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Chanda ka rang liye taaron ka sang liye

Posted on: July 27, 2012

“Harihar Bhakti” (1956) which was a low budget mythological movie was produced & directed by C. Raghuvir. The movie had Asha Mathur, Trilok Kapoor, Vivek, Maruti, Shadhu Modak, Ulhas, Durga Khote, Naintara etc in it.

Here is a song from this movie which is sung by Mubarak Begam and Talat Mehmood. S P Kalla is the lyricist. Music is composed by K Datta.

Some comments in YT suggest that the female voice sounds like Lata. To me it sounds Lata like in some places as well as Mubarak Begam like in some places, so I would like to believe that the song is sung by Mubarak Begam. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

Song-Chanda ka rang liye taaron ka sang liye ( Harihar Bhakti)(1956) Singers-Mubarak Begam, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-S P Kalla, MD-K Datta

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

chanda ka rang liye
taaron ka sang liye
chanda ka rang liye
taaron ka sang liye
sapnon ki duniya mein aaj
aa aa
aaj koi aa raha hai
aaj koi aa raha hai
chanda ka rang liye
taaron ka sang liye
sapnon ki duniya mein aaj
aa aa
aaj koi aa raha hai ae
aaj koi aa raha hai

kirnon ki dor mein
chaand ka jhoolaa
jhooloon piya ke saath
hasti bahaar mein
phoolon se pyaar mein
gupchup jiya mein aaj
aa aa
aaj koi gaa raha hai ae
aaj koi gaa raha hai

paaon nahin rukte
naina kyun jhukte
ud ud jiyarwa it ut jaaye
paoon nahin rukte
naina kyoon jhukte
ud ud jiyarwa it ut jaaye
amber ke aankh mein
baadal ki paankh mein
dharti ke man mein aaj
aa aa aa
rang naya aa raha hai ae
rang naya aa raha hai

aao aao
chunri saloni naar hamko
ghaayal karo naa ji
ghoonghat ki odh se
tum sharmao na
aji ghabraao na
hamko tumhaare paas
aa aa
dil ye mera la raha hai ae
dil ye mera la raha hai

chanda ka rang liye
taaron ka sang liye
sapanon ki duniya mein aaj
aa aa aa
aaj koi aa raha hai
aaj koi aa raha hai

9 Responses to "Chanda ka rang liye taaron ka sang liye"

Mubarak Begum according to geet kosh.

My theory over the years has been that whenever there is a doubt, it would be Suman, Usha, Asha, etc, but it can never be Lata.


Atul ji,
HARIHAR BHAKTI-1956 is a story of the age-old feud between the Vaishnaites (Vishnu Bhakt) and the Shaivites (Shiv Bhakts).it tells us that the GOD is one,in different forms.
ARaghuvir chitra niketan film,it was produced and directed by C.Raghuvir.The music was by K.Datta(Datta Korgaonkar) and lyricists were S.P.Kalla,Odak and Agrawal.
BANASUR the king of Rakshasas was a great Shiv bhakta and after a hard tapasya,he gets a boon from Lord Shiva that he will NOT die at the hands of any mortal.Powered with this boon,he starts torturing Vaishnavites and converting them forcibly to Shaivites.
Banasur(Ulhas) has a daughter Usha(Asha Mathur).he wants her to marry only a Shiv Bhakta.Usha,one day sees a young man Anirudha(Vivek) in her dreams and falls in his love.he is grandson of Krishna.Chitralekha(Nayantara),her saheli brings Anirudha-in his sleep-to Usha and they get married.Banasur learns this and fights with Anirudha,throwing Sarp-Astra over him.His grandfather krishna comes to know this thru Naradmuni and he is ready to fight Banasur.Banasur calls for Shiva’s help.
Now Krishna and Shiva are against each others but knowing krishna as an avtar of Lord Vishnu,Shivji allows him to kill Banasur.
it was a very intersting film with lot of trick scenes and very melodious music by K.Datta.



Aap ke Movie synopsis dekhe bina zamaanaa beet gayaa, aisaa lagatha hai.
Everyday I used to check whether Arunji`s movie synospsis is there or not and thus, get disappointed by your absence from the blog.
See How Selfish I am 🙂

Likhthe waqt kuchh bhi galat lagaa toh, hameshaa yehi khayaal aata hai ki: “Arun ji toh hai hi, woh apne writings mein hamaari galathiyon ko teek(sudhaar) kar lenge”

Anyways Thank God, you are back.
MISSED you and your writing very very much(Reading and analysing your post is now becoming a compulsive habbit, Believe me.)

I want to thank you again and again, for the information you are providing for us and all the unconditional love you are showering on us.

God Bless you


Prakash ji,
Thank you very much for your kind,encouraging and caring words.In addition to my own satisfaction of writing on this blog,if I have won the love and affection of people like you,it is my good luck.
Thanks once again.


Prakashji ne mere dil ki baat bata di. Aap ki synopsis dekhke aur padh ke jaise jaan aa jaati hai. Hope you are feeling better now. Like bluefire has mentioned, HFGK gives credit to MB for the female part of this song, but like derubala has said, I also have seen few sites with Lata’s name under female voice. Can you please clear this confusion? It sounds so much like Lataji.


Khyati ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.
The HFGK has given a footnote,which (roughly) says,this song record no.N-51661 has Talat and Lata’s names as singers,on the label,which is wrong.The voice probably is of mubarak begum.


Thanks Arunji. Now, the label confusion mystery is solved!


I think the female voice is Lata.
Here it says..
Lata & Talat


I am sure that it was sung by Lataji. The soft MURKI used in the song sung only by Lataji . Listen this portion “sapnon ki duniya mein aaj,
aa aa, aaj koi aa raha hai” …. you will easily recognize the voice. thanks


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