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Salaamat rahe teri duniya ke mele

Posted on: September 23, 2012

Ever since the anniversary page was added to the blog, we find ourselves dealing with several anniversaries almost on a daily basis. Today (23 september) is no exception. There are at least four different anniversaries today that I can think of off hand.

Today is the death anniversary of Trilok Kapoor. He was the younger brother of Prithviraj Kapoor and he made his mark in several movies of 1940s and 1950s. He acted opposite Noorjehaan is “Mirza Sahiban” (1947). In 1950s, He made a popular pair with Nirupa Roy in mythological movies where they played the roles of Shiv and Parvati respectively in several movies.

I was racking my brains about a song to discuss on this occasion. I was not able to come up with a song picturised on him. But then I hit a jackpot. I came across a song that was not picturised on him, but it was SUNG by him ! I never knew that he had sung a song in Hindi movies.

Here is this obscure song. It is a song sung by Trilok Kapoor. The song is from “Trolly Driver” (1958). This song is written by Sarshar Sailani and its music is composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

“Trolly Driver” (1958) was a Divya Jyot production. It was directed by Gajanan Jagirdar and the movie had Rehman, Cuckoo, Pratima Devi, Bhagwan, Suraiya, Jagirdar, Usha Kiran, Madan Puri etc in it.

This Trilok Kapoor was different from the actor Trilok Kapoor. This Trilok Kapoor was a singer and that explains the polished profession voice in this song. I in fact so loved this song that I heard this song several times, and one of the reasons was to savour his lovely voice.

Only the audio of this song is available and so one can only make guesses about who lip synced this song on the screen. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on the picturisation of this song.

Song-Salaamat rahe teri duniya ke mele (Trolly Driver)(1958) Singer-Trilok Kapoor, Lyrics-Sarshar Sailaani, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


arri o bewafa taqdeer
ye kya kar diya toone
ke phoolon ki jagah
kaanton se daaman
bhar diya toone
salaamat rahe
teri duniya ke mele
salaamat rahe
teri duniya ke mele
hamen kyaa ??
ham to chale hain akele
chale hain akele
salaamat rahe teri duniya ke mele
salaamat rahe

zamaane mein sapno ki duniya basaa ke
zamaane mein sapno ki duniya basaa ke
muhabbat ke rangeen dhokhe mein aake
muhabbat ke rangeen dhokhe mein aake
bade rang dekhe
bade khel khele
salaamat rahe
teri duniya ke mele
hamen kyaa ??
ham to chale hain akele
chale hain akele
salaamat rahe

koi hamse pooche
to ham chup rahenge
koi hamse pooche
to ham chup rahenge
tumhi se tumhaari shiqaayat karenge
tumhi se tumhaari shiqaayat karenge
kabhi to miloge akele dukele
salaamat rahe

5 Responses to "Salaamat rahe teri duniya ke mele"

If I remember correctly, I had read comments by Arun somewhere in the blog that Trilok Kapoor as a playback singer was a different person than the actor Trilok Kapoor. I see some similarity in voice in this song with that of a song ‘Karten hain ishaare falak se chaand taare’ from ‘Raag Rang’ (1952) and it is mentioned in the write up of that song that the singer Trilok Kapoor was a different person than the actor Trilok Kapoor.


Now that I have checked up, I find that I had myself mentioned this fact. Thanks for pointing it out. It just shows that how little we know about the lesser known artists of the past.


Atul ji,
Kamath ji has remembered correctly,though I dont remember the date on which I had written about it.
There were 2 TRILOK KAPOORS.
1. Trilok Kapoor who was the relative of Prithwiraj Kapoor,started his career in films as an asstt.director to Hemchandra.He made his acting debut with CHAR DARVESH in 1933 and went on to act in 117 film,last film being in 1981.As per the system in those days he sang his own songs in 2 films,namely Aaj ki Duniya-40 and Raja Rani-42.Then he stopped singing and never sang as a playback singer in his life.

2.Trilok Kapoor who was a Play back singer in the 50s was a Radio artist from Delhi.In the early fifties he met MD shyamsunder and pleaded for work,as he was a displaced person from East punjab.Shyamsunder also being that place he gave him opportunity to sing a duet with Shamshad in BHAI BEHAN-1950.he got a job in Delhi AIR,but continued singing too.
He sang as a Playback singer in Guru Dakshina-50,Titli-51,Kashmir-51,Daman-51,goonj and raag Rang in 52,Naya Rasta-53,Toote Khilone,Ladla and Miss Mala in 54 and his last song as a Playback singer was in TROLLY DRIVER-58(above song).
After this song he disappered from films.He was only a playback singer and never acted in any films.
Trilok Kapoor the actor never sang as a Playback singer in his life.
Due to similarity in names there is this common misunderstanding.
Another thing,singer Trilok kapoor never gave playback to actor Trilok Kapoor.
This matter has been explained several times in RMIM,by Surjit singh ji also.Cineplot has a special page on singer Trilok kapoor.
He is also mentioned in many books too.


Thanks a lot for the details.

Cineplot may have mentioned this fact that the two Trilok Kapoor are different, but the same cineplot has uploaded a Trilok Kapoor song from “Raag Rang” (1952) in YT with actor Trilok Kapoor’s photo.


This is clearly a mistake on the part of Cineplot.That way there are many glaring mistakes in his blog and they are not even corrected after giving correct info.May be because the Blog is too big to be managed single handedly,which he said to us earlier,if you remember.


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