and directed by Amar Kumar. The film was based on Rajinder Singh Bedi’s short story in Urdu by the same name written in 1940. In some places, it is mentioned that the story was adapted from the Russian writer Nikoloy Gogol’s short story ‘Overcoat’. Balraj Sahni and Nirupa Roy were the lead actors supported by Vijaylaxmi, Jayant, Brahm Bhardwaj, Rashid Khan and Baby Anjali Devi. Songs were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri which were set to music by Pandit Amarnath (Chawla), the Hindustani classical vocalist and the disciple of Ustad Amir Khan. He was a different person than his name sake – Pandit Amarnath (Batish), the elder brother of musical duo Husnlal- Bhagatram, who composed music for films like ‘Daasi’(1944) and ‘Mirza Sahibaan’ (1947). Incidentally, S D Batish, the singer and music director was Amarnath brothers’ distant cousin.

Pandit Amarnath Chawla (1924-1996) was born in Jang village near Lahore. He got trained in Hindustani classical music under the guidance of Professor B N Dutta in Lahore for 5 years. After hearing Ustad Amir Khan on All India Radio and also at a concert in Lahore, he decided to become the disciple of Ustad Amir Khan. The partition brought him to Delhi where he met Ustad Amir Khan to take him as his disciple. At first, he did not agree but after hearing him singing on All India Radio, Delhi, Ustad Amir Khanon his own asked Amarnath Chawla to become his disciple. In 1949, he joined All India Radio and continued to work there until 1958 after which he decided to devote his full time attention to Hindustani classical music. He remained the disciple of Ustad till his death.

Bindu Chawla, disciple and daughter of Pandit Amarnath Chawla has said in one of her articles in HINDU ( 02/03/2008) that the guru-shishya partnership of Pandit Amarnath and Ustad Amir Khan was like that of Nizamuddin Aulia traditions) based on those raagas blending them with sufi traditions in keeping with Ustad’s sufiana mind. These compositions of Pandit Amarnath were not in public domain until recently due to his publicity shy nature. The present Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar was, one among the disciples of Pandit Amarnath Chawla.

Beside being a Hindustani classical vocalist, Pandit Amarnath Chawla was also a poet and a writer. The book ‘Hansa ke Bain’ is a collection of his Hindi poems. He wrote book on Hindustani classical music like ‘Living Idioms in Hindustani Music’ and ‘Prophets of Indore – Memoires of Ustad Amir Khan Saheb’. The latter book was bilingual – Hindi and English. It is mentioned in one of the pictures published in the book ‘ Prophets of Indore ….’ that the film ‘Garam Coat’ (1955) was his first of the seven films for which he composed music. However,I was not able to lay my hand the names of his other six films. My guess is that the other six films may be the documentary films for which he was the music director. Incidentally, he was the music director for M S Sathyu’s documentary film ‘Ghalib’ (1969). Here is another picture taken during the recording of one of the songs from the film ‘Garam Coat’. In the picture, Pandit Amarnath Chawla is standing on the right next to Ustad Amir Khan.

[Note : I have taken inputs from Bindu Chawla’s various articles appeared in‘The Times of India’, ‘The Hindu’ and ‘The Tribune’ etc. while writing the profile of Pandit Amarnath Chawla. Bindu Chawla has also written abook titled ‘In conversation with Pandit Amarnath’ based on her own conversations with him during the period of her training in Hindustani classical music under him. I could not get the book or even its synopsis on the internet. Perhaps, this book would have given some more insight to Pandit Amarnath Chawla’s life.]

Here is a very divine song ’jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye’ composed by Pandit Amarnath Chawla and sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The song is a traditional Meerabai devotional song. At one or two places in YT, the uploaders have mentioned Majrooh Sultanpuri as the lyricist of this song. I, however, feel that this song is a pure Meera bhajan and as such the credit should go to Meerabai.

I can feel the influence of the sufi khayal bandish in this song which was a hallmark of his compositions. From the credit title of the film, I came to know that Pandit Amarnath Chawla was assisted by Pandit Ram Narayan, the famous sarangi exponent. He composed sarangi interludes for 5 songs of this film, all sung by Lata Mangeshkar. In my view, this is one of the best Meera bhajans sung by Lata Mangeshkar. No wonder, this song found place in a LP/Album ‘ From Lata with Love’. In one of the comments on YT, a disciple of Pandit Amarnath Chawla has mentioned that Lata Mangeshkar did not take any remuneration for the songs rendered by her for this film.

The film did not fare well at the box office and it was soon forgotten despite having good songs. Fortunately, video clips of some songs including this song are available. Listening to this song is a divine experience. Nirupa Roy’s pious looking performance on this song reminds me of Meena Kumari’s performances on such type of songs.



Song-Preet kiye dukh hoye (Garam Coat)(1955) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Meera Bai, MD-Pt Amarnath Chawla


preet kiye dukh hoye
dukh hoye
preet kiye dukh hoye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye
preet kiye sukh naa mori paijani
preet kiye sukh naa mori paijani
jogiyaa mit na koye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye

rain diwas
kal naahin parat hai
rain diwas
kal naahin parat hai
rain diwas
kal naahin parat hai
tum miliyaa bin mohe
tum miliyaa bin mohe
aisi soorat yaa jag maahi
aisi soorat yaa jag maahi
pher naa dekhe koye
pher naa dekhe koye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye

meeraa ke prabhu kab re miloge
meeraa ke prabhu kab re miloge
kab re miloge
meeraa ke prabhu kab re miloge
miliyaa aanand hoye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye
jogiyaa se preet kiye dukh hoye

6 Responses to "Preet kiye dukh hoye"

Thank you Sadanand ji and Atulji
for informative write up and excellent unheard song.


Sadanand ji

Thanks for the wonderful reminder. I saw this film as a very small child on Doordarshan, and still remember some of the scenes and the songs very clearly. The film has a wonderful kids song – “Bibi Mendki Ri Tu To Paani Mein Ki Raani”.

Regarding the oringinal words of this song, you are very right Sadanand ji, this is a bhajan by Meerabai, and that is how it is credited in the film details in Geet Kosh also. Remaining songs are written by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Atul ji,
Please make this correction. The lyrics should be attributed as ‘Traditional – Meerabai’.



here is another link-


I would say about 80% of Meerabai bhajan has feeling of “separation” or “isolated” more like a solitary. Looking into her real life she was very much of her own person.
“Gali to charo band huvi,
mein hari se milaan kaise javu.
Uncha – nicha mahal piya ka,
mujha se chado nahi jai. “
“All four roads has dead ends, How shall I meet Hari?
my beloved has His houses built in every angle like from the slopes to the top of the mountains, for me, it will be hard to climb.”
here we can get a picture of Meera in solitary…than here is another song…
“Kon sang khelun holi, piya gaye pardes” ( a lonesome Meera).

Now in this Bhajan she referes Krishna as jogi/yogi. As Yogi/Jogi has no attachments of worldly possessions. so if you ever fall in love with yogi/jogi. One day they’ll abandon you. Because they are not bonded by the civic laws.
Other songs comes to my mind…
(1) Jogiya se preet kare dukh ho ve.
(2) Jogi mat ja mat ja…paav padu mein tore…


Thanks for a nice perspective of Meerabai bhajans.


This is one of my favourite bhajans since sixties and will ever remain so being Meerabai’s ardent fan.
learnt so many new things about composition of this song through your blog which were not known to me earlier.


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