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Jahaan chaar yaar mil jaayen wahin raat ho gulzaar

Posted on: October 22, 2012

There are countless activities in our lives and there are people with different levels of expertise in those activities. No can can be an expert in all of them and one needs to use experts in these activities for better results.

Take the activity of dealing with mice. I was under the impression that mice are found only in third world nations like India, but I find that they are found in first world nations too, and they are in fact found in the houses of VIPs in these countries as well.

I read a few weeks back that David Cameron, the British PM had mice bothering him in his household. He had a pet cat in his house but that cat was so lazy and inefficient that he had not caught any mice in ages. So the British PM had no option but to sack his cat.

There is little doubt that cats are the mouse killing machines that nature has created. They are experts in this job even though there may be a few black Sheep (?) among the community of cats, like the cat of British PM.

I find that I shared something in common with British PM. LIke him, I too suffered the menace of rodents. As long as I had Nuppy, my by now deceased cat, mice were finished off as soon as they were noticed in the house. Nuppy in fact treated mice and wall lizards as his staple food.

In absence of Nuppy, my household became a breeding ground of mice. I found that the mice were becoming daring while dealing with me. They would be seen in the kitchen. On seeing me, they would run away to the adjacent room serving as the hiding place for them. Not just that, they would enter my bedroom and hide under furniture that were inaccessible for me and literally mock me.

I missed my cat Nuppy badly. I phoned my wife and told her about these mice. She asked me to be patient till Dashara holidays. Let Bholey and Chhote arrive there and they would deal with the mice, she assured me.

In the meanwhile, I tried to deal with the mice myself. I would carry a stick with me and try to hit the mice when I saw them, but the mice would scamper away to safety. Then I thought of buying mouse traps. I bought two mousetraps of different designs, and kept goodies inside them as prescribed by the mousetrap sellers. I found that the goodies would vanish but the mousetraps would remain as they were. This showed that the mice had already worked out the crack for both types of mousetraps.

In the meanwhile, I got myself a better stick to deal with the mice and I managed to take out three of them in about ten days or so. That did not deter the remaining two mice and they continued to trouble me. They would merrily roam around the kitchen as well as in the bedroom and wake me up at unearthly hours thanks to the commotions caused by them.

The Dashara holidays came and my family, alongwith the two dogs joined me. The dogs had learnt the art of catching mice from Nuppy, their erstwhile colleague. They were forevr in practice because they would try to hunt wall lizards in the home all the time.

Bhhole and Chhote, as is their wont, would roam around the house and would look for wall lizards. I was sleeping in fits and starts at night when I woke up and found the younger dog trying to climb up the table containg my main laptop. He in fact was trying to climb up on my laptop. I stopped him from doing so. Chhote then went sideways and tried to climb up. It was then that I realised that a mouse had climbed up the wall at a height. The mouse had obviously climbed up to save himself from the dogs. Chhote climbed up the table, narrowly missing the various compuer parts lying on the table. The mouse fell down on the ground. The two dogs pounced on the mouse and managed to kill it before it could scurry up to its safe haven. My wife, who was awake at that time too, did not allow the dogs to eat the mouse.

A few hours later, my wife tried to clean the store room by moving a few cartons from there to another room. She realised that there was a mouse (the last surviving one) in one of cartons. She get the carton out of the room, and called out for the two dogs. The magic word “chooha” always attract the two dogs’ attention and they immediately run up to her no matter how far away they are at that moment. The two dogs surrounded the carton and began to pace round the carton. The mouse ran away and the two dogs hunted it down. Like in the previous case, this time too the dogs were not allowed to eat the mouse.

With this, the two dogs had rid the house of the remaining rodents in a matter of a few hours. We were quite amused at the fact that the two dogs had still remembered the cat tricks learnt during their formative years while they were young pups and were keen pupils of Nuppy the cat.

The mice, who had got overconfident and complacent thanks to their encounters with me in the past paid a heavy price when they tried the same tricks against the two dogs. The two dogs may not be as elegant and natural as Nuppy but they got the work done, despite their inelegant style of mouse hunting.

The mice who met their Waterloo at the paws of the two dogs must have felt confident like the mouse whose tale of bravado is sung by Kishore Kumar and Amitach Bachchan in a song from “Sharaabi” (1984). Here is this fun song from “Sharaabi” (1984).

This song with funny lyrics have been written by Prakash Mehra. Music is composed by Bappi Lahiri. The song is picturised as a drunkard song on Amitabh Bachchan and others.



Song-Jahaan chaar yaar mil jaayen wahin raat ho gulzaar (Sharaabi)(1984) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Lyrics-Prakash Mehra, MD-Bappi Lahiri


jahaan chaar yaar
jahaan chaar yaar mil jaayen wahin raat ho gulzaar
jahaan chaar yaar
jahaan chaar yaar mil jaayen wahin raat ho gulzaar
jahaan chaar yaar
mehfil rangeen jame
mehfil rangeen jame,
daur chale dhoom mache
mast mast nazar dekhe naye chamatkaar,
jahaan chaar yaar
jahaan chaar yaar mil jaayen wahin raat ho gulzaar
jahaan chaar yaar

One o’clock,
in my house,
there was a cat,
there was a mouse
khel rahe thhe dandaa gilli,
choohaa aage
peechhe billi
choohe ko pad gaye jaan ke laale,
bolaa mujhko koi bachaa le
choohaa aage, peechhe billi,
peechhe billi, choohaa aage
choohaa aage, peechhe billi
peechhe billi, choohaa aage
choohaa aage, peechhe billi
peechhe billi, choohaa aage
band jharokhaa,
band thhi khidki,
bigdi hui thhi haalat uski
mere paas
thhaa bharaa gilaas,
pi gayaa choohaa
saari whiskey
kadak ke bolaa
kahaan hai billi,
dum dabaake
billi bhaagi
choohe ki phooti
kismat jaagi
dum dabaake billi bhaagi,
choohe ki phooti kismat jaagi
dum dabaake billi bhaagi,
choohe ki phooti kismat jaagi

khel risky thhaa
khel risky thhaa, whiskey ne kiyaa bedaa paar
khel risky thhaa
mehfil rangeen jame,
he he he
mehfil rangeen jame,
daur chale dhoom mache
mast mast nazar dekhe naye chamatkaar,
jahaan chaar yaar
jahaan chaar yaar mil jaayen wahin raat ho gulzaar
jahaan chaar yaar

ek thaa husband,
ek thhi wife,
miserable thhi
unki life
drunkard husband,
fighter wife,
beevi bigde
shauhar akde
roz ke jhagde,
roz ke lafde,
lafde jhagde
arre jhagde lafde
lafde lafde jhagde jhagde,
lafde jhagde jhagde lafde
beevi ki thhi ek saheli,
usne usko kuchh samjhaayaa
tab beevi ki samajh mein aayaa,
raat ko shauhar
hmm pi ke aayaa
darwajje pe
phir chillaayaa,
haan ee oo uu hmm
us din beevi ban gayi bholi,
kundi kholi
heh heh hans ke boli
andar aao,
pehle to kuchh
khaao vaao
phir bistar pe hongin baaten
bade pyaar se katengi raaten
shauhar chaunkaa,
bhoole se main
yeh kis ke ghar aa gaya yaar?
meri beevi
mujhe kabhi bhi de nahin sakti
itnaa pyaar!
shauhar bistar
hmm chhod ke bhaaga
arre kundi taala
tod ke bhaaga
shauhar bistar chhod ke bhaaga
kundi taala tod ke bhaaga
bhaaga re bhaaga re bhaaga re bhaaga re bhaaga
hmm bolaa devi
he he maaf keejiye,
mere saath zaraa insaaf keejiye
mujhko apne
he he ghar jaanaa hai,
varnaa beevi
phir maaregi
us din beevi
hosh mein aayi,
band ho gayi
saari ladaayi
nafrat haari
ulfat jeeti,
luti khushi phir laut ke aayi
arre nafrat haari ulfat jeeti
luti khushi phir laut ke aayi
aayi re aayi re aayi re aayi re aayi

peena chhoot gaya
peena chhoot gaya
beevi ne itnaa diyaa pyaar
peenaa chhoot gayaa
phir donon aise mile
hey hey
phir dono aise mile
pyaar mein hi doob gaye
pyaar agar miley to har nashaa hai bekaar
jahaan chaar yaar

10 Responses to "Jahaan chaar yaar mil jaayen wahin raat ho gulzaar"

Atul ji,
Thanks for a very interesting and engrossing description of ” Operation Mice ” by 2 good learners-Bholey and Chhote.Their modus operendi or the implimentation skills may not be as refined as Nuppy-the Expert,but surely the desired results were achieved.
After a long time we enjoyed the activities of your Pets.


Atul ji,
PRAKASH MEHRA( 13-7-1939 to 17-5-2009 ) was very fond of writing film songs.Having made 8 films( 7 Blockbusters) with Amitabh in a span of say 20 years,he also wrote about 30 songs in films.
Though his first film-Haseena Maan Jayegi- as a Director came in 1968,he wrote his first Film song in 1962 for Naag Devata.His other song ventures were in Haseena maan jayegi,Ek Kunwara ek kunwari,Zanjeer,Mukaddar ka sikander(salame ishq…),Lawaris (Apni to jaise taise…),Ghungaroo,Sharaabi,Chameli ki shaadi(na peena haram hai…),Imaandar,poornima,Ek haeena do diwaane etc etc.




Thanks for the entertaining post,

Smita Patil features in this song for a few minute appearance as a Marathi wife of Amithabh and
the guy who dances with Amitabh with white cap and sherwani is Babbanlal Yadav, who is a permanent guy in movies produced & directed by Mehmood.
Babban Lal yadav used to be actor/assistant director/Writer/Dialgoue assistant(Do phool, sabse bada rupaiyya,Bombay to goa,Sadhu Aur shaitan etc.)


Excellent story Atul. You are very good storyteller, esp where animals are concerned.


I have many more pet tales still to tell and they are all interesting tales.


Atul, your stories about your pets are always a great treat to read. 🙂 Traditionally cats are the mice-hunters but it looks like even the domestic animal world is becoming like cricketers. Batsmen are becoming bowlers and bowlers are becoming batsmen. 🙂 Chhote and Bhhole seem to have taken over from where Nuppy left off.


Not just domestic animals, even the non domestic animal world is becoming smarter and more refined. Four decades ago, ants only ate sweets, today they eat salty foodstuff too. Mice of the previous generation would get trapped in mousetraps, but now they have worked out ways to avoid them while still managing to eat the bait.






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